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November 9, 2021

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When you turn out your television, you don’t have to wait long for a commercial break. Bring up your favorite news site and you’re bound to see ads. Watch a video on YouTube and you’ll likely get advertisements before, after and throughout. Browse social media and targeted ads simply blend in with the rest of your content.

The advertising field has integrated seamlessly into the digital market. If you’re looking to get the attention of potential customers, you’ll face plenty of competition. You could pay to premier your ads front and center, or you could learn a few tips and tricks to help you get less expensive, organic traffic.

Advertising is a crucial part of the overall marketing campaign. This is when you introduce your product to your audience. It sets the tone for your entire campaign and for your brand as a whole. You want your first impression with potential customers to be memorable and impactful.

Online advertising courses are a great way to learn the best practices for advertising. Not only will you get a first-hand account from those who have run successful advertisements, but you’ll be able to take the class on your own time.

If you’re new to advertising or want to brush up on the basics, these courses are for you.

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1. “Copywriting 101: Crafting Your First Ad Campaign” by Skillshare

Copywriting is an essential part of any advertising campaign. It is the process that determines what copy will be on all your ads, brochures, emails, and more.

With this course, you’ll learn some of the basic principles behind creating engaging copy.

You’ll learn about headline writing, various types of scripts, and practical applications. This will give you a better understanding of the process and help you regardless of whether you plan to do all of the writing yourself or mean to supervise others.

This is a Skillshare class, meaning you need to be a Premium member to access it. This costs $15 for one month or $8.25 per month if you commit for a year (for a total of $99). However, you can try one month of Premium at no charge – if you haven’t used this before, it means the class can be free.

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LinkedIn Learning
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2. “Advertising Foundations” by LinkedIn Learning

“Advertising Foundations” is a general course that covers topics such as defining your audience, creating a content strategy, tracking your competitors, and more.

Of course, you’ll also learn how to create and place an ad. It even touches on what you can expect when working with partners, such as designers or researchers.

The cost of LinkedIn Learning depends on your profile and billing country. You can expect to pay around $25 for one month (or less with the annual plan). It’s more expensive than Skillshare, but you can still get a lot of value out of it, and you can access multiple courses for one price. Just like with Skillshare, there is a free trial.

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3. “Instagram Ads for Business: Step by Step Process to a Successful Instagram Ad Campaign” by Skillshare

With over one billion users, Instagram is one of the most profitable platforms for businesses to use when advertising.

The social media giant has also developed its business functionality significantly over the years, making it a prime location for advertising efforts.

With “Instagram Ads for Business,” you can learn the essential steps for creating successful Instagram ads.

It contains actionable advice and assignments which will allow you to practice everything you’ve learned. Since it’s on Skillshare, you may be able to access it for free.

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Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Funnel Crash Course- 2020

All Levels • 16 videos • 2.1 hours
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Funnel Crash Course- 2020
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4. “Facebook Ads Crash Course” by Udemy

Despite its controversial security standards, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform.

This makes it irreplaceable in terms of advertising, and “Facebook Ads Crash Course” will break down the tips and tricks you need to create gripping Facebook ads.

You’ll learn how to determine and target audiences, how to remarket, how to reengage with past customers, and more. For a comprehensive course, it is reasonably priced.

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LinkedIn Learning
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5. “Advertising on Twitter” by LinkedIn Learning

Twitter, though it may pull a smaller user base than Instagram and Facebook, is known for having one of the most loyal user-bases on the internet.

In “Advertising on Twitter,” you’ll learn about advertising accounts, the types of ads available on Twitter, audience targeting, the metrics you should keep an eye on, and more.

The class is on Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning), meaning the pricing options are the same as with the Advertising Foundations course.

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LinkedIn Learning
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6. “Programmatic Advertising Foundations” by LinkedIn Learning

“Programmatic advertising” is a term that’s recently started to be thrown around in the advertising space.

Essentially, this refers to using software to automatically buy digital ads. It can make your marketing far more efficient, but it is a complex subject that is difficult to master. This course seeks to unravel its mysteries.

Students will learn how programmatic advertising works, the different strategies they can employ, the choices they need to make (media type, targeting, buying method), and so on.

It’s the third LinkedIn Learning course on this list, meaning you can theoretically take all three during the same month to minimize the costs.

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YouTube Ads Mastery ft. The Triple Threat Strategy

All Levels • 41 videos • 5.4 hours
YouTube Ads Mastery ft. The Triple Threat Strategy
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7. “YouTube Ads Mastery ft. The Triple Threat Strategy” by Udemy

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and is an amazing place to advertise for your business.

Since you’re dealing with a video-based platform, setting up advertisements can be a bit more complex, but “Youtube Ads Mastery” is here to help.

You’ll learn how to launch campaigns and convert viewers into buyers.

The class will also talk about remarketing, about Google’s related services, about video content and optimization, and more. The base price is hefty compared to the previous courses, but the skills you learn can be crucial to your marketing strategy.

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What Makes a Great Advertising Course?

Your time is valuable. Not every class is going to fit your specific needs, but keeping these 3 factors in mind will help you locate the best ones.

Course Level

Have you had any advertising experience before? Questioning the course level you should start at will ensure you’re getting the most out of your course.

Finding one that suits your preferences and competencies will allow you to utilize the learning opportunity to the fullest. The level of the course will also determine how much effort you’ll need to put in. More advanced classes require a greater commitment, and you need to make sure you’re ready for it.


Though you could find an advertisement almost anywhere you look, the platform the ad appears on is a huge part of the battle for audience attention. For instance, an ad designed for Instagram will look different on Twitter, Facebook, and a desktop website.

As you search for the best class for you, you’ll discover that many advertising courses are platform-specific. There are also more general and comprehensive courses, but you can specialize within a certain platform if you desire. Your individual needs will determine what will work best.


In a way, learning how to advertise means learning how to make money. That’s what makes these classes an excellent investment. But when you choose a course, you need to make sure the value matches what you’re paying for.

Final Thoughts

Advertising is one of the pillars of modern society. If you are able to develop a campaign that successfully embodies your company and converts customers, you can launch your business past what you thought you could accomplish.

It’s not easy to make it in the world of advertising – the competition is relentless. Give yourself a leg up on the competition by taking a course from a successful advertiser.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should you consider to select an excellent online advertising course?


You must look at the content, course level, pace, discipline and instructor.


What are some great online advertising courses for beginners?


Benzinga recommends Advertising Foundations from LinkedIn Learning and Copywriting 101 by Skillshare.

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