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January 6, 2021
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Altrady is a comprehensive trading terminal that allows cryptocurrency investors to buy and sell on multiple exchanges from a single platform. This can be a major benefit for investors who want to diversify their portfolios quickly and easily. Altrady also provides investors with a large range of customization tools and features that can be used to create a personalized trading platform. Altrady’s system can be a bit overwhelming for investors who are complete beginners, but the platform offers a wealth of educational resources and instruction videos to help ease the learning curve.

Best For
  • Investors who have previous experience trading cryptocurrencies
  • Investors who are looking for a single terminal to manage all of their investments
  • Traders who value cross-platform syncing and the ability to invest from their desktop
  • Wide range of customization tools
  • Hotkeys and journaling features allow investors to make notes on their trades and progress
  • Its education system includes a wealth of videos showing users how to use the platform’s most popular features
  • Monthly pricing comes in addition to standard broker fees
  • Can be overwhelming for new users

Altrady Ratings at a Glance

Fees and Account Minimums
Ease of Use
Customer Support
Mobile App
Overall Rating

Altrady Quick Summary

Tradable assetsWide selection of cryptocurrencies from multiple platforms across the market
PlatformComprehensive trading platform focused on providing advanced investors with customization, automated scanning features, coin and token variety and charting
Mobile appComprehensive mobile downloads available for iOS and Android devices that mimic desktop functionality
Account minimumNo minimum deposit required to sign up for Altrady’s crypto trading platform
Commissions and feesPlatform charges a monthly fee that ranges between €10.46 and €44.95 depending on the frequency of billing and the set of tools that you choose; additional fees and commissions may apply depending on the broker you select
Available account typesDesktop and mobile trading platforms available

Altrady Fees and Account Minimums

Altrady offers 3 levels of accounts for managing crypto assets. The account type that you choose will influence the features you’ll gain access to:

  • Basic: The Basic plan includes access to Altrady’s terminal, signals, charting tools, access to all of Altrady’s integrated brokers and more. Depending on whether you choose month-to-month pricing or annual pricing, you’ll pay €10.46 to €14.95 each month.
  • Essential: Essential plans include all of the features found on the Basic plan, plus access to more advanced charting options and order types, trading analytics, multi-charting options and a few additional functions. Depending on whether you choose monthly or annual pricing, you can expect to pay €20.96 and €29.95 per month for access.
  • Premium: The Premium plan includes the entire suite of tools, with everything found on the Essential plan plus basic and advanced crypto screening tools. You’ll pay €31.46 and €44.95 per month for access to Premium plan features depending on how you choose to be billed.

An important point to note: Altrady is not a broker itself and it does not directly fill brokerage orders for your preferred financial assets. Instead, the platform connects you with exchanges and provides you with tools and screeners in exchange for a monthly fee. Though Altrady won’t tack on an additional fee each time you place an order, you’ll still be responsible for covering any execution fees charged on the side of the exchange you buy on. This means that it’s your responsibility as the investor to keep track of exchange fees for digital currencies before you place your buy and sell orders. 

Altrady Ease of Use

Altrady is a Netherlands-based cryptocurrency platform that aims to provide an all-inclusive trading experience for cryptocurrency investors who need easy access to the crypto markets. Some of the features that make Altrady a particularly intuitive cryptocurrency trading platform include:

  • Connection with multiple brokers: Altrady is a trading terminal that allows account holders to access multiple markets from a single trading platform. Altrady simplifies the investing process by allowing you to access multiple markets from a single platform. Examples of partnered exchanges include Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex and many more.

This also provides you with access to hundreds of cryptocurrency investment opportunities because you can trade on any market partnered with Altrady. Simply select an exchange and begin viewing coins and tokens available to trade. You can even track how the market is moving and monitor your investment progress directly through your Altrady platform.

  • Free demo platform: Many traders want to view potential trading platforms and place practice orders before they commit to opening an account. Altrady doesn’t only allow you to view its platform before opening an account — you can access a 24-hour demo without even verifying your email. Explore supported coins and tokens, place a sample alert, learn more about the different types of supported orders and more before you decide if Altrady is right for you.
  • Real-time market data: The cryptocurrency market moves quickly. When you trade through Altrady, you’ll enjoy constantly updating charts that make it easier to track crypto movements and decide when to enter the market.
  • Custom alert features: Need to monitor your cryptocurrency account and market movements without being glued to your phone or desktop computer? The Altrady signal bot allows you to set a wide range of customizable alerts and notices for price changes, price targets, market movements and many additional factors. You can receive notices via your email, push notification or direct desktop notifications.
  • Customizable platform: Altrady’s platform allows you to easily customize your charting tools and platforms to only show you the cryptocurrencies or analysis methods that you use the most often. Widgets add another layer of customization — just drag and drop tools, charts or screeners to fit your unique trading strategy.

