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October 12, 2022
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HomeServe is best known for its home warranty products, allowing you to bundle coverage for some of the most popular plans that homeowners or sellers want. Prices are low, and you can get a pretty high level of coverage per call.

Best For
  • Home warranties help many people save money and time
  • New homeowners can protect themselves with a warranty
  • Easy to get customer service from this platform
  • Bundling makes it cheaper and easier to get coverage
  • Home sellers can pass this coverage on to a new buyer
  • Low prices help everyone save money
  • Long waiting period

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HomeServe Product Offering

A home warranty is a home protection contract that provides affordable repairs and replacements for your home’s major systems and appliances in the event of regular breakdowns. Home warranty policies supplement your homeowners insurance by providing coverage for items that break down because of regular use. 

HomeServe offers a wide selection of home warranty plan offerings, including policies covering home systems as well as combination plans. You can protect your home with any of the following plans.


With five options of plumbing plans to choose from, HomeServe ensures that your pipes, drains and other plumbing features are running smoothly. The plans include:

  • Interior plumbing and drainage plan
  • Exterior sewer/septic line pepair plan
  • Water service line plan
  • Exterior pipes combo plan: covers water service, sewer and septic lines.
  • Home plumbing and drain combo plan: covers the drainage system inside the house and the septic and sewer systems.

Heating and Cooling

HomeServe offers six plans for heating and cooling systems, covering items such as dirty filters, improperly working thermostats or heating system breakdowns. 

  • Heating system plan
  • Cooling system plan
  • HVAC combo plan: covers both heating and cooling systems
  • Water heater repair plan
  • Water heater repair and replacement plan
  • Gas line plan


Electrical plans can come in handy to repair items like damaged outlets, broken light switches or electrical wiring. HomeServe offers two electrical plans: 

  • Interior electrical plan
  • Exterior electrical plan

Combo Plans 

For homeowners seeking both systems warranty and appliance warranty protection, HomeServe offers combination plans. Like the company’s individual system plans, combination plans come with strictly defined inclusions and exclusions. The following components are covered under each of the following policies: 

  • TotalHome Warranty Appliance Plan: covers built-in microwaves, trash compactors, clothes washers, clothes dryers, kitchen refrigerators, garage door openers, stovetops, ovens and dishwashers
  • TotalHome Warranty Combo Plan: covers the appliances covered by the TotalHome Warranty Appliance Plan as well as the central vacuum, interior electrical system, cooling system, doorbell system, heating system, water heater attic and ceiling fans, garbage disposal, ductwork and internal plumbing system
  • Premium Home Protection Plan: covers central home systems, such as gas lines, interior plumbing and drainage, exterior sewer and septic lines, exterior water service line, exterior and interior electrical lines, water heater replacement and heating and cooling systems
  • Complete Plumbing Repair Plan: Covers exterior sewer and septic lines, exterior water service line, gas lines, interior plumbing and drainage and water heater repair and replacement 
  • Interior Protection Plan: covers cooling and heating systems, interior plumbing and drainage, water heater repair and replacement, gas lines and interior electrical lines.
  • Home Comfort Plan: covers gas lines, water heater repair and replacement and heating and cooling systems 

As you can see by the plan options, HomeServe offers a plan to fit the unique layout of nearly every type of property. Compared to other home warranty companies, HomeServe's plans cover fewer appliances and systems than competitors and do not offer coverage for pools, stand-alone freezers, water softeners and other home features. Still, HomeServe's options are affordable, so it may be the best choice for those searching for low-cost warranties for specific systems or primary appliances. 

Customer Service

HomeServe provides multiple methods you can use to get in-touch with its customer service team, including:

  • Over the phone: To get in touch with HomeServe’s team over the phone, call 855-336-2465. If you already have a home warranty policy issued through HomeServe and you need to call for an emergency repair, you’ll use the same general customer service contact number.
  • Via message: To communicate with HomeServe via email, send a message to its team using the contact request form on the website. A representative will reach out using your chosen contact method as soon as possible to provide you with one-on-one support.

Like most other home warranty service providers, HomeServe’s customer service contact number is monitored 24/7 for inquiries and claims reporting. You can also communicate with HomeServe team members and make adjustments to your policy through the company’s corresponding mobile app. 

