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April 18, 2023
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Since 2020, getquin has provided a platform with leading portfolio management tools to encourage financial independence. The company was founded by Raphael Steil and Christian Rokitta to track and analyze your portfolio and trades in one place backed by a community of investors. getquin has an intuitive design to promote effective portfolio analysis and tracking. In less than two years, the company has become one of the biggest investment communities in Europe. Users can view and track all their assets in one place, which makes money management a breeze. getquin’s unique product offering makes it a formidable newcomer within the established investment services industry.

Best For
  • Investors with multiple accounts and asset classes
  • Individuals interested in keeping track of investments
  • Newcomers searching for a sense of community within the financial realm
  • Investors with highly diversified portfolios
  • Dividend investors who want to have a nice overview of their payouts
  • Real-time portfolio analysis
  • Core features of the platform are provided for free
  • Access to a personal dividend calendar
  • Bank-level security to safeguard personal and financial data
  • Potentially slow speeds

getquin Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
Customer Service
Pricing and Fees
Mobile App
User Experience

getquin Product Offerings

The fewer logins and financial platforms you need to access, the more efficient you’ll be. But finding a trusted provider that facilitates such a system isn’t easy. Enter getquin, where you’ll find a one-stop shop for tracking your assets. getquin enables investors to intelligently analyze all their portfolios using a wealth of insightful tools. The company has three main areas of focus, including a portfolio tracker, a dividend tracker and a stock forum.

The portfolio tracker tracks and analyzes a user’s portfolios and trades, breaking down portfolios based on asset class and geography. Clear asset tracking in one place makes it easier for investors to make accurate predictions about the financial future. The platform empowers investors to track a vast range of assets from the convenience of one central location. All assets are supported including stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies, luxury collectibles, commodities and many more. 

With the dividend tracker of getquin you can track all of your portfolio dividends in one place. A personalized dividend calendar enables you to analyze your full dividend income, optimize your portfolio with the best dividend stocks and make your dividend yield grow. With getquin you can plan and optimize your future dividend cash flows through the automated tracking of past and future dividends and see their cumulative payouts in clear charts. 

getquin’s stock forum encourages investors to interact with other knowledgeable users who are investing themselves. You have a chance to learn from other users by sharing information on the community page to take advantage of the shared wealth of knowledge created by other users. See how others are trading to determine if certain strategies might work for you. The product offering is compatible with a web browser or using the iOS or Android App.

getquin has a strong product offering dedicated to tracking all an investor’s assets with the ease of one app. 

getquin Customer Service

getquin uses a variety of communication methods to ensure a positive customer service experience. Available methods of communication range from an email address to a FAQs page and an interactive chat feature. Questions on the chat feature can receive responses in as little as 30 minutes. The chat is powered by Intercom and includes intuitive features such as a home section, help section and messages section.

The dedicated help center includes an array of articles that answer queries about portfolio import and portfolio. The center handles broader dashboard-related and general questions. A search bar lets you explore relevant content. General information provides details regarding customer service hours and the privacy policy. The customer service team is available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The hours are set to Central European Time (CET).

The website has FAQ with concise, accurate answers to avoid confusion while accurately conveying relevant information. 

getquin has a presence on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Customer reviews on third-party websites such as Trustpilot were strong. Positive feedback from customers using Trustpilot mentioned detailed analysis and good built-in features. Reviews that noted room for improvement on Trustpilot mentioned occasional slow speeds and difficulty integrating brokerage accounts.

getquin Security

Security is a top priority for getquin as noted by the company’s dedication to minimal data sharing and elaborate risk mitigation. For example, the company ensures all user interactions remain within the confines of the app for more protection. Keeping information in the app while masking detailed information helps to separate the content from an actual investor. getquin refrains from selling data to third parties. Investors can ask the company to delete provided data. The information required for the app to function is held within EU servers.

