Zen Trading Strategies Review

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April 13, 2021
Zen Trading Strategy Indicators
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From proven, prebuilt strategies and indicators to professional consulting for advanced traders who build their own trading scripts, Zen Trading Strategies offers services for algo traders of all skill levels. With free trials, tiered pricing options, and a wide variety of plans, this company aims to offer something that fits every budget and every trading style.

Best For
  • Investors who are new to algo trading and want to learn the ropes without losing money in the process.
  • Algo traders looking for customizable trading scripts to use in any financial market.
  • Scalpers, day traders, swing traders and other higher frequency traders who want access to hundreds of indicators, including automated trading indictors.
  • 4 regularly updated, customizable trading strategies that can be adapted to any timeframe or asset.
  • Unlimited backtesting, performance monitoring, and strategy development
  • Indicators that can be synced to live exchanges to automatically place orders for you.
  • Comprehensive master course in automated algorithmic trading
  • Tutorials, explainers, and other helpful resources that make algorithmic trading accessible at all skill levels
  • Optional VPS alert service so you don’t lose money due to servers being down.
  • Trading consulting service to get expert feedback and recommendations on your own trading strategy
  • Currently only compatible with TradingView

Zen Trading Strategy Indicators Ratings at a Glance

Zen Trading Strategies Services
Zen Trading Strategies Pricing
Customer Service
Zen Trading Strategies Mobile App
Zen Trading Strategies Overall Rating

For algorithmic trading or any kind of high frequency trading, having a solid, backtested trading strategy, complete with entry and exit signals and a risk management framework is key to success. Most traders spend years learning the markets and learning how to build trading scripts—and lose a bunch of money in the process—before finding one that works consistently. 

With Zen Trading Strategies, investors can make use of professionally developed strategies, built by a quantitative algorithmic fund that’s successfully trading the markets with those same strategies. Zen Trading Strategies does all the leg work for you so all you have to do is the final tweaking to customize it to the timeframe and assets you trade. Learn more about what they do in our Zen Trading Strategies review below:

Zen Trading Strategies Services

Zen Trading Strategies is a subscription service that gives you access to quantitative trading strategies developed by the team behind the quantitative algorithmic fund. All the strategies you get access to are ones they also use to trade various financial markets.  The 4 strategies offered are:

  1. Ultimate Trend Following. This strategy captures and follows trends in the markets for investors who use a trend following strategy.
  2. Complete Volume Pump. This strategy looks for unusual volume movements and patterns so you can look for opportunities to profit on pumps. This is more suited to day or swing traders than long term investors.
  3. Extreme Breakouts and Price Action. This strategy looks for unusual price action and breakouts. These typically indicate the beginning of a profitable price movement or even identifying long term growth investment opportunities.
  4. Perfect Momentum. This strategy looks for extreme price movements or stocks that have hit either the likely top or bottom of their price movement. You can use this to trade with or against that momentum. For example, trade against momentum by buying down stocks when indicators suggest it’s hit bottom or trade with momentum by capturing a stock just as it switches directions. 

Each one is fully customizable and adaptable to any financial market and any trading style, whether you’re a scalper, day trader, swing trader, or even long-term investor. For each option, you can choose between a strategy or an indicator subscription (or both). The strategy subscription lets you backtest and monitor the performance of your trading strategy. Then, the indicator subscription lets you build an algo trading tool based on the strategy you developed by syncing indicators to a live exchange for automated trading.

For traders who have already developed and teste their own strategy, you can also subscribe to the manual trade helper indicator. This will allow you to fully automate your existing strategy with using any of Zen Trading Strategies’ prebuilt strategies.

The indicator subscription is not a must. If you just get the strategy subscription, you can use it for identifying trades that you then execute manually. However, if you have a strategy that performs well and consistently, the option to automate can make it even more profitable since the algorithm can enter and exit instantaneously and execute more trades in less time than a human.