From widgets to screeners, Altrady offers a host of features that you can use to customize and streamline your trading experience. While this level of customization can be overwhelming for new investors, more experienced traders will enjoy crafting the ideal trading platform.  

  • Market status: Need to get a feel for how the market is moving with a single glance? Altrady offers a simple “stop light” system to help you understand how your assets of choice are moving. Select an asset pair to view an instant analysis of how the market pair has performed in the last hour, 4-hour and 24-hour period.
  • Wide selection of order types: From trailing stop orders to scaled ladders, Altrady offers an impressive range of order types that you can use to advance your trading. You can even assign certain orders or order types to hot keys for even quicker access. 

While Altrady does offer a wealth of features, it combines everything into a single platform that can be overwhelming for beginners. If you’ve never invested in cryptocurrency before or used a brokerage account specifically for cryptocurrencies, you might find yourself struggling to locate features and execute varying types of orders. However, if you have experience with more advanced platforms, you’ll find plenty of features that you’ll love through Altrady’s investing source. 

Altrady Education

In addition to providing you with a single place to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and virtual currencies, Altrady also offers you access to a number of educational resources that you can use to master the market, far beyond what most financial institutions would offer. Some of our favorite educational features include:

  • Trading analytics: You can’t know exactly how well your investments are doing (or how poorly your trading is going) unless you keep track of your trades. Altrady’s platform has an integrated trading analytics tab that allows you to analyze your strategy and investments with a few clicks.
  • Cryptocurrency screeners: Premium account holders have access to cryptocurrency screeners, which can notify you when a predefined entry point is reached. Altrady’s Quick Scan feature can be especially beneficial for scalpers, as it notifies users instantly when a sharp price increase or decrease is detected on the market.
  • Altrady Academy: Altrady Academy is the platform’s comprehensive guide to trading and creating your own custom layout. Video instructions show you how to use the platform with straightforward, step-by-step guides and are written with beginners in mind. From adding widgets to your trading space to executing orders and setting alerts, Altrady Academy provides you with a single information hub you can use to master the platform.

Anyone can access Altrady Academy courses before they register for an account. You’ll need to have a membership to access additional educational tools. 

Altrady Customer Support

Already offers 2 methods that you can use to contact its support team.

  • By email: To get in touch with Altrady by email, send a message to
  • By chat: To contact Altrady’s team by live chat, visit and click on the blue speech bubble at the right-hand corner of the bottom home page. You can also access chat assistance directly through your trading app by opening your Altrady platform of choice and clicking on the icon labeled “Need support?” on the left side of your screen.

Altrady does not currently offer customer support over the phone. This is a feature we’d love to see the platform provider include in the future. 

Altrady Offerings

Altrady is not a cryptocurrency broker itself. Instead, it offers you a single investing terminal that you can use to connect with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, including Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro and many more. This provides you with a single place for unparalleled access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies and altcoins with just a few clicks.

Altrady’s comprehensive platform is powerful and easily customizable. Some featured tools include crypto screeners, advanced order types, market summaries, quick scan features, journaling features that allow you to make notes and take screenshots to plan future trades and additional tools. The specific tools that you’ll have access to will vary depending on the plan you sign up for. 

Altrady Mobile App

Altrady’s mobile platform mimics its desktop functionality, providing you with a single place to trade, track your crypto holdings and manage your investments. Some of our favorite features offered by the mobile app include:

  • 24/7 crypto alerts: Altrady’s mobile platform allows you to set and control alerts based on price, movement and additional factors. This can be an ideal feature for investors who want to trade only under specific conditions and who don’t want to watch the market all day.
  • Active portfolio tracking: Like Altrady’s primary offering, the Altrady mobile app is constantly updating. You’ll be able to view price changes and token data in real-time, which allows you to track your holdings when you’re away from your desktop platform.
  • Cross-platform integration: If you ever need to update your account information while traveling, you’ll have no trouble using Altrady’s mobile platform. Each of Altrady’s apps provides users with seamless integration and syncing with the company’s primary platform.

The Altrady app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android users. 

Altrady Overall Rating

If you’ve ever wanted to trade multiple cryptocurrencies that you couldn’t find on any single brokerage platform, Altrady could be right for you. The platform provider offers you a single point of access to some of the world’s largest exchanges and hundreds of cryptocurrency projects, alongside professional-level analysis and screener tools. 

While the platform can quickly become overwhelming for new investors, those who have traded on a basic exchange in the past will love Altrady’s wealth of personalization and customization features. In the future, we’d like to see Altrady expand its platform to be more welcoming for those who are new to cryptocurrency investing. 

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