Customer Pricing

While most home warranty companies provide only one or two policies, HomeServe’s policies are each highly customized. This means that pricing varies widely depending on the policy you choose, the specific details of your property’s construction, the company that supplies your utility services and additional factors. Single-system policies from HomeServe are available from about $7 a month, making them significantly more affordable than most other competing home warranties.

This large number of policies means that each individual option also comes with its own set of single-item limits. Like your homeowners insurance policy or auto insurance policy, home warranty policies come with limitations on the total value of repair or replacement work you can claim on a policy term. Limitations on individual items vary depending on your chosen policy, so be sure to review your policy’s terms before you sign off on coverage. However, HomeServe is upfront with maximum limitations as you shop, making it easy to see exactly what your plan will and will not cover.

Mobile App

HomeServe created a mobile app designed to assist with property management and policy organization. It serves as a convenient digital way to store manuals, pictures of replacement parts, receipts and notes about appliances and systems broken down by property and home area. You can also set task reminders for jobs that need to be done periodically, such as replacing air filters. If you need to add an appliance to your policy, simply take a photo of the appliance with the brand and type of machine clearly visible, and upload it through the app. Representatives will recommend coverage and adjust your inclusions as needed. 

The app has a 2.8-star rating in the Apple Store, with most of the poor reviews revolving around the app's malfunctions, login difficulties and other technical issues. The app is a valuable tool, especially if you need to manage multiple properties. You can also use the app to communicate with customer service professionals and ask questions about your policy. Though the HomeServe app can afford some tech improvements, it’s a convenient option that not many other home warranty companies offer. 

User Benefits

HomeServe policies offer a range of benefits over other home warranty services, including:

  • Low prices: Depending on your location and the plan you select, you could pay less than $10 a month for coverage issued through HomeServe Home Warranty. If you’re a homeowner living on a tight budget but you’d still like to add a bit of home warranty protection, this low pricing can make HomeServe an appealing choice.  
  • Various plan options: HomeServe offers more than 15 ways to purchase home warranty coverage. While this may be inconvenient for homeowners who need full property coverage, it can offer a more economic option for homeowners who live in smaller properties or who are looking for an affordable way to cover only their most at-risk systems and appliances.
  • 24/7 claims reporting: HomeServe offers 24/7 claims reporting, so you can call for service immediately in the event of an emergency. This feature can be especially beneficial for property owners who rent properties in an area where they don’t reside full-time. 

User Experience

The HomeServe website is easy to navigate, and the company manages a 24/7 repair hotline. You can contact a team member by email, phone or through your mobile app if you have it downloaded with your policy details. HomeServe focuses on simplifying the process of choosing between its multiple home warranty policies by ensuring that inclusions and exclusions are clearly defined and accessible before you invest in a policy. The website also hosts a blog with helpful information for homeowners covering essential topics to understand when managing a home.

If you’ve had a home warranty policy in the past, you might find the process of buying a HomeServe plan to be frustrating. With so many policy plans to sort through and compare, HomeServe could improve its buying process in the future. However, if you’re having trouble choosing the best policy for your home, HomeServe’s around-the-clock customer service team can be a valuable asset. 

HomeServe Versus Competitors

While HomeServe offers affordable and accessible home warranty policies throughout the United States, it’s not the only option you have as a homeowner. Competitors like Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty and American Home Shield also offer a range of combination plans for both owner-occupied properties as well as tenant-occupied spaces.

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following home warranty companies. Consider continuing your search for the best home warranty policy with a few of the following links. 


When unexpected breakdowns occur, customers can depend on HomeServe's range of home warranty plans. Overall, HomeServe has a strong product offering with many choices available, but most of these plans are not as comprehensive as some of their competitors' options, and limitations and exclusions apply to the coverage. 

On the other hand, the pricing will appeal to those on a tight budget. Policies from HomeServe are available from just a few dollars a month and can provide you with both system and appliance protection. These limited policies can also be beneficial for homeowners living in condos or other small spaces with limited appliances and built-in systems. 

HomeServe is not available in every state, and its app has many reviews reporting technical issues and malfunctions. HomeServe may be the right home warranty option for you if your household budget is already tight and you don’t want to pay for a full combination policy. Be sure to consider each individual policy offering’s pricing and limitations, which vary depending on the plan and your location. 

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HomeServe is owned by HomeServe PLC.


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HomeServe is a legitimate company serving almost 5 million homeowners in North America.

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