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November 29, 2021
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securely through TrueTrader's website was founded in 2019 by 6 professional traders looking to help aspiring day traders increase profits and become self-sufficient. offers a 24/7 chat room with a platform of trading tools, stock scanners to locate ideal securities to trade, and a helpful support system featuring live chat and quick responses. 

Users can select the services they want based on the various packages offered. Users who pay for the education library get 30 days free access to the chatroom, scanners, morning live-stream trading, and morning report levels.. has a unique mission and helpful tools for day traders, but the price points may not work for everyone looking to start out.

Best For
  • Aspiring day traders
  • Options day traders
  • Traders looking for new ideas and community
  • Pro traders ready to sharpen their skills
  • 24/7 chat room
  • Daily webinars Monday through Friday
  • Transparency with results
  • Costs may price out beginner traders

TrueTrader Ratings at a Glance Customer Service Pricing User Benefits User Experience Overall

Learning About Day Trading With

Learning to day trade is a bit like learning how to ride a bike. You might hear a story here and there about someone who just jumped on and started riding, but most of us need training wheels, practice and help from someone who knows what they’re doing. Trying to teach yourself is a good way to skin your knees, or lose capital, if you’re day trading. is a stock and options trading community that gives traders the training wheels and support to become successful. With a 24/7 chat room, wealth of lessons and webinars, and personalized assistance from 6 different pro traders, has the tools to help beginners get started on their day trading career.

The system claims a 70% success rate and posts its results daily for transparency purposes. Skeptics can track the trades offered by the team and calculate the returns on their own. 

One of the biggest perks of is transparency: no deleted chat logs and all trades documented and published. The public chat room also has an entire channel dedicated to success stories of current & previous clients. Customer Service

The chat room is open 24/7, so you can always ask questions and get responses from other online users.’s pro day traders won’t always be online, but you can usually find someone willing to chat at all hours of the day.

In addition to the chat room, has a chat bot to connect with a live person Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Live assistance is unavailable after working hours, but you can still ask the bot questions and receive automated answers. You can also reach out the old fashioned way via email at

Having a chat room is a big bonus for customer service since you’ll receive answers to your questions much more quickly than by emailing, calling or submitting a help ticket. The chat room has many different channels where users can ask for assistance with specific problems. Pricing

Many stock picking services charge exorbitant fees for their proposed expertise. The truth is often that these subscription fees are the primary source of income for these services, and the trading gains are mediocre or undocumented.’s price points are much lower than many competitors despite documented trading success. While these prices still may put out many low level traders, you can still access the chat room and trading tools for a month to test things out. has 2 different levels of access: month-to-month or yearly access.

Month-to-Month Access

To test the service on a month-to-month basis, you’ll pay $295 upfront for access to’s education library. (This access is good for a full year.) Then access to the live community is $99 per month. That monthly access includes the stock scanners, chat room, daily livestream, SMS swing alerts, and morning reports. You’ll get the first month free to sample the service before putting down any additional hard-earned cash. Additional features like “The Goose is Loose” private chat room (run by a former Market Maker) and mentorship programs can be added for an extra fee.

Clients who aren’t looking for daily trading tips and the full chat service can still access all the course content for a full year for just $295. That includes all 6 courses, such as the Strategy Masterclass, Risk Management Basics and Options Primer.

Yearly Access

If you don’t want to go the month-to-month path, you can lock in a year of service for $1,195. That guarantees 12 months of access to all course content, stock scanners, chat, livestream and morning reports. User Benefits

Each trading day,’s chat room begins with a Live Trading Session with 2 of its 6 professional traders. It starts with a daily morning report featuring long and short levels of potential stocks to trade. 

The chat room has custom trading tools built right into the app, which makes it easy for clients to act on the information provided by the experts (or other traders). Trade alerts can also be sent via SMS for clients who can follow the chat throughout the day.

Other user benefits include access to the powerful array of scanners, such as:

  • Pre-Market Gap Scanner: This tool lists stocks that are gapping from their previous day’s close. Results are sortable in both percent and dollar moves..
  • Intraday Spike Scanner: A powerful processing scanner that can handle over 7,000 stocks per second during searches. 
  • Intraday Pivot Scanner: If you’re looking for stocks approaching areas of support or resistance, this scanner will spot them instantly so you have time to execute your ideal trade. When configured correctly, this scanner delivers stocks that are tuned for TrueTrader’s reversal strategy.
  • Swing Scanner: Spots stocks that have dropped heavily with high IO. Users can configure short or longer searches in this scanner.
  • Small Cap Scanner: Narrows down your stock list specifically to small cap equities approaching areas of support and resistance.

