Interest Bearing Crypto Accounts


  • securely through Hodlnaut's website
    securely through Hodlnaut's website
    Best For:
    Crypto owners who don’t want to be active investors
  • Stables: 8% (DAI), 12% (USDT), 13% (TUSD)
  • BTC: 6.5%
  • ETH: 5.5%
  • LUNA: 6.5%


  • Stables: 7.1% (TUSD), 7.1% (USDC), 7.1% (USDT)
  • BTC: 5%
  • ETH: 5.35%
  • LTC: 1.5%
    • Perks: 24/7 customer service, weekly payouts


  • Stables: 7.25% (USDC, DAI, GUSD)
  • BTC: 0.1%-4%
  • ETH: 0.25% - 4%
  • DOGE: 2%
    • Perks: Credit Card, Exchange, Built-in wallet


  • Stables: 6.43% (DAI), 6.9% (GUSD), 6.8% (TUSD) 
  • BTC: 1.01%
  • ETH: 1.26%
  • SOL: 4.55%
    • Perks: built-in exchange, daily payouts, industry-leading security

Best Bitcoin Interest Bearing Accounts

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