The privacy policy at the bottom of the website explains how and why data is collected. The policy clarifies the process of hosting as well as external delivery networks. The website is hosted by Cloudflare.

When tools based in the United States are active, personal information will potentially be sent to U.S. servers. 

Payments are made using SSL encryption or TLS connections. SSL encryption and TLS connections ensure that sensitive data are not misused by third parties.

In combination with getquin’s security features, you could use a virtual private network (VPN) for increased protection. A VPN makes a private and secure connection to the internet which can prove useful when navigating public networks. 

getquin Pricing and Fees

getquin has a low barrier to entry that encourages users at various levels of price sensitivity to join. It is free to create an account. Free accounts include key features and can help you decide if you would like to open a premium account in the future.

Premium accounts cost less than €50 per year or about $40 per year. The premium version of the mobile application allows investors to receive more convenience and more extensive tools. The premium version has no mobile advertisements, which decreases the number of distractions and lets you focus on important information. The purchased version features are an individual home screen setting and a benchmarking tool for more comprehensive analysis. 

Try the free account before opening a premium account. The free account is an excellent stepping stone to the benefits of a premium account.

getquin Mobile App

The mobile application earns high marks thanks to a combination of intuitive design and customer satisfaction. The mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

The application available on the Apple App Store is compatible with selected Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Reviews indicate satisfaction with the portfolio tracking services but mention room for improvement when it comes to iPad compatibility. The data collected within the Apple App Store version of the mobile app includes browsing history and usage data. Investor data can include contact information, browsing history, identifiers and diagnostics.

The mobile app is available on Google Play and offers clear data safety details that describe data security and privacy policies. Data regulations may differ depending on location and usage. Customers using the app spoke highly of the portfolio tracking tools and content. However, users mentioned room for improvement when it came to loading speeds. 

The mobile app provides strong tracking portfolio tools and a built-in sense of community.

getquin User Experience

getquin implements intuitive design and user-friendly tools for a consistently superb user experience. Accounts give access to multiple visual analytics for insight into regions, assets, sectors and positions. Accountholders can personalize their experience on the user-friendly dashboard by selecting their interests such as portfolio analysis, knowledge exchange, crypto and news.

The onboarding process takes less than five minutes. Effectively setting up an account requires less than two minutes. Such lightning-fast account creation speeds emphasize getquin’s commitment to providing investors with the tools to achieve financial freedom. 

In addition to the financial tools and information, investors can interact with polls, receive feedback and examine how other members are performing. 

A strong user experience makes getquin a strong competitor within the financial tool market. The company implements an accessible design that allows investors to quickly locate information to recognize and improve portfolio weaknesses as needed. 

getquin vs. Competitors

getquin has a few competitors such as Sharesight, Kubera and Delta. While all companies offer asset management assistance, getquin stands out from the crowd by providing investors with the opportunity to handle all assets from the convenience of one platform. Compare them to understand which selection would best fit your needs. 

getquin Overall

getquin earns a score of 5 out of 5. The company understands the importance of a strong product offering, accommodating customer service, top-notch security and affordable pricing. The product offering allows investors to recognize and capitalize on trends in market sectors. getquin has an edge over the competition by tracking all assets from a single platform. 

getquin combines social networking tools with investing and portfolio-tracking capabilities to create a unique community of investors. By focusing on customer needs and solving common problems, getquin earns a shining score.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you track your portfolio performance?


getquin offers multiple tools to track portfolio performance such as using key performance indicators and granular asset breakdowns. For example, organized charts offer visual cues to assist investors in tracking portfolio performance based on smart data.


How can I keep an overview of my portfolio using getquin?


The portfolio tracker of getquin helps you to keep an overview of your portfolio by providing you with a centralized and up-to-date view of your investments. It offers such features as real-time stock prices, market data and much more.


Is the portfolio tracker of getquin suitable for both beginner and experienced investors?


Yes, the portfolio tracker of getquin is designed to be user-friendly for beginners while also offering advanced features for experienced investors.

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