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June 29, 2021
Midas Investments
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securely through Midas Investments's website

Midas.Investments is the custodial crypto-investment platform focusing on producing passive income on the core assets, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, and DeFi market.

  • Guaranteed returns
  • Regular income
  • Quality information
  • The site is complex and potentially overwhelming.
  • The user’s funds are kept in core cryptocurrency assets according to their investment strategy (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)

Midas Investments Ratings at a Glance

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Midas Investments Options

Midas.Investments offers a range of investment options, allowing you to earn weekly dividends. The platform creates strategies to increase profits quickly, and it can even guarantee your earnings in certain cases. Here are the rates for the most popular currencies:

  • BTC up to 16% APY
  • ETH up to 21% APY
  • USDT up to 16% APY
  • BNB up to 16% APY

The platform asks you to choose a preferred cryptocurrency, invest as much money as you wish and allow Midas to work behind the scenes.

Stable YAP or Stable Yield Automated Portfolio uses your money to invest in a range of cryptocurrencies. 


Stable YAP offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fully managed and automated investment portfolio that offers a long term growth potential as well as a weekly payout in BTC. The SYAP uses your initial Bitcoin investment and divides that money among four different cryptocurrencies: BTC+ETH+MIDAS+USDT. Midas’s “rebalancing” strategy takes profits from high-performing assets for reinvestment in underrepresented assets. The account automatically rebalances every month. Payouts will be made weekly every Monday and will include BTC generated by the Masternode Index from the previous 7 days. You can change the percentage invested in each coin, monitor your profits and maximize your investment. Stable YAP offers an annual up to 24% APY. There are two types of fee for YAP - fee for payouts and fee for rebalancing:

  • 5% fee will be deducted from your payout before this is processed to your BTC balance.
  • 0.8% of your portfolio value for rebalancing. This fee will be deducted from your portfolio value automatically at the end of each month after your portfolio has been rebalanced.

The Fline BTC/USD Bot and BTC/USD Trading Bot react to changes in the price of Bitcoin. 


The Fline bot is one of the most successful, accessible, and affordable automated strategies on the market! Long and short investments increase your net worth with a single deposit, and the bot never leverages your assets and offers real time reports. The fees are 50% for regular users, and 40% for Fline investors. 

Midas Investments Customer Service

The Official Wiki and blog offer a library of information on everything from cryptocurrency basics to specific trading options and how Midas works. Midas has a strong support team available 24/7, the middle time to solve user's case is around 10 minutes according to its Intercom chat

While there is not a customer service phone number, you can live chat with a member of the Midas team on the website. The communities of Midas users also provide information or allow you to search previous threads and videos.

Midas Investments Pricing

There is no deposit fee, no payout fee on weekly dividends, and a 0.8% maintenance fee for SYAP (Stable Yield Automated Portfolio) and  monthly rebalancing. Using timely research and industry expertise, Midas.Investments multiplies your investment for a small fee every month while avoiding “nickel and dime” fees used by other platforms.

Basic charges a 5% payout. Lock in with a Gold, Platinum or Diamond plan, and Midas charges no payout fees, increases your guaranteed dividends, and reduces rebalancing fees in direct proportion to the size of your investment.

Midas Investments User Benefits

Passive income is the greatest benefit of this platform. You invest in Midas, and weekly dividends land in your account every week. Whether you are a novice or continually growing your retirement portfolio, you know you are making money. 

The Wiki page and blog share in-depth information explaining how to use the platform and earn money

The comprehensive list of assets shows every cryptocurrency available through the platform and its APY. You can tailor your investments to the percentage of profit you wish to earn, reducing or increasing your risk depending on the price of the currency and its guaranteed dividends.

Midas uses a decentralized finance (DeFi) strategy. It can adjust to increase your profits, and there is no middleman holding you back. This is how Midas.Investments achieves the highest APY on the custodial market

Midas Investments UX

Midas.Investment can be overwhelming for someone who is new to cryptocurrency investing, but it is easy to find the live chat window, FAQs, and the blog or Wiki page. 

The platform explains its investments in a flowchart on the homepage. Choose an asset, send coins to Midas, the Midas team creates a diverse investment strategy that increases your earnings, and you receive a portion of the weekly yield in your bank account. 

There are even YouTube, Discord and Telegram communities where you can learn more about how Midas works, read recent news stories and glean from other investors.

Midas Investments
Best For
  • Long-term Planning
securely through Midas Investments's website

Midas.Investments vs Competitors

Midas.Investments uses cryptocurrency to curate a specific investment opportunity. You learn how to make money with cryptocurrency instead of investing blindly in a random coin.

Some differences between Midas and competitors:

  • Platform has higher guaranteed yields to get paid to customers
  • Midas is friendly and wants to educate its community
  • Focusing on the long-term strategy investment

There are guaranteed yield portfolios that offer weekly profits. You can plan for purchases, retirement, college tuition and other expenses using your initial investment.

The platform deposits your dividends every Monday based on your guaranteed dividend. Because Midas.Investments reinvests your profits in its unique platform, you continue earning higher and higher dividends.

You can buy into gradually increasing investment models. As your initial investment rises, you earn higher dividends.

Midas.Investments hosts a community of users who can share information, help others and market the platform organically. If researching investments seems daunting, you might feel more comfortable discussing strategy with experienced users.

Midas Investments Overall

While the customer support could be a little more robust, Midas.Investments provides guaranteed dividends, a large selection of investment plans, and a library of cryptocurrency information. You can focus on long-term investments, planning for a large purchase, a rainy day or even retirement.

Fees are low, and you can grow your net worth without becoming a cryptocurrency expert — Midas fills that role for you. Plus, Midas is open, honest, focused on the long-term, and cares about the performance of your investment.

During almost four years Midas launched many products, which include Yield Automated Portfolios (indexes that product yield) and BTC/USD low-leverage trading algorithms. 

The core principles of Midas.Investments are: 

  • Seek for long-term
  • Sincerely care about clients
  • Be open and honest

Those are the fundamentals that allowed us to survive during crypto-winter.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Midas.Investments?


Midas.Investments is a custodial cryptocurrency investment platform. You invest in Midas coins, the platform invests in a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and guarantees weekly dividends.


How can I ask a question on Midas.Investments?


Visit Midas.Investments and ask any questions in a chat or visit our social media resources.


How do Midas generate high yield rates?


You can read about how we providing the highest APY on the market in the article of CEO Trevor.


Is Midas.Investments legit?


Midas.Investments is real and committed to increasing the net worth of every customer, offering high interest rates and guaranteed, long-term profits.

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Listen, the people need to be warned about this company, i have a strong suspicion it is an EXIT SCAM. I had an issue with their veriufication and the support actually mocked me and told me to beat it. They may be based in Hungary which is known for scams


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

It's a really good site and a wonderful investment opportunity. The only thing I don't like is that they will periodically remove, ( de-list ), favourite coins, and have a "screw-you-if-you-don't-like-it" attitude about it.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Midas is great - made me a silly amount of money, BUT... Something to know about the site... Their security is a joke - no 2FA, or authenticator app. Lazy and dangerous, if you ask me, and sadly, their customers will end up paying the ultimate price.

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