First National Realty Partners Review

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September 26, 2023
First National Realty Partners
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First National Realty Partners (FNRP) is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in high-traffic, grocery-anchored commercial real estate. FNRP employs a strict set of qualification criteria that investments must meet before they can be considered for inclusion in FNRP’s portfolio. The only deals you’ll see on the company’s platform have been well-vetted by professionals who have determined that the investment has potential. Though you’ll need to make a $50,000 initial investment to get started with FNRP, this amount is significantly lower than the amount you’d typically need investing in commercial real estate as a solo investor.  

Best For
  • Investors seeking a stable asset class to hedge portfolio against volatility
  • Investors with long-term appreciation goals
  • Investors seeking a fully passive investment opportunity
  • Accredited investors looking for alternative investments
  • Strong due diligence process
  • Partners receive quarterly cash distributions
  • 100% in-house investment process helps deals close quickly and secures more value and control for investments
  • $50,000 minimum investment
  • Accredited investors only

First National Realty Partners Ratings at a Glance

Real Estate Investing from First National Realty Partners

Commercial real estate can be a profitable but intimidating niche to enter as a solo, everyday investor. FNRP is a growing private equity firm focused on offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in grocery-anchored commercial real estate properties. The company focuses on acquiring properties with long-standing, national tenants, especially within necessity-based markets. Some of the largest tenants currently occupying properties owned by FNRP include:

  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • Walmart 
  • Lowe’s
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
First National Realty Partners demographics

FNRP prides itself on taking a highly selective approach to investing. The company claims that for every 1,000 offers that it considers, it usually chooses 1 property to invest in. To find investment opportunities that fit the firm’s standards, FNRP leverages its relationships with major nationwide brand connections. By focusing on high-value, premium real estate space, FNRP takes a long-term approach to investing that helps investors reduce volatility in their portfolio. FNRP refers to its strict approach to investment filtering as its dragnet acquisition model™. Currently, properties chosen for inclusion must meet at least 60 unique boxes that need to be checked, evaluated by in-house real estate professionals.

This strict review and filtering process provides a layer of protection for investors’ assets, especially when considering that FNRP typically holds its investments for a period of 3 to 7 years. After this period, the firm refinances or sells the property and returns capital to its investors alongside appreciation. During the time when each commercial property is under control by FNRP, the firm’s in-house asset management team maximizes the value of the property to return as much profit to partners as possible.

As an investor, you’ll also receive quarterly cash distributions from nationally recognized brands. FNRP invests largely in tenants that are showing positive growth and that have a long history of financial stability to protect these cash distributions and ensure that they are sustainable.

FNRP is a vertically integrated company, so instead of outsourcing common processes to third-party companies, FNRP has taken the time to move all of these processes in-house. From accounting to property management and from legal processes to acquisitions, FNRP’s team handles all of these responsibilities with the firm’s own talents. This kind of management is different from most private equity firms, which outsource at least a portion of these processes. FNRP claims that vertical integration is a key to its success, as it allows deals to close with the speed of smaller companies while also making deals with nationwide brands.

Like many other alternative investment platforms, when you invest in a project through FNRP, you actually receive membership into a Special Purpose Entity created specifically for the investment at hand. In most cases, this comes in the form of an LLC. The LLC then holds the equity of the property, providing distributions to the partners who make up the Special Purpose Entity. FNRP also closes each one of its properties in cash, which ensures that closings are executed on schedule and with no delays related to financing. Overall, FNRP’s strict investment filtering criteria and commitment to grocery-anchored centers significantly balances risk and reward for an appealing opportunity for everyday investors.  

First National Realty Partners offerings

First National Realty Partners Customer Service

FNRP offers a few methods that you can use to get in contact with its investment team, including the following.

  • By phone: You can call FNRP by phone and speak to a real person ready to answer your questions. No specific customer service hours are offered on the firm’s website.
  • By email: For general inquiries, you can send an email to FNRP’s team.

Live chatting services are also available on each page of FNRP’s website. In the lower right-hand corner of the page, click on the small purple speech bubble to be connected to an FNRP representative. 

First National Realty Partners Fees

Just as FNRP's offerings vary, the accompanying fee structure — between 0.5 and 1.5% with other potential fees — differs based on multiple investment criteria. The investment criteria of each offering determines the fee structure applied. Be sure to read your investment documents thoroughly to understand the fee structure before you invest in a particular grocery-anchored real estate endeavor. FRNP offers products to accredited investors who make at least a $50,000 initial investment.

First National Realty Partners User Benefits

FNRP can be a strong choice for accredited investors looking to enter the commercial real estate space. Some of the most important benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of when you become an FNRP partner include the following.

Triple net leases: FNRP focuses on employing triple net leases, which means 99% of the time, the firm is able to pass expenses onto tenants. Tenants pay a base rent alongside triple net charges to minimize operating expenses on FNRP’s side. This practice results in fewer fees for you as the investor.

Live deal webinars: When you find an investment opportunity that you think you may be interested in, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a live webinar with investment experts to learn more about the project. Each webinar includes a 20-to-30-minute presentation on the potential that FNRP sees in the project, followed by a question-and-answer session where you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly to FNRP’s investment committee.

Tenant-centric approach: FNRP takes a tenant-centered approach to investing, which allows the firm to cultivate and maintain relationships with major executives at some of the largest nationwide companies in the country. These relationships allow FNRP to explore deal opportunities before other private firms and close on those deals faster with in-house expertise.  

First National Realty Partners Ease of Use

FNRP has streamlined its investment process by breaking it down into easily digestible steps that even new commercial real estate investors can quickly master. When you invest through FNRP, you’ll go through the following steps.

First National Realty Partners
  • Find a deal: After opening your profile, you can browse FNRP’s Deal Lobby to learn more about projects that are currently accepting new partners. You can access detailed information and due diligence documents directly from the platform.
  • Attend a webinar: When you find an opportunity that you’re interested in, attend a webinar with FNRP investing experts to learn more about why this project was chosen and its benefits. You can also ask any remaining questions about the investment during the webinar.
  • Make your allocation: If you’re confident in the investment opportunity you’ve chosen after hearing from experts, you can easily make your allocation directly through your FNRP portal.
  • Collect your quarterly distributions: From here, the hard work of managing and maintaining commercial properties is in FNRP’s hands — you’ll collect quarterly cash distributions and be updated on your investment’s progress as time passes.

When combined with FNRP’s expert-led advice and easy-to-navigate profiles, the firm’s platform offers an exceptionally intuitive investing process. 


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First National Realty Partners vs. Competitors 

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First National Realty Partners Overall

Though commercial real estate investing can be a challenge for individual investors, FNRP offers an all-in-one platform to invest intelligently. Not only can you browse deals on the platform — you can also connect directly with FNRP’s team of experts to ask questions and learn everything you need to know about projects before you invest. FNRP’s strict exclusion criteria and focus on tenants with consistent and stable histories of profitable operation offer investors a high level of investment stability. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is First National Realty Partners legitimate?


Yes, First National Realty Partners is a legitimate company. They are a real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring and managing commercial properties. They have a track record of successful investments and have been in operation for several years.


What is the average return for First National Realty Partners?


The average return for First National Realty Partners is approximately 12%-18% annually.


How much money do you need to invest with FNRP?


There is a $50,000 minimum investment requirement for accredited investors.

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