How to Buy Snapchat Stock

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Contributor, Benzinga
May 12, 2021

Once Facebook spearheaded the social media movement at the beginning of the century, companies like Snapchat (SNAP) quickly sprouted up to fill the value voids left by the behemoth.

Snap is an American camera and social media company founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Snap is based in Santa Monica, California and has three products that drive revenue: Snapchat, Spectacles and Bitmoji.

Buy Snapchat Stock

The social media company made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2017. Since its initial public offering at $17, the company’s market capitalization has risen to $90B, or around $60 per share.

Snapchat at a glance

Although most people forget the company’s original name “Picaboo,” Snapchat created a user experience through “Snaps,” which consist of either photos or short videos. Unique to Snapchat, the videos, photos, and messages disappear after being viewed. The company provided value to users who wanted a way to have more casual and simplified interactions than applications like Facebook, Instagram, or various messenger apps.

Snapchat has gone through some interesting changes and events over the years:

  • Video sharing functionality was added in late December 2012.
  • A security flaw led to the hacking of 4.6 million users’ names and phone numbers in 2013-2014.
  • Snapchat turned down an offer from Facebook in late 2013.
  • In 2016, the company rebranded itself Snap, Inc.

History of Snapchat

If you had invested at the IPO price of $17, your investment would have quickly shot up as high as $29.44.

Since its initial public offering at $17, the company’s market capitalization has risen to $90B, or around $60 per share.

Why purchase Snapchat stock?

Pros of purchasing Snapchat stock:

  • The company lacks similar competition, that is, outside of Instagram stories
  • Snapchat maintains a strong position of assets in 2021 to cover its current negative cash flows

Cons of purchasing Snapchat stock:

  • Although Facebook proved that the monetization of social media is possible, Snapchat still faces skepticism from many potential advertisers.
  • Snapchat currently relies heavily on advertising dollars, which make up a vast majority of its revenue.

How to purchase SNAP

Most major brokerage firms that trade securities will provide you with the ability to purchase Snapchat’s stock. Some basic ideas on how to acquire the stock:

  1. Decide how much you’d like to invest.

    If you’re an investor, you expect your capital will increase in value, given enough time, with the full knowledge that it’s possible to lose capital as well. Research and determine the risks associated with Snapchat and your own risk tolerance before you decide on an appropriate investment amount.

  2. Find a suitable broker.

    If you’re unsure of the specific steps to purchase a stock, most brokerages will lend support, along with educational videos to demonstrate how to purchase SNAP stock.

  3. Purchase SNAP.

    Once you’re set on a broker, follow the instructions to enter a purchase order for the number of shares you wish to purchase. You can find out more about the types of orders here.

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Future outlook

As is often the case with newly listed companies, Snapchat still remains a risky investment in the eyes of most analysts. The company currently grows at an exceptional rate, but has yet to temper its costs with growth.

If the company turns profitable like Facebook, the current share prices are a bargain. Time will ultimately tell whether Snapchat lives up to expectations.

Final thoughts

Snapchat’s price reflects what investors expect of the company. In order to justify the current share price, many individuals expect Snapchat to turn a profit at some point.

What you have to decide for yourself is if that’s true and when its value increase will be realized.