How to Make Money While You Sleep

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Contributor, Benzinga
April 28, 2022

A famous Warren Buffett quote states, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."  For the majority of people, this goal is only a dream.

Despite the idea of extensive passive income seeming unattainable, it requires a significant amount of work before you can make money in your sleep. Nevertheless, many investors have been able to achieve the feat, although it is not a straightforward process, and the level of passive income earned varies significantly.

How to Make Money While You Sleep

With little experience, where do you start? The avenues for passive income are vast. Listed below are ideas on how you can start the journey.

Real Estate

Real estate is potentially an excellent long-term investment. Investing in real estate means that, ideally, as the value of the property increases, your value increases. 

Owning a second property offers an opportunity to rent and bring in passive income each month.

For many, depending on the number of properties they own, rentals can earn enough to replace their full-time job. However, the property market can be an expensive industry and requires significant capital to get started. As a result, it can take years before individuals see their investment pay off. However, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate crowdfunding offer potential ways to get into real estate without large sums.

Investing in Stocks, Bonds and Crypto

Investing in stocks is a traditional route taken by investors that has created numerous success stories. When buying stocks, you purchase a fraction of the corporation you have invested in. If done correctly, choosing the right stocks can be one of the most effective growth methods in a short period. 

This method of earning money while you sleep does not come without risk. Without proper research, understanding of the market, experience, risk management and capital, the market can eat away at the money you invest. Even if you do all those activities well, you can still lose money. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate time and effort to master your approach and to be able to stomach the potential risk that comes with that kind of investment.

Bonds are used by governments or companies to raise money. They are also known as fixed-income instruments and can be lower-risk, safer investments. A steady return from bonds can be an essential part of an investment portfolio, as it can often offset the volatility of equities. 

Cryptocurrencies offer another avenue for passive income. Bitcoin was the investment that brought the crypto market to the forefront, and it has resulted in the creation of many other cryptocurrencies. The crypto market can be highly volatile and risky, but the potential for significant gains comes with that risk. More businesses are adopting crypto in their business models. Other ways of investing in cryptocurrency while reducing risk some way include staking crypto and buying stocks with crypto exposure.

Multiple investment opportunities and methods are available, and it is up to you to find your optimal market or markets. This process can take a while and expose you to risk but may pay off over time. 

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Dividend-Paying Stocks

If you are looking for a regular income, then dividend-paying stocks may be a good option. Dividends are a distribution of cash in exchange for ownership of a stock. 

Regular payments and the amount received vary depending on the number of shares you own and the type of stocks you choose to invest towards.

However, dividend-paying investments can take time to build, especially if you do not have a large sum of cash. So it is essential to develop your assets over a long period to replace your income.


Writing or blogging can be demanding and building a solid following can stretch across an extended period. This activity can eventually become a reliable source of passive income, and the level of income can grow extensively depending on the number of followers you reach.

Passive earnings from blogging can come in various ways. Once a fan base is built, you can earn passive income by selling a product or service to your audience or displaying ads on the site. In addition, consistency can lead to a loyal fan base making repeat purchases of your products.

Online Courses

Online courses have been an excellent strategy to build passive income. Launching a course can be a profitable strategy if you specialize in a particular area. Little maintenance is required after launch, and once one phase of content is complete, you can move on to the next idea.

The best part is that you can teach absolutely anything. If there is a demand for it, then you can offer it.

Membership Websites

Membership websites are gated websites that can only be accessed by members to view content. If you build an audience that enjoys your content, charging a membership fee will bring in a monthly income.

This process can be similar to online courses, with the fee determined by you. Ensure your content is to a reasonable standard to attract and retain users. While a blog-type website can mean continuous work, a site that provides data or aggregates other content may need minor work and provide a passive income.

Create Digital Content

Written and visual digital content has grown immensely in the last decade. YouTube and numerous apps have given creators the chance to express themselves and amass a large following for their work.

The opportunities are enormous, with apps such as TikTok and streaming platforms rivaling YouTube. Whether you attract a niche or a large audience, if you truly believe in your idea, a form of passive income can be made.

Why is Passive Income Important?

Active income is something most people have with their paid jobs. However, passive income lets you achieve a level of financial freedom that earnings from an everyday job may not be able to provide.

For many, passive income may not be a fundamental goal. However, some of the benefits may motivate you to begin that side hustle you have been putting off.

Adds to income: A form of automatic income sounds appealing to almost everyone. Adding to your current earnings can help in many areas of your life and can offer a contingency plan in difficult times. 

The more money comes in, the more you can plan your life accordingly. In addition, passive income can give you more time to work towards your goals and dreams and offer a comfortable lifestyle.

Helps with retirement: Retirement at an early age means spending more time doing what you love. Ticking off bucket list items, spending more time with your family or focusing on the little things without worrying about money or expenses are valuable commodities.

Allows you to take a break: Taking breaks can be important for physical and mental health. However, not everyone can afford that luxury. No matter how big, additional income can help you plan your time better and incorporate more rest and recovery.

Furthermore, breaks can help you come back with a different mindset and refocus your attention after a stressful period. Don’t be fooled, though. To take extensive breaks, you need to have enough money coming in or saved to sustain a decent standard of living.

Yields a bit of extra financial security: Security is one of the main objectives that people chase. So when it comes to finances, security reigns supreme.

Therefore, a form of passive income means you don't have to rely on your regular source of income, and trouble you may face can be offset by the financial security gained through a second source.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of business makes money while you sleep?


The best businesses to earn a form of passive income include online services that run automatically to some degree. These can range from selling unique content, building apps or investing in specific markets. It is vital to meet customers’ needs to achieve a level of financial freedom.


How can I multiply money fast?


Note that you should not be trying to look at get-rich-quick schemes but rather building wealth over time. However, if you want to try to grow your cash over a short period, investing in the stock market, real estate or high yield accounts can help build capital faster. Nevertheless, be sure to manage risk.