All stock scanners are completely customizable based on price, market cap, support and resistance levels, as well as other trading factors. No download is needed to use the scanners. You can use them directly from the application. users also get access to a supportive community filled with traders looking to learn and sharpen their craft. The staff features 6 different professionals with varying levels of experience in different markets and 20 chat room moderators.

  • TAG (“TrueTrader Accelerator Groups”): TrueTrader’s chatroom also support small teams called “TAG” (TrueTrader Accelerator Group). Small groups of 6-10 members are assigned their own private space in the chat and can access instant voice and screenshare with each other. Teams are created based on individual goals, time-zones, and commitment. TAGs often team-trade on voice with each other every morning and assign homework to accelerate their career trajectories. User Experience

The culture wants to build is evident from your first day on the platform. The chat room is helpful and enthusiastic without the negative undertones you find pretty much everywhere else online.

The scanning tools are easy-to-use and require no specific software or download. The designs are intuitive, and there’s a very little learning curve when starting out. Regardless of your style of trading, you can find a useful scanner to offer ideas. Many similar services charge thousands of dollars for access to these tools, but offers all of them for just $99 per month.

New traders have a wealth of educational courses and seminars to help hone skills and perfect their techniques. In addition to the 6 different courses, webinars and tutorials are updated daily to provide the most recent news and market conditions. Users also have a vast library of how-to guides, FAQs and blog posts to read up on their favorite trading topics. vs. Competitors

Best For
  • Aspiring Day Traders
securely through TrueTrader's website

One of the biggest issues with trading chat rooms is transparency. Many of the stock trading gurus who run these sites make dubious claims of their track record and are selective when showing results. 

Not so with The first link on the site menu is labeled Results, which details a full log of trades for all users to see. The chat logs are never deleted. Everything that comes from a professional remains on the record for everyone to see. also provides a lot of bang for the buck with 12 months of full access to the chat room, scanners and educational materials for under $1,300 annually. While that still may price out some new traders, this price point is much lower than many competing services. Overall offers many trading tools, chat channels and educational services. But the most important offering is its transparency. is upfront about what it offers: course content, scanners, assistance from a variety of experts and a supportive community that continues to grow. 

Day trading isn’t for everyone, so make sure you have the right mindset and temperament for the endeavor. doesn’t promise a 100% success rate or easy money overnight. You’ll learn quickly and chat with some of the industry’s sharpest minds, but you still must do the legwork and learn the ins and outs of the market. can provide a valuable service to those looking to begin a day trading career, but you won’t find much use for chat rooms and daily scans if you want ‘set it and forget it’ types of investments. Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


Is True Trader legit?

A is a stock selection service formed by 6 professional traders. The chat room, stock scanners and educational materials are all derived from this expertise. is a legitimate service with a solid track record, but the offerings are geared toward the day trading community only.


What is the True Trader strategy?

A is meant for day traders looking for up-to-the-minute ideas on potential trades. The Reversal Strategy has a 70% win rate according to the service’s founders, although past performance does not guarantee future success.

User Reviews

Fraser Campbell

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Fantastic group of people who are very welcoming and generous with their time. There is a huge amount of content for those wishing to learn more about trading in a safe, strategic way.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Zero BS + world class scanners + upbeat/supportive community. Even with all that, the best part is the raw integrity of the Pros who get on private Zoom every morning and trade live. TT is the diamond amongst dirt clods of trading communities!

Brock Onat

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I use daily and it has helped me to become a successful day trader. Using TT tools, scanners, chat, training, etc, I've been able to average over an 86% win rate on my trades. I'm a paying customer for over a year and find it awesome.

Brock Onat

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I use daily and it has helped me to become a successful day trader. Using TT tools, scanners, chat, training, etc, I've been able to average over an 86% win rate on my trades. I'm a paying customer for over a year and find it awesome.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I use their intraday and pivot scanners to find my trades each morning.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

great for education and skills building.

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