Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Review

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Contributor, Benzinga
February 9, 2022
Pet Assure
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securely through Pet Assure's website

Pet Assure is a veterinary discount plan that offers pet owners a savings on all in-office medical services and procedures for their pets. There are plenty of affordable monthly premiums and discounts applied at the time of service, and it can be a solid substitute for traditional pet insurance. Learn more now with Benzinga’s review of Pet Assure veterinary discount plan.

Best For
  • Residents of all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Savings on most medical care from participating practices
  • Recovery service for pet owners who have lost their pets
  • No deductible, waiting period or use limits
  • All animals are eligible for coverage
  • Covers all medical procedures
  • Discounts for multiple animals
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Not pet insurance
  • Doesn’t cover medications or prescription food
  • No coverage for outsourced or specialist services
  • Limited number of providers by location
  • Only some vets are in-network
  • ID card required at time of service

Pet Assure Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Application Experience
Overall Rating

Pet Assure Options

Minimum CoverageN/A
Maximum CoverageN/A
Eligible AgesN/A
Eligible AnimalsDogs and cats
# of Plan Options1

Pet Assure is straightforward to use. When you select the option to enroll a pet online, it takes only a matter of minutes, and you can print your discount card and start using it instantly. The Pet Assure app is another helpful tool that you can download for quick access to your card on your phone.

A helpful hint before signing up is to search your ZIP code on the Pet Assure website to check if your vet participates in their discount plan. Pricing can also be determined by location, and you have the option to choose whether or not to pay monthly or in one annual payment at a discounted rate.

After successfully enlisting in Pet Assure, you can utilize a 25% discount on any medical procedure offered by participating vet practices. Your pets are eligible for discounts on routine vaccines, teeth cleaning, wellness visits, parasite screenings, ultrasounds, emergency visits, surgeries and more.

Pet Assure Customer Service

BBB RatingA+
AM Best RatingN/A
NAIC Complaint IndexN/A
Moody’s RatingN/A
J.D. Power RatingN/A

Pet Assure Pricing

The costs and pricing of Pet Assure vary depending on your location, pet size, and how many pets you would like to have covered. Pet Assure prices start at around $6.50 per month and reach as high as $22 per month. 

For one cat or a small animal, you are looking at about $9.95 per month, billed monthly. The other option is billed annually, which costs $6.58 per month. The monthly plan costs $11.95 per month for one dog or large animal, while the annual plan averages around $8.25 per month.

Pet Assure offers a family plan, which is the most popular choice among pet owners. Under this plan, two to four pets of any size are covered. Prices range from $16.95 per month for the monthly plan or $12.42 per month for the annual plan. 

The final plan is unlimited. Pet Assure can cover every pet in your household. Costs look like $21.95 per month for the monthly plan and $16.58 per month for the annual plan.

Pet Assure Application Experience

Although limited to a few methods like email and phone during business hours, customer service is still exceptional. With Pet Assure, customers can fill out a contact form online to address any questions or concerns they have and speak with an experienced representative on the phone. Normal business operating hours are between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. 

Pet Assure vs. Competitors

Pet Assure is met with competition to keep services interesting in the pet insurance industry. Banfield Pet Hospital is a non-insurance wellness plan that offers discount services for pets and their owners. 

Contrary to Pet Assure, Banfield covers common wellness and preventative services such as physical exams, vaccinations, and other common screenings for just a flat annual rate. Services do not cover areas like accidents or illnesses. Banfield locations nationwide only provide service for cats and dogs.

Pet Assure serves a valuable purpose for pet owners who have multiple animals that need regular wellness exams and can result in significant savings.

  • securely through Pet Assure's website
    securely through Pet Assure's website
    Best For:
    Instant discount on all in-house medical services
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    Best For:
    Annual Check Ups
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  • securely through Pumpkin Pet Insurance's website
    securely through Pumpkin Pet Insurance's website
    Best For:
    Families with multiple pets
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    Limitations apply. For terms and conditions, visit Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (NPN#19084749) (“Pumpkin”) is a licensed insurance agency, not an insurer. Insurance plans underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company. Preventive Essentials is not an insurance policy, and is not available in all states.

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    Prescription food and supplements
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    Prompt Claim Payments
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Pet Assure Overall Rating

If you have an older pet with pre-existing conditions, you are safe to select Pet Assure to save on vet care. Be sure your preferred vet is in the Pet Assure network before you secure a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions


My pet is always healthy. Is it still necessary to purchase pet insurance?


Similar to humans, those who are always healthy are not immune forever. You are taking a chance by not investing in pet insurance or another form of coverage, just like you would for yourself. You run the risk of paying high costs and prices if you were to disregard the idea of insurance. 


Your pet may be healthy today, but they might not tomorrow. If your pet is sick or injured and you start to look for insurance, it might be too little too late. Preparation today will prevent financial stress tomorrow.


Are there any restrictions on which vet I can take my pet to for care?


You can visit any licensed vet within the U.S. and Canada, including traditional vets and alternative specialists as long as they have the proper credentials. However, Pet Assure will only provide a discount if your vet is within its network.

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