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Rafa provides an automated investment assistant using artificial intelligence (AI) to empower traders of all skill levels to make sound investment decisions. It simplifies financial market data to help you make informed decisions, devoid of emotion and fear. You’ll also find an “Ideas Hub” that provides portfolio and ETF ideas. 

Rafa presents real-time data that’s easy to understand and actionable insights for all investors, regardless of your trading platform. Its system incorporates technical and fundamental analysis to provide you with the most important investing metrics that guide you about potential market direction.

The platform helps you spot hidden market opportunities and gain insight into the stocks and cryptocurrencies institutional investors are trading — identifying positions via U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.

Rafa’s AI platform provides beginner and advanced traders with investment data that’s easy to understand and contains insight into potential market positioning.

It incorporates technical and fundamental analysis to help you identify stock and cryptocurrency positions. The platform uses SEC filings to determine the market positions of institutional

Best For
  • Traders of all levels
  • Investors seeking insider trading information
  • Traders that require data incorporating technical and fundamental analysis
  • Delivers important investing metrics that are easy to understand
  • Provides institutional investor holdings and transactions
  • Great pricing
  • Incorporates company history info and news to provide fundamental and technical analysis
  • On-the-go access to automated 360 degree insights for stocks
  • Doesn’t provide 24/7 support via chat and phone

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Market Intelligence from Rafa.AI
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Market Intelligence from Rafa.AI

screenshot from the rafa ai platform

Source: RAFA

Rafa AI receives a rating of four out of five. Its platform provides you with key data to help you make informed trading decisions and spot market opportunities.

The Market Pulse guides you about the market direction of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and cryptocurrencies. It also provides key support and resistance levels. A diagram converts a company’s fundamentals into shapes to reflect sentiment. 

market pulse guide from rafa

The Market Bubble Heat Map gives you an overview of a stock’s daily percentage change and RSI score. Rafa divides the heatmap into stock advancers and decliners and presents large-cap stocks in large bubbles. You can click on the bubbles to see the ticker and explore more stock information.

market bubble heat map from rafa

The Performance Heat Map shows the best-performing sectors and compares price movement in different time frames. You can also compare the performances of stocks and cryptocurrencies by pinning them. The system provides weekly forecasts to help you plan trades.

The portfolio function enables you to add your favorite assets. Each company’s card provides you with detailed information about the stock. It presents the data in a flow of sequential browsing that consists of company news, charts and automated fundamental reports. 

rafa watchlist

You can switch chart mode from beginner to advanced, and the shape metrics section facilitates quick decision-making by comparing technicals and fundamentals on the same axis. The trend metrics section shows key support and resistance levels and their strengths, which you can use to set up trades.

The portfolio function also provides watchlist tickers after each trading day so that you can spot an opportunity in stocks. 

Rafa offers an insider trading function. It allows you to see the top 20 institutions holding a particular stock. You can also gain insight into an institution’s holdings by examining its portfolio breakdown and market positioning of particular stocks, as reported in SEC 13F filings.

The platform provides automated and customized scans based on metrics you deem to be important. You can combine Rafa’s scans with yours to get unique ideas. Some of the filters included are risk score, short interest, volatility, a fundamental score and revenue growth.

rafa automated screens

The intra-day analysis provides you with reports and intraday scores, helping you plan day and swing trades. 

intraday analysis on the rafa mobile app

Rafa enables you to set alerts. It informs you of stocks on your watchlist moving 5%+ daily or when trading volume is greater than 2x the 10-day average volume. You can also set price alerts and a watchlist of analyst firms grading a stock and an insider trade filed to the SEC.

The platform provides news in real-time from more than 1,000 sources. It also incorporates a 20-year company history with news to determine a stock’s fundamentals. You can filter the news to suit your preference.   

Rafa Customer Service

Rafa offers email and live chat support. Chat isn’t available 24/7, but when you send an email,  a consultant gets back to you promptly, usually within an hour. Support should be available around the clock from Monday to Friday to assist international traders.

You can’t contact Rafa via phone, but it has social media support on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Its FAQs page provides answers to commonly asked questions. North American traders are likely to receive the quickest response during office hours.

Rafa Pricing

Apart from all the features that Rafa’s platform offers, the pricing is the biggest perk. The annual subscription costs $69.99. That’s a 42% saving if you don’t opt for monthly charges, which are $9.99. 

If you’re uncertain that the platform’s features will benefit you, Rafa allows a free 14-day trial. Users can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Rafa also offers a free plan. That entitles you to access institutional news, real-time alerts, portfolios and the discovery engine. The advantage of the Plus package is that you’ll receive intraday and daily price analysis. The package also provides price forecasting, market, portfolio and fundholding insights.

Rafa Mobile App

The app contains almost all the same features as the website. Rafa presents the features in an easy-to-use design, making the app simple to navigate. The flow of sequential browsing on the website is the same design on the app.

The mobile app makes it easier to browse the features than a desktop since it omits videos and information about features. A nice touch would be to include a chat within the app. Users can only email support.

Rafa should update its FAQ section to stipulate that iOS is available in the App Store and Android in the Play Store. 

Rafa User Benefits

Rafa AI provides all the features you need to make confident investing decisions. It combines several factors to determine market sentiment from technical and fundamental analysis to achieve confluence.

The platform provides automated buy/sell zones with a technical analysis of multiple timeframes. You can customize scanners to receive the information you need in an easy-to-understand format. 

Rafa provides daily market insights such as institutional holdings.

You can take advantage of the trend scores and intra-day analysis to determine risky and volatile stocks and their market sentiment. 

A video on the site guides you on using all the features and their benefits.    

Rafa User Experience

Rafa’s website and app are easy to navigate. The app is more user-friendly because it provides only the tools you need to determine a trading position. The benefit of using the website is the chat. Opening an account is simple, and you need only an email and login details. 

Using the features is straightforward, but a video tutorial is available. The combination of features provides sufficient information to make you feel confident about opening a trade. 

Rafa ensured that charts are suitable for beginners. Experienced traders can incorporate advanced tools to optimize their strategies.

The FAQ section answers the most important questions traders have about such a platform. vs Competitors

The internet is saturated with market intelligence platforms, and finding the most suitable one is time-consuming. Benzinga eased your search by comparing the best offerings. Overall

Rafa’s market intelligence platform is an all-in-one tool that beginner and advanced traders need to feel confident about entering positions. Besides providing high-quality data in real time, the platform offers insight into institutional holdings and customized scanners.

The website and app are user-friendly. Navigating your way around them is simple thanks to the flow of sequential browsing. That feature also helps you consume all the data in an organized format.

The only reason that Rafa misses a perfect rating is that it can improve its support. Chat isn’t available around the clock, so email support should attend to queries quicker. 

Rafa.AI Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


What are examples of market intelligence?


People use market intelligence tools in several ways. Market reports help companies determine how they fare against competitors. Competitive information consists of articles, newsletters and personal observations that businesses use to study their competition. Businesses also use internal databases compiled from customers to study consumer behavior. 


What does a market intelligence analyst do?


A market intelligence analyst performs statistical, financial and qualitative data analysis of competitors and markets. The analyst performs the task by identifying and collecting competitor, customer, market, economic and financial data. After concluding the findings, the analyst translates the data into intelligence reports.

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