How to Buy Generex Biotechnology (GNBT) Stock

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March 3, 2022
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Healthcare services are vital and will become a requirement for most people at some point in their lives. Healthcare companies are constantly vying to create the next cure or treatment for widespread diseases to help people and to generate revenue and profit for their company. For example, during the pandemic, governments were willing to spend enormous amounts of money to companies that were developing vaccines.

Generex Biotechnology is an integrated healthcare holding company that cares for patients through rapid diagnosis and delivery of personalized therapies. Its healthcare services extend beyond simple methods and provide support and help for physicians and patients. 

Generex is not listed on a major exchange but rather as an over-the-counter (OTC) stock where brokers and dealers directly negotiate with each other.

How to Buy Generex (OTC: GNBT) Stock

Not all brokers offer penny stocks, but if your broker currently does offer Generex shares, you would open a trade ticket, fill in the details and click submit or buy to acquire shares in Generex Biotechnology. 

However, if your broker does not allow you to buy Generex shares, or you don’t yet have a brokerage account, then purchasing shares for Generex may not be so simple. So make sure to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Pick a brokerage.

A broker is an intermediary between you and the stock exchange. You place an order by instructing your broker to carry out your instructions. So, for example, if you decide to purchase shares in Generex, the broker will carry out the steps you have requested and enter into your position.

In return, the broker charges you a fee for its services. Research into costs and fees is vital before setting up an account to ensure you are not hit with surprise fees.

Step 2: Decide how many shares you want.

After choosing your broker, fund your account based on the amount of risk you want to take and the percentage of your account you will attribute to Generex. 

A popular investment method is to initiate a small investment and add to it over time. Take into consideration how you wish to enter the market and the amount of risk you want to allocate.

Step 3: Choose your order type.

This stage requires you to decide on how your position is executed. Different order types exist, but the primary two are market orders and limit orders. 

Market orders mean you acquire the shares at a price dictated by the market. Therefore, using a market order is the best way to fill your order right away and carries less risk of your order not being filled.

A limit order means that you decide the price you buy the stock at, but your guarantee of entering the market is limited as the price may not touch that level.

Step 4: Execute your trade. 

After you have completed all the necessary steps to put you in a position to buy the shares, all that is left to do is just that — buy the shares. Once you have opened the trade ticket and completed the required fields, the last thing to do is click buy. Once the process is completed, you may wish to monitor your trade by accessing your portfolio on the website.

Where to Buy Generex

Different brokers provide a range of benefits, and you will have varying degrees of requirements when it comes to a broker and platform you use to buy and sell shares. As mentioned, not all brokers offer you the opportunity to buy Generex shares because it is a penny stock. However, below is a list of brokers that do.

GNBT Stock History & Value

Generex Biotechnology owns numerous healthcare products and businesses that aim to improve patients' experiences. These companies include NuGenerex immuno-oncology, health, regenerative, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Immuno-oncology focuses on the power of the immune system to treat and prevent cancer. NuGenerex health provides therapies to physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers, minimizing expenses and ensuring transparency to payers. Regenerative medicine focuses on developing high-value drugs, medical devices and improving treatment outcomes.

In terms of its stock price, the stock is currently traded OTC as a penny stock. However, it traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange until being delisted in 2010.

A recent spike in early 2020 occurred during the pandemic with the increase in demand for pharmaceutical companies. However, its company’s shares could not continue their momentum and have tumbled since.

Generex Biotechnology: What Analysts Are Saying

Analysts have wide-ranging opinions on Generex Biotechnology. Therefore, it is essential to do your due diligence to give yourself a more complete view of the company. In addition, understanding what both bulls and bears are focusing on is a great way to analyze the positives and potential risks of buying the stock — again, giving you a more rounded opinion.

Bear Case

Macroaxis have recommended a “strong sell” on the stock considering risk tolerance and an investment horizon of over 90 days. This information is based on Generex Biotechnology's available fundamental, technical and predictive indicators. 

Bull Case has presented a long-term buy signal for GNBT. Despite its negative bias over the short term and in the coming weeks, the company feels bullish if Generex's share price can remain at its current levels as it faces technical downsides.

Pros and Cons of Generex 


Healthcare businesses: A huge benefit to Generex is its numerous companies spread across several areas in the healthcare sector. It means that if one division fails, the company has other sectors to fall back on, and the impact may be less significant.

Demand: COVID-19 has been the fundamental topic over the last few years. Therefore, demand for healthcare and services has risen. 


Valuation: The stock has steadily fallen over the years, and its shares have struggled to reach the highs that they once could. Investors may be apprehensive towards Generex because of its steady decline over the last few decades. 

Demand: Depending on what side of the fence you are on, you can view the demand for Generex’s services either way. The impact of COVID-19 may be less significant this year. Therefore, the pandemic’s beginning may have been the peak for Generex, and the demand for its business may fall. 

Is Generex a Buy, Sell or Hold?

Coronavirus cases and deaths have become less of a concern in many parts of the world, and economic activity has increased. However, Generex's primary focus is not on combating COVID-19 but rather on the healthcare business and its focus on servicing customers.

However, earnings have been erratic for the company, and it has struggled to show growth over the last few years. In addition, even the increased demand for healthcare services failed to boost the company’s shares. 

Based on the current climate and the recent performance of Generex shares and analyst views, a sell recommendation is probably the appropriate choice.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Generex Biotechnology do?


Generex Biotechnology is an essential healthcare service that provides rapid diagnosis and aims to provide a positive healthcare experience for consumers.


Where is Generex Biotechnology headed?


In addition to its portfolio of immune-oncology assets, medical devices and diagnostics, Generex Biotechnology focuses on an acquisition strategy of strategic businesses that complement existing assets and provide immediate sources of revenue and working capital.