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Contributor, Benzinga
November 15, 2022
Humbled Trader
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When approached with the right strategy, day trading can be a lucrative side hustle or career. Unfortunately, many people will fail at day trading. The reason is that while there are abundant free online resources to help beginners learn the ropes or fast-track mastering a winning strategy, most resources lack the depth or structure vital for success. Humbled Trader stands out thanks to its practical and no-BS approach to day trading. 

Founded in 2019 by Shay Huang, a Taiwanese-Canadian, Humbled Trader is a web-based trading community and educational content platform designed for beginners and experienced traders. Unlike other online day-trading resources or content platforms, Humbled Trader prioritizes teaching traders to minimize risks over bogus and unrealistic rewards that’ll never materialize. While Shay’s approach doesn’t guarantee zero losses (no day-trading strategy does), it delivers consistent day-trading profit to real traders in the community. 

Suppose you’re tired of viewing hundreds of day-trading tutorials flaunting unrealistic views of luxury living across the web. In that case, Humbled Trader’s content-based community of like-minded individuals can help you properly kickstart your day-trading journey. Benzinga spotlights the Humbled Trader community platform, explaining its services and how it can help you develop a winning day-trading strategy.

Best For
  • Beginner day traders
  • Experienced day traders
  • Swing traders
  • Large and small-cap penny stock day traders
  • Day traders looking for an enabling community or environment to thrive.
  • Well-structured and detailed day-trading resources or course materials
  • High-quality tutorials or training videos and quizzes with simple-to-follow guides and strong fundamentals
  • Transparent pricing structure with a straightforward cancellation process
  • Hands-on or practical trading strategies
  • Diverse means to access content — webinars, pre-recorded videos, community discussions, and online courses
  • No mobile app
  • No demo or trial subscription
  • Relatively costly

Humbled Trader Ratings at a Glance

Humbled Trader Offerings

Besides the 935,000 content followers on YouTube, Shay or the Humbled Trader has also built a community of 1,000+ online members with a team of coaches and mentors. The core pillar of the community's service is day-trading education, with an interactive live chat room for members to exchange views and share ideas from their day-trading experiences. When you subscribe to the private membership, you get access to the Humbled Trader Academy, premarket live stream, live mentorship webinars, daily stock watchlist, live text commentary and much more. Here’s a breakdown of these features.

Humbled Trader Academy

The Humbled Trader Academy contains 12+ hours of exclusive or members-only video content or lessons broken down into about 17 units. The introductory units (1 and 2) address what you can expect from the program. The main lessons start in unit 3, where you learn the Humbled Trader's beginners roadmap — the stages in the roadmap and its relevance in guiding you through your day-trading journey based on realistic expectations. Unit 4 covers stock market lingo or terminology unique to day trading. A downloadable PDF file of the entire glossary of the terminologies is available for later reference. These first four unit day-trading programs prepare you for the concept moving forward. 

Unit 5 delves into recommended brokerages, paper trading platforms, stock screeners, backtesting, marketing news and order types. It also covers platform setup and demos of Benzinga Pro, Webull, Interactive Traders, DAS Trader Pro, and more. In units 6 and 7, you learn to analyze trends, read candlestick charts, detect support and resistance and identify key price levels. As a beginner, these core lessons can fast-track your mastery of day trading when practicing in a simulated environment under real market conditions. 

Units 8 and 9 cover risk management planning and journaling insights. This helps you develop a risk management strategy in sync with the Humbled Trader's downloadable risk calculator. There's also a downloadable MS Excel trading journal. The course accelerates in units 10 and 11, providing comprehensive information on trade planning for small- and large-cap stocks. Besides the various video lessons, the trade planning for small-cap section also contains a trade process planning handout. This feature enables you to learn everything from gap scanning to essential SEC filing research. 

The trade planning for large-cap stocks compares small- vs. large-cap day-trading stocks, explaining the primary catalyst and importance of earning reports. Units 12 to 16 piece the puzzle together, detailing Shay's top five day-trading strategies (three long and two short-trading strategies). Besides the in-depth video and quizzes for each of these strategies, you also get Shay's setup criteria cheat sheets and other videos on Fibonacci trading. The five strategies combine everything you learned throughout the course and make sense, provided you watched all the videos to the last point. You can try them out in a paper trading account and see which suits your trading style best. 

Subsequent videos deal with day-trading routines, disciplines, rules and psychology that guarantee longevity in the market.

 Daily Stock Watchlist

The platform provides trade and market recaps, including a stock watchlist of key price levels, fundamental data and market news.

Premarket Live Stream and Live Text Commentary

The premarket live stream is an early-morning briefing of what you can expect from the market based on prevailing economic situations. It encompasses watchlist reviews, daily trade planning, SEC filings and company earnings reports. Furthermore, you’re provided real-time price action breakdown, updated news alerts and technical analysis during trade sessions.

Mentorship Webinars and 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions 

Students enjoy live weekly workshops or webinars with the Humbled Trader coaching team, where they can ask questions and receive insightful answers. Past trades are also reviewed in the webinar, and current trade ideas are holistically discussed. You can review your trade individually with one of the experienced coaches by leveraging the 1-on-1 coaching services. New member 1-on-1 coaching is available for members that joined recently.

