Best Vision Insurance in Utah

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December 13, 2022

Want to jump straight to the answer? VSP Vision Insurance is one of the most popular vision coverage providers in the nation. Learn more here.

If you’ve been considering getting contacts or you’ll be needing a new pair of eyeglasses soon, it might be worth it to dig deeper into vision insurance. That's why Benzinga offers this vision insurance Utah review.

Vision insurance — an entirely separate plan from dental or health insurance — should reduce the costs associated with routine eye exams, prescription eyewear, and any type of vision care that may come up. 66% of U.S. adults have reported using glasses, contacts, or both so that vision insurance can pay off.

Let Benzinga’s guide point you to the best vision insurance in Utah to enroll in a vision care plan today.

An Overview of Vision Insurance in Utah

Vision insurance is a type of health and wellness plan aimed at reducing your costs for routine eye exams and prescription eyewear. Unlike major medical insurance plans that may offer unlimited benefits after certain deductibles and copays are met, most vision plans serve as discount or benefit plans to provide specific discounts and benefits on eye care for an annual premium.

A vision insurance plan will cover:

  • Preventive care: Preventive care includes vision tests, eye exams and glaucoma testing. Routine eye exams may help identify vision problems as well as signs of serious medical conditions like diabetes and cataracts. Most insurance carriers provide 100% coverage for preventive care, but up to a certain amount.
  • Prescription eyewear: This includes eyeglass frames, lenses and lens enhancements, and contact lenses. Coverage may also include lens protection and enhancements to offer additional protection to your eyes.
  • Additional care: A vision insurance plan may also provide additional care including things like corrective eye surgery and disposable contact lenses.

Ideally, you should be able to enroll in vision insurance whenever you need to. Buying your own vision insurance plan is probably the easiest and most accommodating option at your disposal. Buying a plan on your own gives you the flexibility to enroll anytime, anywhere.

You can also get vision insurance through work, but this can be a little trickier. If your current employer provides vision insurance through work and you’re looking to take advantage of it, you’ll probably have to wait until the annual enrollment period. 

It’s important to consider how extensive a vision plan’s doctor network is when deciding on the best type of vision coverage. The larger the network, the more options you’ll have in your ZIP code and beyond.

Utah Average Cost of Vision Insurance

Vision insurance costs vary, often depending on how your plan is designed. Your state of residence may also impact the cost of your vision coverage. For starters, here’s some terminology you’ll bump into when researching different vision plans.

  • Allowance: Your allowance is the amount your provider covers for lens enhancements or frames. The standard allowance for frames is $150. You’ll pay the difference for frames that cost more than $150.
  • Copay: This is the fixed amount you pay to an in-network doctor after an eye exam. Your plan will then pay the remainder of whatever your eye doctor charges for the exam.
  • Out-of-pocket cost: This is the amount you pay for your vision care, including your premium and payment for services at the doctor’s office.
  • Premium: This is what you pay to your carrier for your vision plan. You can make an annual payment or split it into monthly installments.

The Vision Service Plan (VSP) online savings calculator gives a breakdown of how much you should expect to pay for eye care with and without vision insurance in Utah.

Average cost of an eye exam in Utah$166.39
Average cost of glass frames$203
Out-of-pocket cost of vision care without vision insurance$500
Out-of-pocket cost of vision care with vision insurance$280

Most vision plans will cost anywhere between $10 to $30 per month. You’ll pay a higher premium if you add lens enhancements — elective features to improve your overall experience with the glasses. Depending on your needs, you’ll decide who’s covered in your plan by choosing a 1-person plan, 2-person plan, or family plan. You’ll pay more for every person you add to your plan.

When is Vision Insurance Worth it?

We think vision insurance is worth it in different situations and here’s why. With a VSP vision insurance plan, you’ll pay as low as $13 per month, ultimately saving hundreds of dollars annually. A vision insurance plan gives you an annual eye exam, discounts on LASIK surgery, and a frame allowance to buy new eyeglasses.

Ultimately, vision insurance isn’t about the savings — it’s also about your overall well-being. Regular eye exams can help catch vision-impairing conditions early enough, including glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Eye doctors are often the first to detect underlying health conditions that your primary care doctor may overlook. For instance, a routine eye exam can point to the discovery of diabetes or hypertension in its early stages.

Your vision insurance plan may also give you access to hundreds of eyeglass styles and a wide selection of brand names. You’ll save more when you pick frames from your plan’s featured brand list. Exclusive pricing is also available for lens enhancements like impact resistance, multifocal lenses, anti-glare coating, and scratch resistance.

