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November 19, 2021
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securely through Dharma's website

Dharma is a mobile application that makes interacting with decentralized applications on Ethereum’s network easier than ever before. You can fund your account with a debit card, unlike any other Ethereum Wallet. By seamlessly connecting your wallet to decentralized applications, you can start earning interest on your cryptocurrency within minutes. Sign up today to get access to trade over 70,000 altcoins.

Best For
  • Those looking to immediately purchase crypto with fiat (USD)
  • Those looking to purchase altcoins, memecoins, etc.
  • Those looking to immediate price action to a long list of tokens
  • Users can buy crypto directly from bank accounts
  • Only takes 5-10 minutes to begin buying crypto from fiat
  • No network fee trading on Polygon
  • Does not support some major tokens (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc)

Dharma Ratings at a Glance

Within 5-10 minutes of downloading the app, you can begin trading your favorite cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is download the app and connect your bank account through Plaid, a secure 3rd-party service. 

Once your bank account is connected, you can choose from a massive list of 73,895 tokens, 2 networks and 55 decentralized finance (DeFi) exchanges. Dharma will automatically look for and provide customers with the best rate possible. By connecting bank accounts and searching for the best rates, Dharma creates a much smoother and easier crypto transaction process for decentralized exchanges. 

You can also connect your Dharma wallet to Ethereum decentralized applications (dApps) via Wallet Connect. This allows for increased access to DeFi abilities like staking and yield farming. Users no longer have to use several wallets and exchanges on the Ethereum network. Instead, they can use just Dharma.

Lastly, funds in your Dharma wallet are eligible to send to Compound, Aave, Yearn, and other protocols to generate interest

Dharma combines several DeFi features into its wallet to provide users with the best experience possible. 

Dharma Customer Service

Dharma offers very good customer support. Users can access a FAQ section where they can review common issues to find a quick fix. If you cannot find an answer through the FAQ section, you can submit a help ticket through Zendesk, a reliable customer service application, which will be answered by their in-house support team. You can also send an email or chat message directly to support if you are hoping to receive a quick response. 

While Dharma offers several efficient ways to reach customer support, the only feature they are missing is live phone support. This is often the fastest and most efficient way for users to solve problems. However, their customer support team is very quick to respond and a phone support feature may make little difference.

Dharma Pricing

A unique feature that Dharma offers in terms of fees is a fee-free deposit system. You can deposit money from your bank account into the Dharma wallet for free, a feature not always supported.

While there are no fees for deposits, there are fees on all trades. There is a base fee of $1.99 to $2.49 on some trades depending on the state the user is in. Fees are up to 1% per transaction and decrease with the size of transactions. 

On top of these fees, there are network fees to be paid. These can vary depending on the demand of the underlying asset. Dharma does not receive any revenue from these trades. Users are responsible for these fees –– the network fee on Polygon is less than $0.50. In this case, Dharma will cover the transaction fee. Dharma is the easiest way to transact on Polygon with no network fees. 

Dharma Mobile App

The Dharma mobile app is extremely simple, easy to use, and looks great. You can easily see the value of your wallet as well as all tokens within the wallet. You can also easily access a list of all transactions that have been made.

The app is very clean and allows users to access basic information quickly. There is never too much on the screen and it is very easy to find lots of different pieces of information about your wallet.

The one downside is that the wallet is only offered as a mobile app, for now. However, due to the ease of use on the app, this is a minimal issue. 

Dharma User Benefits

Dharma offers a variety of benefits to anyone looking to invest in crypto. They offer a gas-lite feature, which allows for lower gas fees on tokens with high liquidity on the platform. This is very useful, as gas fees can be very high.

Another useful feature is the no network cost trading on Polygon. This allows users to quickly access the layer-2 solution while paying minimal fees. 

To verify accounts, Dharma uses Plaid and Stripe. These are both 3rd-party verification services that are trusted by some of the world’s largest banks and companies. This adds an extra layer of security to your wallet. In addition to this, Dharma offers non-custodial security, meaning that you have full ownership over your crypto holdings. They also guarantee that you can regain access to your holdings if you lose or replace your device. 

Lastly, Dharma offers rewards to users who deposit and spend $500 on their platform. If you connect your bank and purchase $500 of any token, you will receive $50 in free ETH or MATIC.

Dharma User Experience

Dharma provides a streamlined and useful experience for its users. Crypto can be sent in seconds and some fees will be covered by Dharma. It is the easiest way to go from fiat to crypto, hands down. 

Dharma offers several features, such as its ability to connect to Ethereum dApps, that make using crypto much easier. They also provide quick and affordable access to layer-2 solutions, something rarely seen in the crypto space. The ability to trade for no network fees on Polygon is a game changer. 

Overall, Dharma provides an extremely good user experience through a smooth interface and ease of use. vs. Competitors

Best For
  • Best Rates
securely through Dharma's website

Dharma offers a combination of features seen nowhere else. From the ability to stake the access to buy over 73,000 different tokens, Dharma provides a unique platform that can greatly enhance users’ crypto trading. 

Perhaps the only area Dharma fails to stack up with its competitors is in the tokens offered. Dharma only offers Ethereum-based tokens, so tokens like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Solana are not offered. However, they make up for this by offering more tokens overall than most platforms. 

Dharma Overall

Dharma allows for an extremely easy and simple experience with crypto. Within 5-10 minutes of downloading the app, you can begin trading over 73,000 cryptocurrencies with low fees. This experience is enhanced through a strong customer support team and mobile app. Dharma also provides benefits for its users, such as full interoperability via Wallet Connect and covering fees on the Polygon network. 

The only thing limiting Dharma is that they do not have a website and do not support some major tokens. However, the gain of using the wallet is definitely worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you use the Dharma app?


To use the Dharma app, simply download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then link your bank account and begin trading. To trade, you can easily navigate around the app to locate the “Buy Crypto” button. From there, you can select which tokens you would like to trade and Dharma will automatically find the lowest quotes.


How can you get Ethereum on Dharma?


To get Ethereum on Dharma, you can simply buy it directly with your bank account. You can link your bank account using Stripe or Plaid and then push the “Buy Crypto” button. From there, select the amount of ETH to purchase and execute the trade. You can also buy wETH on Polygon with no network fees. 

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How do you use this product to boost your finances? is garbage, transactions not receiving binance, funds forever lost. Scam

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