Coin Market Manager Review

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Contributor, Benzinga
March 9, 2021
Coin Market Manager
Overall Rating:
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Coin Market Manager (CMM) has gained traction as a trade analysis and crypto portfolio management platform. It offers a comprehensive crypto accounting breakthrough for traders who want to focus on results and profitability. 

CMM brings never-before-seen, in-depth personalized trade analytics and a breakdown of your full trading history and performance. This kind of actionable feedback identifies the strengths and weaknesses in your strategies, and it’s all generated automatically within a few clicks.

Learn more about CMM and a free account today.

Best For
  • Crypto portfolio tracking
  • Active derivative traders in the crypto space
  • In-depth trade analysis
  • Seamless trade data auto-sync
  • Provides real-time market value and stats
  • Intuitive trade tracking
  • Advanced trade history view
  • View all your positions in one place
  • Journaling tool provides insights to traders
  • No mobile app
  • Supported exchanges are limited

Coin Market Manager Ratings at a Glance

Coin Market Manager Quick Summary

FeatureCoin Market Manager
Overall5 Stars
Pricing5 Stars
Customer support4 Stars
Product offerings5 Stars
Education4 Stars
Ease-of-use5 Stars

Coin Market Manager Pricing

Coin Market Manager lets all users start with a no-strings-attached 7-day free trial with full access to all features. Then you can subscribe to other packages for an enhanced user experience and more advanced features. You can also get lifetime free access to all the platform features with CMM UNLOCKED. 

Here’s a breakdown of each pricing plan:

  • Basic plan: CMM’s basic plans give you a basic portfolio overview, real-time price refresh, manual trade journal, math lab tool, 1 account slot per exchange and live browser tab balance, all for free.
  • Pro plan: The Pro plan, designed for more serious traders, starts at $41.66 per month (if you’re paying annually) or $49.99 for a 30-day cycle. The pro plan includes everything in the basic plan plus additional features like unlimited trade uploads, in-depth account analytics, unlimited conversion credits, automated trading journal, trading history and performance charts and rolling P/Ls and break-even stats.
  • Enterprise plan: For $49.99 per month (billed annually) or $59.99 billed in a 30-day cycle, the Enterprise plan offers everything in the Pro plan, 20 extra exchange account slots and CSV downloads and reports.

Coin Market Manager Ease of Use

You'll find that Coin Market Manager offers an easy way to get started.

Account Registration

You only need to create a username, provide an email and create a password to enroll in a 7-day pro free trial. CMM won’t ask for your payment details until you’ve completed the trial period and choose to subscribe to a plan.

Mobile Version

Coin Market Manager doesn’t offer a mobile app, but it compensates that with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile version of the platform. You can view your full trade history, analyze your trading stats, sync all your trade data and manage your entire crypto portfolio through your mobile device.

Auto Sync with API

CMM takes away the headache of linking your favorite exchanges with its APIs. You can seamlessly exchange data imports from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Deribit, Bittrex, Bitmex and bybit and start tracking your portfolio instantly.

Coin Market Manager Education

The platform offers a vast collection of educational resources but its blog and FAQ sections can provide quick insight and answers to your most-asked questions. The blog contains actionable pieces exploring the crypto space. You can also use CMM’s open interest market scanner to look at how the market is playing out for other traders as well.

You can also follow and subscribe to its YouTube channel for informative videos regarding the platform. CMM also provides its users with a roadmap of all its upcoming features, including everything the company is brainstorming and has in development.

Coin Market Manager Customer Support

CMM makes up for its lack of a dedicated customer support number with a host of options for you to get in touch with support:

Coin Market Manager Offerings

Coin Market Manager can improve your trade management and results with this collection of features:

  • Automatic trade import: Arguably one of CMM’s most useful features is the ability to automate all trade imports through open-key APIs. You select from your already-connected exchanges and instantly pull active or closed trade data to prepopulate new journal entries with a few clicks.
  • Real-time balances and overall P/L: Coin Market Manager lets you track your overall exchange profits and losses in both fiat and crypto. You can also account for all your withdrawals and deposits through the available real-time balances.

Using the platform’s "conversion credits," you can pull the price of your favorite crypto at the actual time of the transaction date. With this price, CMM can then convert each transaction to understand the actual FIAT value at the execution date, letting you monitor an entirely accurate fiat profit/loss.

  • Full trade history and performance chart: Pro users can analyze their performance charts and statistics based on a specific range of trades. You can view the ratio of longs/shorts, the win rate and the average trade duration from the chosen range of trades. You can also hover over positions on the chart to get more details on what caused the move.

View your entire trade history and click on any trade to expand and look at the detailed order execution history. You can also view the total fees and funding from each trade, as well as the total trade duration.

  • Watch live positions in real time: You can view an overall realized/unrealized P&L for all open positions, as well as the live USD value. You’ll also see what percentage of your overall unrealized P&L is against the total wallet balance. CMM will also auto convert all crypto positions into your selected fiat currency.
  • Balance history chart: CMM maps out your entire wallet balance history in a graph so that you can analyze your progress since opening your account with the trading exchange. Hover between date ranges to visualize all withdrawals, deposit and progress.
  • Advanced analytics: Coin Market Manager also provides a host of advanced in-depth analytics to help you learn more about where you can improve your trading habits.

Coin Market Manager Mobile App 

The platform doesn’t have a mobile app, but its mobile version provides an almost-similar experience as you would with a dedicated mobile app. All of CMM’s features are also available through the mobile version.

Crypto Portfolio Tracking at its Finest

Coin Market Manager truly meets our expectations as the leading automated journaling and analytics software for crypto traders. From the start, you gain access to the tools, services and resources to ultimately help you become a better trader.

View in-depth breakdowns of past trades, pull and analyze your full trade history and track all performance and trade progress for both active and closed trades. Create your free account today.

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