Routine vision exams are important even if you have a Medicare plan, but the vision benefits will vary depending on your plan. Vision care isn’t covered in some cases. Medicare Part A doesn’t cover routine vision exams. Medicare Part B covers some vision care excluding routine vision plans. Find out what coverage you’re eligible for before seeking eye care.

The Best Vision Insurance in Utah

Here are carriers to consider for the best vision insurance in Utah.

VSP Vision Insurance
Best For
  • Top-rated vision insurance
securely through VSP Vision Insurance's website

The Best Overall: VSP

VSP has gained the trust of Utah residents for being the largest vision insurance provider in the nation and offering the largest independent doctor network — there’s an average of 5 VSP doctors within 6 miles of you. VSP also offers year-round enrollment and you can use your benefits immediately.

A VSP Individual Vision Plan starts as low as $13 per month and you can get up to 25% savings on lens enhancements. You’ll also save over $200 per year in premiums. Enrolling into a VSP plan gives you access to its exclusive member extras, including special offers and savings on contact lenses, LASIK and diabetes care, saving you over $3,000. Its featured frame brands also come with a 1-year warranty.

Enroll today and start using your benefits immediately.

UnitedHealthCare Health Insurance
Best For
  • Same day coverage available

Best for Custom Coverage: UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare doesn’t just provide custom coverage for people of all ages, it has no waiting period for its plans and pays up to $50 when you visit a non-network provider. A comprehensive eye exam from an in-network provider will cost you $10.

Utah residents have access to 2 custom plans:

  • Plan A starts at $11.40 per month and covers 1 annual eye exam, frames once a year and a pair of lenses every 12 months. Pay a $10 copay and get a $150 frame allowance, $40 single vision lens allowance, and $60 bifocal vision lens allowance. Every additional beneficiary will cost an extra $7.20.
  • Plan B starts at $15.70 and requires a $0 copay on select contact lenses. It also offers a $150 allowance on non-selection contact lenses. It will cost you an extra $9.90 to add another beneficiary to your plan.

The UnitedHealthcare Vision plan covers scratch-resistant lens coating in full for every pair of glasses bought through its network providers. It also covers contact lens purchases in full, including the initial fitting assessment and 2 follow-up visits. Other discounts you qualify for include:

  • Discounts on non-prescription sunglasses.
  • 10% off contact lenses bought at
  • Saving up to 35% on laser vision correction.

Enroll today to enjoy paperwork-free vision benefits.

Best For
  • Members-only savings

Best for Claims: EyeMed

EyeMed doesn’t just offer a paperwork-free claims process if you use any of its in-network eye doctors, it also gives its members everyday savings like 20% off non-prescription sunglasses and 40% off any additional pair of prescription glasses. Your EyeMed membership also gives you discounts on laser vision correction via nationwide providers who are part of the U.S. Laser Vision network.

EyeMed offers 3 vision plans: EyeMed Healthy at $5 per month, EyeMed Bold at $17.50 per month, and EyeMed Bright at $30 per month. You’ll have access to over 66,000 independent eye doctors, a host of top optical retailers and choose from a wide range of top-tier brands.

Enroll today and manage your plan through the EyeMed mobile app.

Davis Vision
Best For
  • Top-rated customer service

Best for Frame Coverage: Davis Vision

Davis Vision has instilled confidence in Utah residents with its plans that provide full coverage for frames. Plans also give you access to care via private practice providers and national retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Visionworks. Members can choose a frame of their choice at participating providers, but more savings come with choosing from Davis Vision’s Exclusive Collection.

Ancillary product discounts available to members include 50% off additional pairs of eyeglasses at Visionworks retail locations nationwide and 10% discount on disposable contact lenses. You can also save up to 40% off brand name hearing aids as a Davis Vision member.

Enroll today and enjoy plans as low as $12.50 per month.

Find the Best Vision Insurance Plan for You

If you haven’t already enrolled in a vision plan, taking a few minutes to compare plans will help you find the right vision insurance for you. Start by considering your individual vision needs. Do you need corrective lenses? Does a history of eye-related conditions run in your family? Answering such questions will help you narrow down your coverage options.


Is vision insurance worth it?


If you wear corrective lenses or have issues with your eyes, vision insurance is typically worth the cost.


How much can vision insurance save in Utah?


On average, vision insurance in Utah saves about $320 per eye exam.


Where can I find good visioni insurance in Utah?


You can find good vision insurance in Utah by looking at the list above.

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