Trading Chat Room

The trading chat room is where you connect with Humbled Trader's team of coaches, mentors and the general global community of day traders in real time throughout the trading day. There's a specialized swing trading chat room for traders buying over days, weeks or months and day-trading chat rooms for day traders. New traders channels are available for members that joined recently. 

Community Discord Channel 

Full access to the community Discord channel is part of the membership perk. Through this channel, you can connect with the entire trading coaching team, meet and chat with other traders, and live-stream the weekly mentorship sessions. Additional perks include a quick start video library, live session playback, resource and video library. Benzinga rates Humbled Trader 5 on product offerings.

Humbled Trader Customer Service

Humbled Trader offers a plethora of customer service options. Besides the social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, you can contact support via email or by scheduling a call. There's also an on-site contact form if you'd prefer that. All these methods make for dependable service delivery, as reflected in reviews across platforms.

It might be a good idea to use multiple channels to fast-track responses since it's hard to tell which of the customer's service options guarantees the fastest response. Nevertheless, you can expect less than a 24-hour response from using any of the channels. Unfortunately, Humbled Trader doesn't offer live chat options. Benzinga rate's Humbled Trader 4 on customer service.

Humbled Trader Pricing

The Humbled Trader offers a simple, easy and comprehensive pricing structure with no complex plans with upsells or dubious options. Access to the full range of community features, including the Humbled Trader Academy and the members-only Discord server, costs $1,490 annually. At this price, the service is relatively costly. Nevertheless, the long-term gains from using the platform's day-trading feature more than compensate for it. 

The platform also offers a transparent refund policy. If you access only the first two units and request a refund in writing via email within 10 days from the day of purchase, you'll get your money back. Benzinga rates Humbled Trader 4 on pricing.

Humbled Trader User Experience

Humbled Trader offers a no-BS approach to day-trading education, prioritizing teaching risk management and proper strategy execution over the fast money hype that characterizes most online day-trading tutorials. Every feature provided follows a logical order, and the beginner roadmap is realistic. The trading coaches and mentors exhibit the highest level of professionalism in attending to questions without resorting to sugarcoating. 

Furthermore, registration is a breeze. Once you click "Join Now" on the website, you're taken to the membership subscription page. Clicking "Get Started" down this page takes you to a separate window where you fill in the relevant information, including emails, payment card details, address, and promo code, if applicable. Once done, you click on "Complete my purchase," and that's it. However, the platform lacks a mobile app. Benzinga rates Humbled Trader 4.5 on User Experience.

Humbled Trader vs. Competitors

The Humbled Trader platform has similar competitors, like the Bear Bull Trader and the Secret Mindset. All three platforms provide an enabling environment for newbies and professional traders to learn, connect, develop or gain mastery of a winning strategy while minimizing risks. However, unlike the other two, the Humbled Trader targets mainly day traders and partly swing traders. Like the Humbled Trader, the Secret Mindset offers an academy with courses divided into modules to help traders gain the requisite knowledge and build the confidence required to execute a trade. 

However, the Secret Mindset courses seem more advanced and expensive than the Humbled Trader. Unlike the Secret Mindset, the Humbled Trader and the Bear Bull Trader have more interactive and communal feels with live chat rooms and forums where traders can exchange views and learn from each other. The Bear Bull Trader, however, lacks a more structured academy than the other two. Nevertheless, the Bear Bull is more similar to the Humbled Trader than the Secret Mindset.

 A one-time charge of $397 is required to access the Secret Mindset Academy, which is considerably low compared to $1,490 per year for Humbled Trader and $1,199 per year for the Bear Bull Trader Elite subscription packages. Unlike the other two, the Bear Bull Trader offers weekly and monthly subscriptions.

Humbled Trader Overall

As a community platform, the Humbled Trader offers a lot of excellent resource-rich content for newbies and professional day traders. The educational contents are highly comprehensive and digestible, making them ideal for all kinds of learners. Lessons are designed to reflect the essence of core aspects of day trading and are devoid of fluff or sugarcoating. And by closing each unit with a quiz, the platform ensures that students comprehend lessons taught in each unit before moving to the next. 

Regarding transparency and trader expectations, the platform does a good job. Shay clarifies what to expect in the first two units when joining the community. Despite the community not being huge, you can find traders with diverse experience levels and strategies to interact and share ideas with. However, the platform lacks a mobile app. The subscription charge is relatively costly, and there are no free or discounted subscription options for traders wishing to try the community. Nevertheless, an excellent range of free content is available on YouTube and the Humbled Trader blog for those who can't pay the high fee. Benzinga rates Humbled Trader 4.5 overall.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do people still day trade?


Yes, people still day trade despite the low-profit potential.


How successful is day trading?


Like most types of trading, success depends largely on your strategy. A good strategy increases your probability of success, helping you to reap optimum profits. In contrast, a bad strategy can lead to monumental losses.

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