Best Blogs for Small Business Owners, Ranked

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Contributor, Benzinga
June 28, 2021

Are you a small business owner looking to expand your knowledge base? Learning from other successful entrepreneurs is a great way to do so. Benzinga found the best blogs for small business owners to help your strategy and increase your growth.

10 Best Blogs for Small Business Owners

We looked at various factors in picking the best blogs for small business owners. The first thing we considered is the accessibility of up-to-date information for small businesses. We looked at whether the blogs provide fresh news and information regularly. We also considered the quality of the information gathered and its availability on various forms such as guides, videos, opinion pieces and podcasts.

1. Best for Business Tips and Tricks: U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an online magazine where small businesses can get information about what is going on in the business world. Here you can find a wide variety of blog content covering different areas such as finance, market analysis, technology, politics and strategy. It's not all about business — you can find lifestyle blogs for refreshing your mind. If you'd like information about market trends and forecasts, you can get it here.

Some of the most notable articles on the SBA blog include tax tips for businesses and how startups can benefit from emerging trends such as automation. 

2. Best for e-Commerce Businesses: BigCommerce

BigCommerce has some valuable tips that businesses can use to grow their enterprises. As a business owner, you'll get a chance to read how current events are impacting e-commerce businesses. You can also learn tricks to enhance your marketing efficiency and what’s happening in the world of e-commerce. Several stats and strategies are available for businesses to adapt in 2021.

Some of the most notable blogs educate entrepreneurs on meeting their customers’ needs through innovation and product protection. If you have a physical business, you'll get valuable advice on how to move your business to a completely online enterprise. A step-by-step approach to what digital transformation entails and the tools required is available. The resource center is a robust platform with articles, guides and white papers, webinars, events and e-commerce blogs. Videos to expand your knowledge base also are included.

3. Best For Tech Businesses: TechCrunch

If you're in the fintech industry, you'll be interested in getting the latest advances in the world of technology from TechCrunch. This online publication provides information about innovation and the latest in modern devices. There's also business news from around the world that inspires business owners.

Small-business owners can learn about technologically advanced apps and platforms that can boost or transform their companies. In addition, videos, newsletters and audio recordings provide information on the goings-on in the tech world. Users also can advertise by reaching out through the website.

4. Best for Up-to-Date Business News: Entrepreneur

There's no doubt that every business requires technology regardless of size and industry. A business with access to technology improves on its research capabilities and leads the pack.

Entrepreneur is an interactive blog where business owners can get business news, events and webinars. Interviews with prominent entrepreneurs and their journeys to success also are available. What makes this blog unique is that it's regularly updated so you can find the most recent information. Detailed blogs that cover various aspects of the economy also are available.

5. Best for Market Forecasting Information: Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review has all the information you need about businesses and markets.  You can learn how to cope with challenges, interpret market trends and stay focused on long-term business objectives. The blogs are both short- and long-form and are drafted by industry experts.

The unique thing about this blog is that it's customer-oriented, and the experts are drawn from various sectors of the economy.  For example, one Harvard Business Review special report talks about webinars and how to use them for the overall benefit of your business. These video sessions are valuable resources for companies as they can provide practical training and are time-saving alternatives.

6. Best for Small Online Businesses: Shopify

Most people have the misconception that Shopify only offers e-commerce services. However, in addition to providing a platform for people to trade, it also has some of the best blogs to help businesses achieve their potential.

Here, you'll find quick-start guides on starting a business and building a niche from the start. You’ll also learn about drop-shipping and find a step-by-step process for starting an online business. Tips and business ideas for small businesses are available. In addition, you'll find podcasts that help entrepreneurs navigate their competitive markets.

7. Best for Boosting Sales: Sales Hacker

Businesses can boost their sales with help from tips found on Sales Hacker. The website’s articles educate business owners on how to plan their sales using metrics and market predictions. You also learn how to use market data to predict buying behavior. Real examples of how businesses can estimate lead scores and customer-support systems are available. Entrepreneurs also can learn about the world’s sales leaders and what they've done to succeed.

There are multiple podcasts  that focus on how a business can plan its selling strategy in modern markets. You can learn about virtual selling, personal branding and how to empower your teams.

8. Best for Managing Remote Teams: Hubstaff Blog

Hubstaff Blog’s virtual team writes blogs for businesses regardless of their size. Here you can learn how to run a small business and how to track your invoices. Hubstaff also helps businesses solve specific problems that hinder growth.

The blog provides real case studies that give better insights into the experience of running a remote business and overcoming challenges. If you run a freelance business, Hubstaff has guides on how to manage your remote team. Helpful marketing information and how to outsource your services is covered, and there are plenty of podcasts and webinars. By reading the blogs here, you also get to know the tools available for time management and tracking productivity. Hubstaff blogs help businesses in various industries, including design, legal, real estate, landscaping and architecture.

9. Best for Business Gossip: Mashable

With its blend of news, opinion and social humor, Mashable is not your ordinary business blog. Memes keep you entertained as you surf through the pages. However, behind all the fun is a one-stop-shop where you can get valuable information for your business.

If you're a digital entrepreneur, you'll get your morning dose on trending news in the online sphere. You'll also get mesmerized by the sidebar pieces that come with lots of humor.

10. Best for B2B Resources: Benzinga Business

Benzinga, already a source for retail traders and investors, recently launched the Benzinga Business portal. Here, small business owners will find SaaS platforms and tools like project management software, team management applications and more.

Small business owners can even enter to win a free website built by professional web developers. This is an ongoing offer meant to help small business owners and entrepreneurs recover from negative economic effects on the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Read the Blogs for Small Business Owners to Sharpen Your Skills

When searching the internet for a product or a service, you'll come across several blogs. But, which is right for you and your business? If you'd like to grow your customer base and become a leader in your industry, the above blogs have all the information you need. 

You'll get endless benefits from new information and well-written articles from industry experts. The best blogs for small-business owners have everything you need to get started, build a team, forecast the market and increase your revenue.
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