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Allstate finds its market largely in middle-class America, offering products that meet the needs of most families in this large demographic but showing less focus on specialized products that a smaller part of the market may need.

Best For

  • Middle-class families
  • Individuals with strong credit history
  • Clean claims history


  • Massive Nationwide Network
  • Long-established reliability
  • Tried and True Claims Process
  • Allstate agents are exclusive agents, helping to ensure product knowledgeability


  • More expensive than some other home insurers
  • Some types of home insurance (i.e. Landlord Insurance) may not be available in all areas.
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Who’s Allstate Home Insurance for?

Allstate, currently the largest publicly held personal lines insurer in the United States, built its business on insuring families. The company still places its focus on individuals and families over businesses, though it does offer some commercial insurance products.

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Whether a renter, a new homebuyer, or a decades-long homeowner, Allstate should be on your list when shopping for a home insurance provider. Unlike some competitors which outsource home insurance products, home insurance policies are underwritten and serviced by Allstate.

With a network of agents nationwide, finding an agent to advise you on coverage is an easy task. Allstate isn’t always the lowest priced insurer, but customers choose insurers for many reasons and many take comfort in the reliability of a nationwide insurer which has been insuring customers since 1931.

Home Insurance Products

  • HO-3 (Homeowners Insurance) – A standard homeowners insurance policy, often called an HO-3 policy, provides dwelling coverage for single family homes as well as coverage for personal liability and personal property unattached to the structure.
  • Renters Insurance – Renters can find coverage for personal property and personal property through a renters insurance policy. These important coverages for individuals are not covered by the landlord or building owner.
  • Condominium Insurance – Because condominiums are shared structures, condo owners need a unique type of home insurance policy that insures their condo from the studs in, including attached appliances and fixtures, personal liability coverage, and protection for their personal property.

Product Offering Rating: 4 Stars

Standard Allstate Home Insurance Coverages

  • Dwelling – dwelling coverage is the part of a home insurance policy that covers the rebuild cost of the building itself.
  • Liability – homeowners and renters face exposure to personal liability lawsuits. Personal liability coverage can help defend against lawsuits, paying toward both legal defense and judgments.
  • Medical – Allstate home insurance policies may offer a provision to pay limited medical expenses for non-family members injured at the home, regardless of liability.
  • Other Structures – sheds, workshops, or similar structures are covered by Allstate’s home insurance. However, a value for these structures must be added to the policy.
  • Property – You can think of personal property as the things you move in or out of your home on moving day. Personal property coverage covers many of your belongings even when not physically in the home.

Available Discounts & Tips on Getting the Best Rates

In many states, Allstate offers additional discounts for bundling policies with the insurer.

For example, customers who have both a home insurance policy and an auto insurance policy with Allstate can save money on their insurance premiums. Available discounts vary by state as do discount amounts. In some states, adding a life insurance policy with Allstate can create the largest savings on premiums.

Customers with strong credit and a clean claims history are likely to be rewarded with better rates for their Allstate home insurance policy. A history of being insured by the same insurer for a long period of time can also earn a better rate.

Common Allstate Home Insurance Coverage Selections

Important Home Insurance Coverages & Considerations

Common choices for Allstate home insurance coverage include $300,000 for personal liability coverage and $5,000 for medical payments. Consumers may choose higher amounts for their personal liability coverage, but if considering an amount higher than $300,000, a personal umbrella policy may be a more effective option.

Coverage amounts lower than $300,000 are available, but create more exposure for the insured. Personal liability insurance coverage is a relatively inexpensive part of a home insurance policy. Choosing $5,000 for medical payments instead of the default of $1,000 costs less than two cents per day for most policies.

Pay special attention to both the dwelling coverage amount as well as personal property coverage limits. Chosen dwelling coverage amounts of less than 80 percent of the calculated rebuild value of a home can result in larger out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim.

Allstate home insurance policies also provide personal property coverage, but this coverage is limited to a chosen dollar amount and some items will not be insured to their full value unless you purchase specific coverage for these more valuable items, which may include jewelry, coins, artwork, or other items.

In addition to home insurance, Allstate offers a number of other insurance policy types. Availability of other insurance policy types may vary by state. Purchasing one or more of these additional policy types can earn a multi-policy discount. Not all policy types will be eligible for a multi-policy discount, so contact an Allstate agent to inquire about details.

  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • ATV / 4×4 / Snowmobile Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motorhome Insurance
  • Landlord Property Insurance
  • Identity Restoration Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Supplemental Health Insurance

Customer Service

  • Agencies – As a nationwide insurer, Allstate boasts well over 10,000 agents across the country. Customers in urban or suburban areas are likely to find two or more agents within easy travel distance providing easy access for questions or policy service needs.
  • Website – Allstate.com offers 24-hour access to your account for bill payments, claims, and inquiries. Online quotes are available, but many customers may be better served by speaking with an agent who can explain coverage to help guide coverage decisions. Local Allstate home insurance agents are a click away using Allstate.com’s agent locator.
  • Mobile App – Allstate offers several mobile apps for its insurance customers. Home insurance customers can utilize the Allstate Mobile app to make payments or start a claim. Another app from Allstate called Allstate Digital Locker provides Allstate home insurance customers with a handy way to keep a home inventory and catalog their valuables by using the photo feature of the app.

Customer Service Rating: 4 Stars

Claims Support

Filing a claim for an Allstate home insurance policy is typically an easy and straightforward process. Customers have the option of calling in their claim to an agent, beginning a claim online, or starting a claim through the Allstate mobile app.

It’s recommended to start at the agent level whenever possible because your agent can guide you through the process and explain coverage before you place the claim. As even small claims can affect your claim history, and in some cases your insurance rates, an agent can help you understand the potential costs, both immediately and in the future. If you do place a claim, a specialist for your insurance type will contact you for additional details and help expedite the process for covered losses.

Claims Support Rating: 5 Stars

Consumer Ratings

Allstate Home Insurance JD Power Ratings

OverallPolicy OfferingPrice RatingBilling RatingInteraction RatingClaim Rating

Allstate Home Insurance A.M. Best Rating: A+

Pricing & Value

Allstate positions its home insurance products toward the middle of the market in regard to price, neither a price leader nor the most expensive option in many cases.

While not the least expensive insurer, Allstate invests in a nationwide network of agents and support centers to provide a level of service beyond that which is available from smaller or discount insurers. Families with multiple policies tend to be best suited for Allstate home insurance policies and more likely to stay with the insurer for many years.

Pricing & Value Rating: 3 Stars

Customer Support

Allstate offers numerous ways for home insurance customers to reach out for customer support, questions, or to start a claim.

Phone: 1-877-810-2920

Online: https://www.allstate.com/contactus/main.aspx

Email: https://messaging.allstate.com/corp.aspx

Twitter: @Allstatecares

Find an agent: https://agents.allstate.com/

Customer Support Rating: 5 Stars

Final Thoughts

With a nationwide network of over 10,000 knowledgeable agents, Allstate has become a familiar and trusted name in many communities across the country. The long-established insurer builds its customer base, primarily, by offering a combination of price, service, and reliability that meets the needs of many middle-class families. Independent consumer ratings from JD Powers and A.M. Best indicate some room for improvement in some areas, but also place the insurer competitively with other well-known national brands.

Allstate Home Insurance Overall Rating: 4.2 Stars