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October 26, 2023

Did you know most of our readers prefer to work with Lemonade for their renters insurance needs?

Both Toggle and Lemonade, technology-driven renters insurance companies, offer an easy application process you can complete in a few minutes. But, how do these 2 providers stack up when it comes to the details? Let’s take a closer look at Toggle vs. Lemonade renters insurance. 

Renters insurance is an essential for a large percentage of the population, and you want to know how to get the best deal along with the most robust coverage.

Toggle vs. Lemonade Policy Options

Both Toggle and Lemonade offer essential renters insurance coverage, which includes:

  • Personal property insurance: This helps you with the cost of replacing or repairing items due to perils or negative events. Covered events typically include fire, theft, lightning, vandalism and more. 
  • Liability insurance: This coverage assists you if you’re sued due to someone injuring themselves on your property. It also provides assistance if you’re sued due to damaging someone else’s property or if a member of your household injures someone. 

Lemonade includes additional living expenses in its basic renters insurance policy. This coverage helps you pay for a hotel and other expenses if you’re unable to live in your apartment while it’s being repaired. 

Toggle offers ”additional living expenses” as an add-on. Add-ons are options you can tack on to to your basic policy for an additional fee. 

  • Toggle also offers other unique add-ons. Its Pet Parent add-on offers extended coverage for damage caused by pets. It also covers up to $500 in pet boarding costs and up to $500 in vet care in the event of a covered loss. 
  • Toggle, an "open peril" policy…which is more forgiving in what is considered ‘a covered loss’ (vs a named peril policy), this can have an impact on what is covered in an earthquake or flood for instance. A more specific example are sewer/drain backups, which are very common. We cover this in our base contract. Lemonade offers this as an add on, but for an extra fee.
  • Toggle also offers a Side Hustle add-on. This helps cover the gear you use for your side business. Business equipment is sometimes excluded from standard renters insurance policies. 
  • Both Lemonade and Toggle allow you to separately insure more expensive specific items like jewelry. Lemonade calls this Extra Coverage. 

Let’s say you have a 3-year-old laptop. It cost $1,500 when you bought it. You could probably sell it now for $1,000. If you bought the same model today, it would cost $1,300, as electronics tend to get cheaper over time. 

If your laptop was stolen, a policy that covers items at their replacement cost would pay $1,300, which is the cost to buy a new computer. If your policy covers items at actual cash value, your policy would pay $1,000, which is the current value of your laptop. 

Lemonade automatically covers items at its replacement cost but has sub-limits. Toggle offers this service as an add-on; its basic policy covers items at their actual cash value. What’s the difference? It determines how much you’ll be reimbursed for items and it primarily applies to items that depreciate, or lose value over time. 

However, if the item costs over that original replacement cost, you face a different picture — the excess isn't insured with Lemonade. Toggle doesn't have sub-limits on its packages. If you want to insure something more expensive, you tell Toggle and you're covered to the coverage level you select. Toggle’s advantage is that the policy is more transparent in how it works, more certainty in what you purchase and more generous limits for items you Toggle.

Winner: Lemonade scoots just ahead of Toggle because it includes more coverage in its basic policy. That said, Toggle does give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to deciding what’s covered and your policy limits. 

Toggle vs. Lemonade Pricing & Discounts

Toggle takes a unique approach to pricing its renters insurance policy options. It offers 3 levels of coverage, and you can customize from there. 

Its basic policy includes liability coverage and some coverage for your personal belongings. Its standard policy includes more coverage for personal belongings, and its premium policy is for renters with more expensive items to protect like major electronics or a designer wardrobe. 

Lemonade offers 1 policy. You can adjust and customize coverage from your quote, or from the app after purchasing a policy.

Toggle doesn’t offer any discounts. However, the company offers a few discounts on related products and services. Lemonade offers a discount if you purchase both renters and pet insurance. 

