Best Healthcare Stocks Right Now

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Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

168.88 -1.46 (-0.86%)
Volume 8.22M Market Cap 444.73B
168.28 - 170.85
133.65 - 173.65
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Alexion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALXN)

171.41 -0.4 (-0.23%)
Volume 2.37M Market Cap 37.88B
169.94 - 171.81
96.98 - 172.59
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Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG)

836.75 1.96 (0.23%)
Volume 48.47K Market Cap 99.08B
820.99 - 840.815
501.13 - 893.79
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114.93 -1.25 (-1.08%)
Volume 5.78M Market Cap 202.99B
114.38 - 116.57
79.1101 - 117.2
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278.39 2.78 (1.01%)
Volume 95.12K Market Cap 41.91B
273.5 - 281.5228
223.25 - 363.92
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Biggest Healthcare Movers of the Day

Here’s a rundown of the healthcare stocks in the market with the most profits and losses. You can also keep a tab on these stocks under $10 for cost-effective trading.

The data provided below is intended for educational purposes only, we have included the session dates for your reference.

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Premarket Healthcare Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
FLDM 5.52 0.85 18.2% Trade
SWAV 159 24.2 17.95% Trade
NMRD 9.14 1.21 15.25% Trade
SYBX 3.405 0.405 13.49% Trade
AUPH 11.245 1.245 12.44% Trade
GERN 1.4 0.15 11.99% Trade
MCRB 22.35 2.31 11.52% Trade
DTIL 8.965 0.895 11.09% Trade
AKBA 3.2 0.3 10.34% Trade
PLSE 17.98 1.67 10.23% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
BMRA 3.3 -0.82 -19.91% Trade
PHIO 2.19 -0.36 -14.12% Trade
NVAX 138.3599 -22.14 -13.8% Trade
DFFN 0.6762 -0.094 -12.19% Trade
YTEN 8.62 -1.05 -10.86% Trade
DRIO 15.81 -1.62 -9.3% Trade
DMAC 7.2 -0.73 -9.21% Trade
LJPC 3.45 -0.31 -8.25% Trade
KOD 81.42 -6.99 -7.91% Trade
AVGR 1.05 -0.09 -7.9% Trade
Market Healthcare Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
CERC 2.875 0.335 13.18% Trade
NTEC 4.6 0.44 10.57% Trade
BMRA 4.52 0.4 9.7% Trade
SWAV 145 10.2 7.56% Trade
AVNS 41.62 2.31 5.87% Trade
TRIB 3.2096 0.13 4.2% Trade
ORMP 10.81 0.3 2.85% Trade
ALPN 12.65 0.2 1.6% Trade
AVCO 0.89 0.006 0.69% Trade
TENX 2 0.01 0.5% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
NVAX 135.57 -24.93 -15.54% Trade
TMDX 20.18 -2.95 -12.76% Trade
KOD 77.78 -10.63 -12.03% Trade
PACB 20.3 -2.74 -11.9% Trade
INO 5.89 -0.78 -11.7% Trade
ORGO 17.32 -1.97 -10.22% Trade
CRBP 1.41 -0.16 -10.2% Trade
APOP 2.67 -0.3 -10.11% Trade
PTE 1.08 -0.12 -10% Trade
RCKT 39.04 -4.31 -9.95% Trade
After Hours Healthcare Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
NERV 3.02 0.79 35.42% Trade
IRIX 8.47 1.23 16.98% Trade
OBLN 3.24 0.31 10.58% Trade
SIEN 7.45 0.71 10.53% Trade
EDAP 6.95 0.57 8.93% Trade
CPIX 2.8 0.22 8.52% Trade
ORTX 5.7 0.42 7.95% Trade
ETTX 1.99 0.13 6.98% Trade
SNDX 17 0.96 5.98% Trade
OTIC 2.2 0.12 5.76% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
ARRY 21.85 -3.1 -12.43% Trade
REPH 2.3 -0.3 -11.54% Trade
NTEC 4.05 -0.3 -6.9% Trade
FLDM 5.13 -0.36 -6.56% Trade
ASLN 2.61 -0.17 -6.12% Trade
ACER 2.55 -0.15 -5.56% Trade
IDRA 1.02 -0.06 -5.56% Trade
PRGO 42.31 -1.97 -4.45% Trade
AXNX 50.53 -2.21 -4.2% Trade
ADMS 5.23 -0.19 -3.51% Trade

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Healthcare spending in 2018 was $3.6 trillion — that’s $11,172 per person — in the U.S. Healthcare is among the largest, most complex sectors in the country, and these company stocks can be a valuable addition to your financial portfolio. 

Here’s a guide to growing your wealth by investing in healthcare companies on the stock market.

If you’re an active day trader, you can also check out the daily updates on stocks under $5.

Overview: Healthcare Stocks

The healthcare sector includes a broad range of companies like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance agencies and medical equipment manufacturers. Most of these services are in operation 24/7, so healthcare stocks can expose your portfolio to industries that operate throughout the year, uninterrupted. 

Medical companies have stepped up research and development to find a vaccine in response to the pandemic. While major industries like banking, airlines and oil have been dumped by investors, several healthcare stocks have gained billions in capital to manufacture virus testing kits, personal protective equipment and ventilators to be distributed to hard-hit countries around the globe. 

Due to these contributing factors, the S&P 500 healthcare sector rose by 9.5% in April 2020. It is currently on an upswing.

Best Online Brokers for Healthcare Stocks

You can track and trade the top healthcare stocks on major stock exchanges with an online broker. These innovative online platforms equip you with powerful tools to elevate your trading experience. If you are new to investing, we suggest browsing through these stocks under $20.

Take a look at these online brokers to get started. 

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Features to Look for in Healthcare Stocks

  1. Earnings per share: The earnings per share (EPS) of each stock is a good indication of the company’s profitability. EPS is calculated by taking the net income of the company and divided by the total number of its outstanding shares. A higher EPS means you stand to gain that much more from your investment. 
  1. Yearly revenue: Companies generally publish reported earnings and revenue at the end of each quarter and at the end of the fiscal year. Compare the yearly revenue generated by each stock to assess its growth and potential returns. 
  1. Medical innovations: Healthcare companies constantly research and develop new and improved ways to provide all types of care. Seek out information about medical breakthroughs that distinguish a healthcare company from its competitors before you invest.   

Fortify Your Financial Health

Healthcare companies like hospitals and pharmaceuticals always operate in full swing. These stocks are not subjected to business cycles and can shield your assets when your other investments are going through a rough patch.    

Looking for healthcare stocks by price? Check out the pages below.

Looking at stocks by industry? Review our other guides.

Don’t know where to start? Find a broker using Benzinga’s best brokerage guide.

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