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March 3, 2021
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Accointing isn’t your conventional crypto tax preparation tool —   it’s an online tool that lets you manage your cryptocurrency taxes and portfolio with ease. Crypto professionals and enthusiasts can leverage this robust solution as a one-stop-shop for crypto management needs.

Accointing provides an insightful dashboard, available in both desktop and mobile, to track your performance and transactions in real-time with a breathtaking user experience. Beyond providing the easiest way for connecting your wallets through CSV or API, Accointing also supports over 300 exchanges.

The platform also doubles up as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking dashboard. You can import all transactions automatically via Wallet address, API Connect and manual input, as well as review your historical performance and analyze your portfolio gains and losses.

Think of Accointing as an all-in-one cryptocurrency tracker and tax report generator. Its intuitive interface is easy-to-use for both novice and pro crypto holders. Anyone can access most of the platform’s free features, but tax report generation is provided through affordable subscription tiers.

Best For
  • Novice and professional crypto holders
  • Tax report generation
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports over 300 wallets and exchanges
  • More than 7,500 currencies supported
  • Available for desktop and mobile
  • Print an unlimited amount of reports
  • Helps you track your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • You’ll probably don’t need all its features

Accointing Ratings at a Glance

Stressed out by your crypto taxes? The process of complying with crypto tax rules is a bit sophisticated and time-consuming. Digital assets are still taxable when you make money from them. But, when you enter the crypto space and purchase virtual currencies, how do you stay on top of all the taxes you might potentially pay.

You might not know where to start, and you could end up feeling lost — but now there’s, one of the best and freshest online tools to file your cryptocurrency taxes. Pricing’s pricing structure lets you use the platform for free for up to 25 transactions. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to upgrade to a higher tier from both the mobile and desktop version. You’ll just pay the difference. 

Here are the pricing plans you can choose from:

  • Free tax plan: Crypto starters can test through its free plan and generate a tax report for up to 25 transactions. Other features available include tax loss harvesting, pro portfolio features and importing unlimited transactions.
  • Hobbyist plan: This plan’s 365-day license costs $79 and supports up to 500 transactions per tax report. This plan supports all the features of the free tax plan and you’ll also get email support.
  • Trader plan: You’ll pay $179 for this 365-day license with up to 5,000 transactions per tax report. The plan also incorporates all features available through its Hobbyist plan.
  • Pro plan: Frequent traders can purchase a 365-day license for $299 and get up to 50,000 transactions per tax report.

All of Accointing pricing plans are supported by a 30-day, money-back guarantee policy. Yes, tax implications change from person to person, and your taxable income will change from year to year. At the same time, you can count on one of these plans to help you get your taxes done properly. Of course, if you need more help, use a pricier plan. If not, you can use the free plan. Product Offerings

Crypto Portfolio Import and Management provides a quick way to import data from more than 300 crypto wallets and exchanges. You can automatically sync your exchanges or manually connect them to your existing accounts. You can also sync to other crypto management services like Delta, CoinTracking, OSL, Bitcoin Suisse, CryptoTax and CoinTracker.

After the import is successful, all data is nicely fed to your cryptocurrency portfolio. You can then track various metrics regarding your cryptos, including total value, portfolio allocation, profits/losses, changes in values and percentages over a given period, crypto losses, holding periods, and more.

Taxes Management processes all your crypto transactions to enumerate the profit/loss and taxable proceeds with globally-accepted methods like the bed and breakfast rule, same-day rule and the general pooling. The platform also prepares a separate report for margin trades that lets you report them separately per asset and exchange. capabilities include creating tax reports that comply with global tax regulations. All you need to do is switch to the Taxes tab and select Report. Follow the prompts, and be sure to choose your country of origin from the options. Your country-specific crypto tax report should be ready in a few minutes, all based on the data in your portfolio.

Creating your tax reports in is also affordable. The free tax plan is available for crypto starters who have less than 25 transactions. Higher priced tiers support more transactions per tax report.

You can use the generated tax report to seamlessly fill in your tax forms or send the report to a tax accountant to fill up your tax forms. The data seen on your report will also help you have an overview of how much you must pay to the tax authorities.

Transactions Management

You can manage all your cryptocurrency transactions by navigating to the Full Data Set section. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of your transactions for every cryptocurrency, exchange and wallet you’ve used. The transaction type, date, wallet, amount and classification are all displayed. You can also view the transaction fees (if any) and the transaction hashes for each of the activities.

All this data is automatically imported to once you sync your services, wallets and exchanges. Full Data Set also allows you to manually add new transactions, delete activities and create duplicates. This feature is incredibly useful when you’re reviewing any potential taxable events for filing your crypto taxes. You can also set up quarterly tax payments on your crypto income and add other business activity as needed. Customer Service

Hobbyist and Trader plan subscribers have access to email support, while Pro subscribers enjoy priority support. also provides an online contact form where you can make a general inquiry, report a software bug, ask a technical question or make your feedback. You can also get support through its community channels on Telegram and Reddit.

You can also get solid advice from the team through its help page. Questions regarding the platform, app, taxes and API are answered in this section. Mobile App

The Crypto Tracker is an easy-to-use mobile app available on Google Play and App Store. Novice and professional traders can use this app to track the latest live cryptocurrency prices with real-time data, review key market trends in a glimpse and review all your crypto trades and transactions.

Other features available through the mobile app include portfolio overview and dashboard, exchange and wallets importer, detailed coin overview, overall crypto market view, tax alerts and onchain transaction whale alerts.

As impressive as the app is, it still won’t let you import data and generate tax reports, but you can readily achieve that through the desktop platform. Privacy & Security takes your safety and security seriously — its security measures extend beyond merely securing client/server or inter-service communication with SSL. It uses certified services wherever possible to reduce the complexity of the system, with authentication and identity management performed using the OAuth standard.

User data is encrypted with user-specific keys created by the AWS Key Management System (KMS), which are also continually rotated in line with the industry standards. For API keys, will explicitly ask for read-only access and encryption is user-specific. You can delete the whole account including all the collected data at any point you so wish.

And out of respect for data sovereignty, you can export your data from the platform at any time without any restriction. If you choose to delete your account, all your data is completely removed from its databases. Performance

If you’re looking for an online platform that will streamline your crypto tax reporting process and produce globally compliant tax reports, gets the job done. It offers the best of both worlds in cryptocurrency tracking and tax report generations, while its easy-to-use, streamlined interface offers the best user experience.

The mobile app provides virtually all the features of its desktop platform. You’ll access most of the platform’s features with the free tax plan, but its tax report generation capabilities are grouped in affordable subscription tiers. Just a few clicks are all you need to get a tax report customized for your country. Overall Rating certainly qualifies to be among the best and most affordable online solutions to streamline the cryptocurrency tax filing process. Its simple interface lets you check your entire portfolio and holdings with a few clicks. You can also have an automatically generated tax report in minutes.

Rest easy knowing that you’re in line with all global taxation guidelines through the platform. Start using this platform today and bid goodbye to your crypto tax filing headaches.

User Reviews

Thomas Meyer

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Accointing changed my crypto tax life forever. Thanks for helping me get it right and making it easy!

Carson Axtell

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Garbage! Continuously fails to download transactions from my online wallets like Exodus. Not worth the trouble of trying to set it up.

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