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July 26, 2023
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If you’re a beginner investor, you’ve flexibility regarding your choice of investment management tools. At that basic level, your brokerage platform can efficiently manage your assets. However, managing your investments can become complex as your wealth grows and your investment portfolio diversifies across multiple sectors and platforms, especially if your portfolio contains alternative assets like real estate and private equity.

The reason is that most platforms don’t integrate smoothly. Without seamless integration, managing investments across sectors, platforms and regions can get messy. That’s where digital wealth management platforms like Vyzer become highly beneficial and essential. Founded in 2020, Vyzer is an Israel-based fintech platform offering an all-in-one solution that simplifies investment management, provides transparency for diverse portfolios, empowers informed decision-making and guides investors toward successful wealth growth.

Vyzer enables you to seamlessly integrate all your investment accounts, analyze financial documents, track transactions, generate and export reports, optimize passive investments and more. Vyzer delivers clarity and visibility across all your investment holdings in a single holistic dashboard, making it the perfect solution to manage your assets. Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of this platform, its core product or service offerings, its pros and cons and what sets it apart from competitors.

  • Clean, modern and user-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration with numerous financial institutions
  • Streamlines portfolio diversification
  • Offers robust and comprehensive portfolio insights
  • Robust and advanced technology
  • Dependable management team
  • Relies on third-party account aggregators services such as Plaid and Salt Edge to connect your investment account
  • Can’t initiate a trade or capitalize on investment opportunities within — it is a read-only platform

Vyzer Ratings at a Glance

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Vyzer Product Offering

Vyzer is a virtual family office and digital wealth management platform that uses AI-driven, unbiased insights to maximize returns across various investment types, including real estate syndications, private equity, crypto and traditional assets. The platform uniquely combines performance tracking for public and private investments with advanced financial planning tools, data-driven projections, peer benchmarking and financial documents analysis, providing a holistic approach to wealth management. Its product offering falls into four major categories:

  • Portfolio automation administration 
  • Wealth management 
  • Cash flow planning 
  • Reporting

Portfolio Automation Administration 

Vyzer's automation administration provides a streamlined means of managing your investments in a single dashboard via robust integration. You can create or add assets to your portfolio in two steps — uploading your financial documents via the Magic Box and implementing integration with your financial institution. You can also add your financial institution or create assets manually. When you upload your financial documents to Vyzer's Magic Box, it automatically translates and organizes them into new or updated assets or liabilities. These documents may include financial statements, investment agreements, Excel spreadsheets or periodic records that contain your investment history, future cash flow and target performance. 

You need to integrate or sync your financial institutions to automatically monitor and update your cash inflow and outflow and track real-time portfolio performance. These include your bank, brokerage, investment portal and other online holdings. Subsequently, you can leverage Vyzer's automated tracking and notification system to stay on top of your transactions, including the latest distribution and upcoming capital calls. Vyzer's automation eliminates manual and time-consuming tasks and fast-tracks portfolio management and administration. For instance, you can quickly identify and cut loose underperforming assets.

Wealth Management 

Vyzer helps you to manage your wealth more efficiently. You can track your co-investment with family, friends, business or investment partners to clearly define your ownership percentage. You can organize your investment assets under holding entities and assign different beneficiaries for each investment. Organizing your investments under holding entities allows for better asset protection and separation, reducing the risk of liabilities affecting all your investments. 

Assigning different beneficiaries for each investment ensures the smooth transfer of assets and wealth distribution, streamlining estate planning and wealth management processes. A standout feature of Vyzer’s solution is its peer benchmarking tool, which provides clients with unparalleled insights into the investment strategies and activities of similar investors, enabling informed investment decisions. This feature brings much-needed transparency to the private market investing industry, an industry which is known for its lack of information and opacity.

