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October 11, 2021
Freedom Finance
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Freedom Finance Europe Ltd, the only European-based stockbroker listed on the Nasdaq, gives investors the ability to participate in big-name initial public offerings (IPOs) — opportunities as exciting as Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB), Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) or Robinhood (NASDAQ: HOOD). Freedom Finance commenced operations in 2008 with the IPO for Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). Subsequently, Freedom Finance offers its services to 350,000 global clients, allowing participation in over 250 IPOs through its convenient online platform, which includes 40,000 stocks, 1,200 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and 147,000 bonds on the largest exchanges in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Best For
  • Persons from ages 30 to 65
  • Small- or medium-sized business owners
  • Customers looking for higher interest accounts
  • Experienced traders
  • Exclusive IPO access to for European users
  • Minimum $2,000
  • Free promo plan
  • Free demo
  • No crypto investment opportunities

Freedom Finance Ratings at a Glance

Investment and Savings Opportunities at Freedom Finance

The Freedom24 platform looks pleasant to the eye with a well-constructed layout that is intuitive even for first-time users. In addition to its ability to get you in on IPOs, the platform offers great investment ideas by giving clients the ability to study forecasts made by Freedom Finance analysts, as well as providing current market news. The wealth of information and guidance by the platform gives investors the necessary tools to make sound investment decisions.  

A key differentiator that separates Freedom Finance’s Freedom24 platform is that it allows its clients to invest in new IPO stocks before the public market for them opens. This feature allows the client to purchase a new IPO stock at the initial price before it begins being traded publicly.  

One thing that is helpful when it comes to choosing which IPO stocks to invest in is Freedom24’s ability to give clients an extensive background on the company and the possible growth potential for the company once it goes public. 

The number of shares clients can purchase during an IPO on the Freedom24 platform depends on supply and demand. The allocation of IPO shares is calculated individually depending on the client’s rating, trading history with Freedom24 and assets. Clients with higher ratings get larger allocations. The rating is calculated transparently for customers and updated automatically.

It is important to take care of your client rating to get a larger allocation of IPO stocks. Get started by building a diversified portfolio of liquid securities and pay attention to new IPOs — they appear at often and are highlighted in emails and social network channels.

Freedom24 has a large pool of over a million financial instruments to choose from, ranging from stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures and options in numerous markets such as NYSE, Nasdaq, HKEX, LSE, KASE, MOEX and Deutsche Börse. 

The platform gives clients information on buying stocks that yield high dividends. You earn dividends when you are holding a dividend-paying stock at the time that the shareholder register closes. 

The Freedom24 platform contains an InvestIdeas tab in which it provides users the ability to look at possible changes in the market for particular stock and read about trading ideas that they can then further research. 

Freedom24 allows its European clients to have a D-account, which functions as a high-yield savings account. The deposit of U.S. dollars gives 3% per year on the D-account savings. 

Freedom Finance Customer Service

Freedom24’s customer service is stellar. Its high rating comes from the numerous outlets it gives its clients to ask questions of any kind with a quick and informative response. 

For the Freedom24 FAQ, click here.

Users can contact Freedom 24 through the following avenues: its European phone number is +357 25 25 77 85 and email at

Freedom Finance Pricing

Freedom24’s customer pricing is a 5 out of 5 because what it offers is competitive and well situated in the retail brokerage landscape. With the demo account to test the platform before registering and a 30-day trial period of the full platform including the mobile app, you’ll be able to see right away if it’s the place for you. 

Clients can fund a trading account with no fees using a bank account or debit card. 

Here is a quick summary of the service prices after the trial ends. The first plan is called Smart in EUR for 10 euro per month. This account is ideal for beginning traders with a commission of 0.02 euros per share, a minimum 2 euro purchase per trade, SMS notification cost of 0.05 euros and card fees at 2.5% of the payment. The pricing goes up from there.

The next is Fix In Euro, which has higher fees at 0.012 euro commission per share, a minimum order of 1.2 euro, SMS notification of 0.03 euro and payment by card at 2.5%. 

The highest pricing model is Super in EUR at 200 euro per month. This account is meant for traders who fully use the platform. The commission per share is 0.008 euro, with a 1.2 euro minimum, SMS of 0.0 and payment by card charge of 2.5%. 

Freedom Finance Mobile App

The app ranks highly because of its ease of use. The fluidity in the app interface allows for painless trading and account maintenance on the go. The App is available on iOS, Android and the Huawei App Gallery. 

Freedom Finance User Benefits

The biggest benefit from the platform would be the IPO stock accessibility given to its clients. With this option, you gain an opportunity to invest in IPOs and potentially make large gains if the stock operates as predicted. That by far is the biggest benefit to clients. 

Freedom Finance User Experience

This platform is easy to use, even for first time traders. Its simplicity comes from its graphical user interface, which makes the process of buying, selling and everything else seamless for new and experienced traders.

Freedom Finance vs. Competitors

Freedom Finance is unique in that it allows its clients to invest in new IPO stocks before they hit the open market. It has low commission fees and great savings interest rates with its D-account service. The Freedom24 trading platform allows trading access to all major exchanges from Asian, European and U.S. markets.

Freedom Finance Overall Rating

Overall, Freedom24 earns its 4.5 out of 5 rating from the numerous benefits of the platform. It is a regulated brokerage, an important aspect that gives its clients faith in the platform. It has a large pool of investing instruments, a variety of trading plans with low fees, a demo trading account to help clients learn the platform, helpful trading tools and the ability to buy stocks 24/7 in the markets it trades in.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is an IPO a good investment?


Investing in an IPO can be a fruitful investment, but be wary that the price of the stock may initially be inflated because of the market hype of the IPO stock. Since the company doesn’t have a proven record of performance on the market initially, you face inflated risk. 


How can I buy IPO stock before it goes public?


If an IPO stock is allowed to be purchased through your brokerage, then you can purchase an IPO stock before it goes public at a fixed share price. However, once the stock goes public, the price can rise or fall in accordance with demand. With IPO stocks, a client can sell the stock once it hits the exchange and its lock-up period expires, allowing the client to potentially make huge gains on the investment. 


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I want to know how to subscribe in IPO throu your firm.

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I invest in IPOs with this broker

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?

participation in IPOs

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