A Simple Guide to Permanent Jewelry

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October 27, 2022

One glance at TikTok and you’re likely to see stories about permanent jewelry. This trend is taking over the jewelry scene, and people are waiting in line for hours just to have a piece of jewelry welded to their body. What is permanent jewelry, and why is it so popular? You’ll learn everything you need to know about the trend in this guide to permanent jewelry.  

What is Permanent Jewelry?


Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that is welded onto the wearer, a popular example being forever bracelets or friendship bracelets. Getting the jewelry put on is an easy and totally pain free process. The jewelry is made from dainty, delicate chains and can be put on your wrist, neck, finger or ankle. You can add small charms to personalize the jewelry even more.

The idea behind permanent jewelry is that it never comes off, and it becomes a part of your everyday wear. You wear it night and day. For instance, a permanent or forever bracelet is welded together at both ends on your wrist, and you will never have to worry about taking it off and putting it back on. If you decide that you no longer want to wear the jewelry, you will have to cut it off.  But as long as you have it on, it’s like having your favorite jewelry with you at all times!

Where Can You Get Permanent Jewelry?

Not all jewelry stores offer permanent jewelry, so if you want a welded bracelet, ankle bracelet, ring or necklace, you will have to do a little research in your local area. You can look online for jewelry stores that offer permanent jewelry, talk to specialty stores in your area or keep a watch on social media for pop-up stores that offer the product.

The most popular places to get permanent jewelry are on the wrists, ankles, and fingers. However, you can get it done anywhere on your body. Some people even get it welded onto their teeth!

Advantages of Permanent Jewelry

Things don’t become hot trends unless there are advantages that people can identify with. And the welded bracelet trend has plenty of them. Here are a few you may not have considered.

Effortless Jewelry Addition

Have you ever lost your favorite piece of jewelry? If you have, you understand one of the biggest advantages of permanent jewelry. Because you won’t have to put it on and take it off every day, the chances of losing it are minuscule.

And that effortlessness extends into other aspects of jewelry wearing. You will no longer have to struggle with the clasp every day as you put on your bracelet. Instead, it will already be sitting ever-so-pretty on your wrist.   

Commemorating Special Occasions

Some people get tattoos to commemorate special occasions. They may get a tattoo when their child is born, on the day they married or to remember some special occasion. But tattoos aren’t the only way to commemorate a special person or occasion.

When you get a permanent bracelet welded onto your wrist, it can serve as a special reminder of a friendship, a major life event or an occasion you want to remember such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties. The same is true for a permanent necklace, ring or ankle bracelet. And by adding a special charm, it can add even more meaning.  

Representing an Important Time or Person

Everyone remembers loved ones in their own way. They may keep mementos from someone they loved who is no longer with them, or they may celebrate their life at a certain time of year. The same is true for celebrations — when you reach a difficult goal or get that promotion you’ve been vying for, you likely want a way to remember it.

Permanent jewelry is a great way to remember someone who is no longer with you and mark an important milestone such as getting through a difficult time. The jewelry can also be used to mark joyous times in your life.


Disadvantages of Permanent Jewelry

Along with advantages, permanent jewelry has a few disadvantages you should be aware of.

Not Interchangeable

When you wear a permanent necklace and it doesn’t quite go with the top you want to wear, you won’t have the option of trading it out for one that does. Permanent jewelry is just that — permanent — and that’s why you should choose jewelry you can wear with a variety of clothes and styles.

Only Removal is to Break it

What happens when you get tired of wearing your permanent jewelry? You have to cut it off — literally. Because the jewelry is welded onto you, the only way to remove it is to cut it off. Luckily, the chains that are used in this type of jewelry are thin and delicate, so you can cut off the jewelry with a pair of scissors.

But once you cut it off, you can’t put it back on. The good news? You can take it to a jeweler who does permanent fine jewelry and have it welded to your arm, leg, ankle or finger again.

How Long Will Permanent Jewelry Last?

Permanent jewelry is made to last. Because people want to wear the jewelry for a long time, it is made with high-quality materials like solid gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and other metals that are durable and long-lasting. You can even swim with your permanent jewelry. However, you should be careful not to pull on it or catch it on anything.

As long as you take care of your jewelry, it should last for as long as you want to wear it.

Keep Your Permanent Jewelry Protected

Do you have a special occasion or person to commemorate? Do you want to create something special to mark the date when you reached a goal? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the ease of being able to wear beautiful jewelry every day without having to struggle with clasps or remember where you left it.

If you decide permanent jewelry is right for you, don’t forget to insure it. Jewelry insurance is an affordable way to ensure your investments are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get permanent jewelry taken off?


Yes, you can get permanent jewelry taken off. You can either remove it yourself with a pair of scissors if the chain is thin enough, or you can visit a jeweler or specialty shop and ask them to do it for you.


How much does it cost to get permanent jewelry?


Because permanent jewelry is made from high-quality metals, you can expect to pay a little more for it. For instance, welded bracelets or permanent jewelry sales will run a little over $100, and a necklace will cost more than that. If you add charms to your jewelry, you will have to add the cost of them into the equation. 


What is a permanent jewelry party?


Permanent jewelry parties are events hosted by jewelry stores, specialty shops or pop-up stores. During the party, people can select their jewelry and have it welded on their wrists, ankles, fingers or necks right then. These parties are becoming more popular as the trend continues to grow.

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