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Contributor, Benzinga
November 13, 2022
The Doctors Company
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The Doctors Company is an insurance provider specializing in medical malpractice and professional liability insurance coverage. The insurance provider offers highly customized insurance policies to both independent medical care providers and healthcare organizations.

In addition to insurance coverages, The Doctors Co. also makes it easy for medical professionals to access risk management and continuing education services. However, the company also classifies its policyholders by risk, which means you may not be able to gain access to a policy if you’ve had a medical malpractice claim in the past.

Overall, Benzinga believes that The Doctors Co. is a viable option for all types of medical professionals and healthcare service providers. With customizable policies and an easy user interface, The Doctors Co. provides a unique selection of options for medical malpractice insurance and more. 

A.M. Best Rating: A

Moody’s Rating: N/A

Best For
  • Medical care service providers
  • Healthcare management service providers
  • Medical insurance specialized for physicians and other care providers
  • Continuing medical education courses available on demand
  • Extended customer service hours available over the phone
  • Must speak with an insurance agent before policy is finalized
  • Limited bundling options

The Doctors Company Ratings at a Glance

Doctors do a necessary service that is essential, but many live in fear of malpractice suits. In a litigation-driven society, doctor's realize the need for malpractice insurance. But since malpractice insurance coverage is so important, the insurance company that provides it is important. Benzinga reviews The Doctor's Company to help you determine whether this is the right malpractice insurance company for you.

The Doctors Company Professional Liability Coverage Options

The Doctors Co. focuses on providing some of the most common types of insurance protections that medical professionals might need to protect themselves and their businesses. From dentists to surgeons, The Doctors Co. offers professional liability insurance for most types of medical service providers. 

The following types of coverages are currently available from The Doctors Company:

  • Medical malpractice insurance (available for individual practitioners and hospital and healthcare systems that employ multiple types of medical care providers)
  • Health and disability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Specialized errors and omissions coverage for medical professionals
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Employee practices liability insurance
  • Health and disability insurance

The Doctors Co. Customer Service

If you have trouble with billing or you aren’t sure which types of coverage you need for your business, you can contact The Doctors Co. using the following methods:

  • By email: To get in contact with The Doctors Co. by email, complete a contact request form. Using the email address associated with your policy (if you currently have one) will help representatives respond to your complaint more thoroughly.
  • By phone: To get in contact with a representative by phone, call 800-421-2368. Live customer service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

This is the standard set of hours that you can expect from an insurance provider’s customer service. However, in the future, Benzinga would love to see The Doctors Company add a live chat option available with extended hours and a phone option for men and women living with hearing limitations. 

The Doctors Company Customer Pricing

The specific price that you can expect to pay for your insurance coverage through The Doctors Co. will vary depending on your profession and the types of coverage that you need. Some factors that may influence the price you’ll pay for your insurance include:

  • The area where your business is located
  • The type of medical services you provide
  • If you’re a sole proprietor, the size of your business

Thankfully, The Doctors Co. makes it easy to contact a representative to get a custom quote tailored to the needs of your practice. To get in touch with a representative, click here to request a quote. An insurance professional will then contact you to provide more personalized information. 

Policyholder Benefits

If you’re a healthcare provider, you can take advantage of a number of unique benefits on your insurance coverage and portal. Take a look at a few of the most unique policyholder benefits that you’ll be able to access when you purchase your malpractice insurance through The Doctors Company.

  • Continuing education options: As a medical professional, you likely need to maintain and complete a certain level of continuing education each year to keep your license current and active depending on your location. When you purchase your insurance through The Doctors Co., you’ll have access to a range of simple continuing education courses you can complete online. 

Image text: The Doctors Co. offers more than 60 continuing medical education courses, which allows you to complete your learning requirements on your schedule. 

  • MediGuard PLUS protection options: Select medical professionals may want to extend their liability coverage to cover things like billing errors and actions pertaining to misconduct or crediting. The Doctors Co. offers a MediGuard PLUS extension option that increases your liability coverage levels and allows you to use your coverage under a wider range of circumstances unique to medical care providers.
  • Risk-management resources: Saving money on insurance expenses begins with understanding the areas where you might be at risk of a claim. The Doctors Co. offers risk-management tools and resources for policyholders to help them lower the overall cost they’ll pay for coverage. 

The Doctors Company User Experience

The Doctors Co. offers a straightforward and easy-to-manage user experience. With a wealth of information online and a portal-based management system, getting malpractice insurance or another type of business insurance from The Doctors Co. is straightforward. You can also manage your policy and schedule bill payments through your online account.

The one area we believe The Doctors Co. can improve its user experience is in its online coverage applications. To finalize your application, you need to download and complete a PDF of an application for coverage, submit it to a representative and wait for contact. This is a bit more inconvenient when compared to other insurance providers that are able to streamline applications online or through a portal. 

The Doctors Company Versus Competitors

The Doctors Co. sets itself apart from competing business and liability insurance providers by specializing in policies to fit the unique needs of medical professionals. Take a look at a few of the ways that the company stands out from its competitors.

  • A large network of physician-approved policies: The Doctors Co. is the country’s largest network of physician-owned insurance policies. From individual physicians to academic institutions, The Doctors Co. offers a range of highly specialized policies not found with competing malpractice insurance providers.
  • Tribute Plan availability: When you enroll in a policy with The Doctors Co. you gain access to the company’s Tribute Plan benefits. The Tribute Plan awards policyholders with cash incentives for maintaining their coverage. The total benefit you’ll be able to claim through your Tribute Plan access will vary depending on your annual premiums. To date, the Tribute Plan has awarded more than $120 million to policyholders.
  • Telehealth coverage: Over the course of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many medical care providers have switched to online telehealth services. The Doctors Co. offers unique insurance options to cover the risks that come with providing medical services online or over the phone. 

The Doctors Company Overall Rating

Overall, Benzinga believes that a policy from The Doctors Company would be a solid choice for any type of medical professional. With a range of highly customized policy options formatted to fit the unique liabilities associated with the medical profession, The Doctors Co. offers physician-approved insurance options that can give you greater peace of mind compared to more general medical malpractice policies.

Keep in mind that if you’ve had a malpractice claim in the past, you may not be eligible for a policy through The Doctors Co., which classifies medical professionals based on risk. The Doctors Co. also may not be the best choice for your needs if you’re looking for a 100% online application process. 

Get Started with The Doctors Co. 

As a medical professional, you understand firsthand just how important it is to regularly reassess your insurance coverage. If you’re ready to begin exploring your options for medical malpractice insurance through The Doctors Company, Benzinga recommends completing an application as soon as possible. Getting a quote before you need to sign onto coverage can help ensure you’re signing onto the best policy possible.  

Frequently Asked Questions


What does malpractice insurance do?


Medical malpractice insurance protects medical professionals in the event that a patient or a deceased patient’s family members accuse the professional of medical negligence. It is a specialized type of professional liability insurance.


Do all doctors need malpractice insurance?


No federal law requires medical care providers to carry malpractice insurance. However, individual states have instituted requirements that obligate medical professionals to carry at least a certain level of malpractice coverage. Even if you aren’t required to carry malpractice insurance, you should invest in a policy to prevent yourself from the possibility of bankruptcy if a patient sues you or your office. 



Why do doctors need malpractice insurance?


Doctors need malpractice insurance in case a patient sues them for malpractice.

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