Winner: Toggle. It offers significantly more options for customizing your policy and adjusting coverage amounts, deductibles and more. 

Toggle vs. Lemonade Mobile App

Toggle doesn’t have a mobile app. Its website is optimized for mobile, so you can visit it using your phone’s mobile browser. Unfortunately, that cannot account for the unique features that a mobile app can provide.

Lemonade has a highly-rated mobile app that offers the full Lemonade experience. You can purchase a policy, make policy changes and file claims through the Lemonade mobile app. Because the app is relatively easy to use and gives you full access to your account information along with claims support, you can do everything from your mobile phone or tablet.

Winner: Lemonade. It has a full-feature mobile app. 

Toggle vs. Lemonade Customer Service

The best way to reach Toggle is by using the chat feature on its website. Its representatives are available from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST on Saturdays. You can also fill out a form on its website. 

You can reach Lemonade’s customer service representatives through its app, by phone or email and on their website. To contact customer service via its website, click on the “Help” link in the bottom right corner. 

Winner: Toggle. Its customer service hours are clear, and you can talk to someone in real-time. 

Toggle vs. Lemonade Claims

Both of these renters insurance providers have an online claims process. With Toggle, you log into your online account and submit a claim form. Once you’ve completed the claim form, it will be reviewed by an adjuster who will let you know what additional information you need to provide. 

You can file a claim with Lemonade using its app. You need to provide information about what happened and film a short video showing the damage. 

Lemonade uses artificial intelligence (AI) to review claims, and 30% of its claims are paid instantly. The rest of the claims are reviewed by Lemonade’s team. Lemonade also has a number if there’s an emergency. This level of service cuts down on the lag time that consumers often experience when filing claims, especially if they are waiting around for money they need to move on with their lives.

Winner: Toggle. Toggle is a Farmers company, so it's backed by a successful insurance company that's been around for 90 years. The company has a lot of experience with claims and catastrophes and has a reputation for taking care of its customers “when the chips are down” — it means automatic peace of mind.

Which Company is Better?

Is Toggle or Lemonade better for you? That depends on several factors. The 1st is availability. Neither option is available in all 50 states, but both are working on expanding. 

Toggle is available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

Lemonade is available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. 

Next, consider any added features that are important to you. For example, Lemonade offers the Lemonade Giveback. With the Giveback, you designate a charity when you sign up for a policy. Any policy premiums that are left after operating expenses and claims payments go to your charity of choice. Toggle offers unique add-ons like its Pet Parent add-on and the ability to add identity coverage. 

You’ll also want to compare other aspects of the renters insurance policy. In addition to comparing your monthly premium, look at the policy limits and deductibles. Your policy limit is the most your policy will pay in a year. Your deductible is the amount you pay before your policy starts payments. A higher deductible will lower your monthly payments, but it leaves you more vulnerable to out-of-pocket costs. 

The best way to decide whether Toggle, Lemonade or another renters insurance company is right for you is to check them out and get a quote. Consider the customer service you receive and how you prefer to manage your policies. 

Keep in mind both Toggle and Lemonade are technology-oriented insurance providers. If you prefer to call up an agent, these companies may not be the best fit for you. But if you’re ready to manage everything online or through an app, Toggle or Lemonade can deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is renters insurance required for all tenants?


Yes, in most cases, landlords and property management companies will required all those named on the lease to carry renters insurance.


Is renters insurance affordable?


Yes, in most cases, renters insurance is affordable and will cost $1 or less per day.


Is renters insurance worth it?


Renters insurance is definitely worth it. While it may seem like an additional expense, it provides valuable protection for your personal belongings and liability coverage. In the event of theft, fire, or other covered incidents, renters insurance can help replace your belongings and offer financial assistance for temporary housing. Additionally, it can protect you from liability if someone is injured in your rented property. Considering the relatively low cost of renters insurance compared to the potential financial losses, it is a wise investment for any renter.

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