Cash Flow Planning 

Cash flow planning can become challenging when managing multiple income streams from diverse investments, such as real estate, cryptocurrency and dividend stocks. With Vyzer, you can plan your expected income distribution without hassle using its flexible scheduling tools. For instance, when you add an asset, you can input its projected cash flow distributions, and the platform will keep track of it. 

You can also add loans and other liabilities, which will decrease your monthly cash flow and reflect in the chart. Mortgages, business and student loans are supported. Vyzer notifies you about upcoming capital calls, enabling you to stay on top of your cash commitments. And thanks to its AI-driven tech, you can predict how potential income, expenses and investment may impact your cash flow.


You can aggregate and customize your data for efficient and quick monitoring, tracking and managing your assets. With that, you can quickly generate and download customizable balance sheets, financial statements and investments summaries or report directly from your account. The report can help you compare expected and unexpected performance, especially in private placements, enabling informed decision-making. 

Remember, the availability or otherwise of these features depends on your specific package. Vyzer offers four account packages with varying pricing models to suit diverse investors — the Starter, Plus, Premium and Family Office.

Starter Plan

This freemium plan is ideal for newbie investors building their portfolios on the Vyzer Platform. With this package, you can manage three assets, sync to three financial institutions and get automatic updates for one file per month via the Magic Box. While the benefits are minimal, it presents an integrated approach to kickstarting your investment and building a robust portfolio.

Plus Plan

Suppose you're an experienced investor with a diverse portfolio of assets. In that case, you should consider the Plus Plan at $36 per month (or $29 per month, billed annually). With this package, you can manage up to 15 assets, sync to 10 financial institutions and get automatic updates for 5 files per month via the Magic Box. Furthermore, you can access Vyzer's mobile app, investing community and reporting feature. 

Premium Plan

Vyzer's Premium Plan offers more enhanced features for sophisticated investors with more complex portfolios at $99 per month (or $79 per month, paid annually). You can manage up to 120 assets, sync about 30 financial institutions and get auto-updates for about 20 files per month via the Magic Box. Additionally, you get exclusive access to VIP sync, which allows Vyzer to automatically pull in your financial data, even from accounts that don't typically sync. 

Family Office Plan

This hyper-sophisticated plan is designed for ultra-high net worth and institutional investors controlling or managing an extensive portfolio. It is also ideal for investors seeking an alternative to traditional multi-family offices. This plan encompasses all benefits of Vyzer's other packages plus unlimited access to all advanced features, including full platform access, tailored reporting and analytics, certified advisor and priority support. Members get personal account managers for more professional services. However, it comes at a high cost of $873 per month (or $699 per month, billed annually).

Vyzer Customer Service

Vyzer offers customer support via live chat and email 7 days a week. Benzinga experienced significant delays in response via the live chat. Additionally, responses are not provided directly on the platform but sent to your email, which you are prompted to provide before initiating the chat. You can also get answers to your questions on the FAQ page. Moreover, Vyzer's blog offers insightful educational content on investment and investment management, and you can subscribe with your email to receive the latest investment tips, news and service updates to enhance your financial journey. 

Vyzer also maintains an active presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, providing another means of engaging with the team. Vyzer is not yet well-reviewed across reputed independent platforms like Trustpilot, but customer reviews seen on the company website indicate an overall impressive service offering. 

Vyzer Security

Robust data security is central to efficient digital wealth management, and Vyzer also stepped up in this regard. For login, Vyzer implements two-factor authentication (2FA). This means that besides your password, you'll need to provide a code sent to your email before you can access your account. While there's no end-to-end encryption (Vyzer needs some of your data to deliver its benefits), all your personally identifiable information is encrypted at rest and in transit, making it highly secure from potential breaches or interception. 

The platform doesn't store your crypto account or banking credentials. Vyzer's system undergoes constant monitoring and regular testing to promptly detect and address security threats. The security practices are independently verified by third-party auditors to ensure it meets and exceeds industry standards. Vyzer never sells or shares data without explicit consent. The platform maintains strict access control, ensuring only authorized personnel can access your data.