You will need to get a TradingView account in order to use Zen Trading Strategies because the strategies and indicators are designed as an add on to TradingView’s charts. However, there’s no extra cost required. TradingView has a basic, free plan and Zen Trading Strategies is compatible with that free version.

Zen Trading Strategies Pricing

The service works on a monthly or annual subscription basis. If you opt for to go month to month, it’s $67 per month, per strategy or indicator. If you pay for a full year up front, it’s a lump sum of $599 which works out to about $50 per month. The strategy subscription and indicator subscription are separate so if you use both, you’re paying two subscriptions to be able to both automate your trading strategy and monitor its performance.

We definitely recommend doing your research about each strategy and then doing the one-week free trials of the strategies your most interested. You might even go month-to-month at the start to have more time to switch between strategies and find the one that works best for you long term. Once you’re confident about which strategy fits your investing goals and trading style best, go for that annual subscription.

Here are the prices for the other services the company offers outside of the strategy subscriptions:

  • Virtual private server alert indicator: $29 per month or $199 per year
  • Masters course in automated algorithmic trading: $597
  • Telephone/Video call consultation: $500 per hour
  • In-person consultation: $5,000 for two 5-hour sessions

Customer Service

Customers can connect with Zen Trading Strategies via email and social media with any questions or technical support needs. Their team usually responds within 24 hours and if you contact them during normal business hours, that response time may be even shorter.

In addition to being available whenever you need support, Zen Trading Strategies also hosts weekly live Q&A sessions via Zoom where you can ask your trading questions and get instant answers. If you can’t participate in the live session, you’ll also be able to watch the recorded version.

You’ll also be given access to a members-only Telegram channel where you can reach out for technical or trading support whenever you need.

Zen Trading Strategies Mobile App

Since the strategies and indicators are all built to be compatible with TradingView’s charts, you are able to use them via the TradingView mobile app. That app is reliable and fully synced to your desktop dashboard so you can see all your charts, with your Zen Trading Strategies, no matter where you are—even if you’re using the basic, free version of the platform.

Zen Trading Strategies Overall Rating

This is a great service with something to offer for all skill levels. It’s a great way for beginners to get their feet wet with trading scripts and using indicators but just as reliable for intermediate or advanced traders who can all benefit from Zen Trading Strategies rigorously tested and regularly updated strategies. The scope of other services offered, from the algo trading course through to the private consultations are all designed with the intention to help traders get the most out of their strategies, regardless of what asset or timeframe they’re trading.

Zen Trading Strategies vs Competitors

What puts Zen Trading Strategies in a class of its own is the level of support they offer their members. As a trader using one of their strategies, you have multiple channels you can use to get answers and support, whether its technical questions about adding the strategies and indicators to your TradingView charts or trading questions about how to tailor a strategy to your investing goals and risk tolerance level.

With classes, consultations, regular live Q&As, and so many other ways to connect with the experts behind the strategies your using, both beginner and advanced traders have the opportunity to level up their strategy and maximize their profit. This service makes it easy to dive into the complicated world of quantitative trading and helps you advance your skills quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I test the strategies before making a payment?


Yes. You can try out any strategy for one week for free before deciding whether you want to pay for continued access. That means you can try out all 4 strategies for a week each and then choose the one that works best for you.


Which assets and timeframes can I trade with Zen Trading Strategies?


Zen trading strategies can be adapted to any time frame whether you’re scalping or building a long-term portfolio. You can customize whichever strategy you choose to the time frame you’re trading. In terms of assets, you can adapt the strategies to stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, and any other equities. You’re limited only by the assets available through your broker.

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Best course I have ever taken! I learned how to trade with algos and have a successful trading strategy now.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Course doesnt teach you much just little clips of videos with quotes no stratigies and the make it seem like you also need to subscribe to their signals or hire programer so if you want to get into algos do that you dont need the course.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?



How do you use this product to boost your finances?

stock swing trading


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

They don't have support. Many emails sent without respond. Don't use this!

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