Vyzer Minimum Investment and Pricing

Vyzer offers transparent and affordable pricing plans, making it appealing to diverse investors. The Starter Plan comes with no cost and is ideal if you're just starting and need to build your investment portfolio from the ground up. However, consider the Plus Plan if you're an intermediate or experienced investor. It offers excellent value for money at $36 per month ($29 per month, billed annually). 

The Premium Plan is perfect if you're an expert investor with multiple portfolios. It offers many incredible features or benefits, complementing its moderately high pricing at $99 per month (or $79 per month, paid annually). The Family Office is for the ultra-wealthy and institutional investors with an extensive portfolio of assets. Its advanced features and benefits suit such categories of investors. And so does its pricing at $873 per month (or $699 per month billed annually). There's also a free demo account that you can play around with before signing up.

Vyzer Mobile App

Vyzer offers a highly intuitive mobile app for on-the-go access on iOS and Android devices. The app features a clean and user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and access to all available features. It provides a seamless experience similar to using the website. You can view your net worth and portfolio allocation and receive investment insights anytime, regardless of location. However, it is not available for the Starter Plan.

Vyzer User Experience

Vyzer offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform, making it easy for users to navigate and access their investment data. The clean and modern interface enhances the overall user experience, providing a visually appealing and efficient platform. Signing up takes less than two minutes, and the onboarding process is hassle-free with just two simple steps: syncing your financial institutions and Investor Portals and uploading your financial documents to the Magic Box. The uploaded document's processing time can take up to 48 hours. Once completed, Vyzer automatically creates your assets, streamlining the setup process. 

If you need assistance during the process, the team is readily available to provide you with personalized support. Alternatively, you can manually create your portfolio if you prefer. Vyzer's seamless integration of multiple investment accounts and various customizable features allows users to manage and monitor their investment portfolios effectively. The mobile app provides a convenient mobile experience, enabling users to access their investment information on the go. Benzinga considers Vyzer very recommendable.

Vyzer vs. Competitors

Hardly any fintech offers such compelling and centralized wealth management as Vyzer — a testament to its unique offering. Most slightly similar companies either serve the mass-market, public markets or try to convince people to invest in specific assets. For instance, Wealthfront and Empower (formerly Personal Capital) offer a combination of wealth management, financial planning and investment services. Vyzer does not engage in selling financial products or persuading you to entrust your funds for active management. 

Instead, it focuses on private placement investments and provides automated tracking tools to streamline data consolidation and updates. Tools like Magic Box for streamlined portfolio creation, Benchmarking for investment optimization and AI-enabled analytics easily set Vyzer apart from potential competitors. The platform also accommodates diverse portfolios such as crypto, private equity, real estate, investment accounts, precious metals and collectibles.


Vyzer offers a comprehensive digital wealth management platform that simplifies investment management, provides transparency and empowers informed decision-making. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Vyzer provides a valuable tool for investors seeking to optimize their financial portfolios and achieve long-term wealth growth. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, Vyzer's all-in-one solution can help you track and streamline your investments while maximizing returns. It integrates the highest level of security to safeguard or protect users' funds, personally identifiable information, funds and other sensitive data. However, some privacy-sensitive investors may have concerns about its use of third-party platforms to connect to financial institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does investment management work?


Investment management typically involves the professional management and oversight of investment portfolios, including the selection of assets, allocation of funds and ongoing monitoring and adjustment to achieve the client’s financial goals.


Is it worth paying for wealth management?


Paying for wealth management services makes sense if you seek professional guidance, expertise and personalized strategies to manage your assets and achieve your financial goals effectively.


What is family wealth management?


Family wealth management refers to the comprehensive management and preservation of a family’s financial assets, including investments, estate planning, tax optimization and intergenerational wealth transfer, focusing on meeting the family’s long-term financial goals.

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