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December 13, 2022
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securely through Godex's website is an online cryptocurrency exchange service that can provide you with anonymous, secure, fast cryptocurrency swaps. You can choose from more than 300 coins, and the platform is constantly expanding the list. does not collect any personal data, and no account or registration is required. There are no upper exchange limits. is a fully-automatic exchange system with no place for human error, and 24/7 support is always available to assist you with any questions. 

Best For
  • Anonymity
  • Fast, low-cost swaps
  • Simple trading process
  • Instant swaps on over 300 major cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Wallet integrations for added security
  • No account required
  • No mobile app, though it is in development
  • Lack of advanced trading features for high frequency trading

Godex Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Benefits
User Experience

Are you thinking about trading crypto on Godex? Benzinga provides this Godex review to help you decide if this platform is right for you.

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Crypto swaps on are extremely easy and efficient. Users can choose from over 300 tokens to instantly swap for minimal fees. You do not need to connect a wallet to the platform — only a wallet address is required to trade.

To swap on, just enter a wallet address and execute the trade. This is an important feature as many crypto scams include connecting a wallet and then stealing the funds. does not do this and only requires a wallet address. This also allows users to swap with nearly any wallet they like, which is something that not many exchanges offer. 

To execute a trade, enter in the wallet address where you wish to receive the swap, and then send crypto to another wallet which will execute the swap. For example, if you wanted to swap BTC for ETH, you would enter in your ETH wallet address, and then send the specified amount of BTC to a wallet. The wallet would send the guaranteed rate of ETH back to your wallet.

There are no maximum limits of the amount of crypto that can be traded on the platform. While there are minimums, they are extremely low and most likely will not affect the average trader. This is another unique feature that is not offered on many other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Once an anonymous user makes a trade on, they can view their trade on the exchange stats page. If a user is registered, they can view the trade on their dashboard which helps with this Godex review.

Godex Customer Service

There are 2 main ways users can contact’s 24/7 support team. You can connect with the platform by email at While this is a standard customer service practice, goes above and beyond with its friendliness and timely email responses. 

There is also an online contact feature, which is a great way to receive support without specifying a personal email address. However, if follow-up information is needed, you will have to provide an email contact. This is yet another way strives to retain user anonymity. 

While has a great support system in place, it could improve its live support. But because already has anonymous, quick customer support, this would only add to the existing benefits. 

Godex Pricing

When you execute a trade on, the only fees you pay are the network fees associated with the trade. These fees are required to be paid, but does not charge any other fees on top of it. 

In addition to the minimal fees, users can receive a promo code after each trade that will provide a slight bonus on their next trade. This is an added benefit to the already slim fees on the platform. also has an affiliate program where users earn a 0.005 BTC welcome bonus and up to 0.6% of revenues generated by your affiliate links. Users can easily track their earnings on the dashboard and withdraw once they have accumulated 0.015 BTC. Users cannot withdraw the initial 0.005 BTC instantly and must earn through their affiliate link. This is another unique feature that focuses on giving back to users. 

Mobile App is currently developing a mobile app to complement its website. The mobile app would make the crypto trading experience even quicker and more accessible. Most exchanges do not offer a mobile app, so will provide a unique service when the app is launched. Once launched, it will positively alter this Godex review.

If the app is anything like the website, users can expect a clean and smooth interface that makes the trading process very straightforward. The website is extremely easy-to-use and navigate, so it is reasonable to expect the mobile app will do the same. 

Godex User Benefits

While most exchanges aim to simply offer a place to swap cryptocurrencies, does much more to provide for users. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of the platform is anonymity. Users can trade cryptocurrency anonymously without fear of having their identity revealed. This is something many in the crypto community value, and it is not seen on every exchange.

Another benefit of is the guaranteed fixed exchange rates. You can check the exact rates of crypto at any time and trade crypto with these rates. Many exchanges display rates for crypto but charge slightly higher prices. guarantees that the price shown is the price paid. When a user goes to exchange, the rate shown is fixed for 30 minutes.

Another benefit of the platform is wallet integration. Users of Edge Wallet or Coins Wallet can trade directly through the wallet with This makes the crypto trading process even more streamlined. 

The exchange is easy-to-understand, and users do not have to know complex concepts in order to trade on the platform — simply enter in a wallet address and an amount and execute the trade. This is great for beginners and those looking for a simple trading experience, which is not often found in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It definitely helps this Godex review.

Godex User Experience’s website is easy-to-navigate. The menu is visible at the top of the homepage, and other pages are clearly displayed and easily navigated. The FAQ section offers answers to most basic questions related to the site. Overall, provides a simple and efficient trading platform that is suitable for everyday use. 

Best For
  • Anonymity
securely through Godex's website vs. Competitors

Unlike many exchanges, has a strong focus on supporting its users. Whether it’s taking extra steps to protect anonymity or giving back through an affiliate program, puts its users first.

Users are given guaranteed exchange rates, which is something other exchanges do not offer and use to take advantage of their customers. offers these guaranteed rates to provide transparency.

While some exchanges are overly complex and difficult to use, is easy-to-use and most beginners should easily be able to trade on the platform. 

Godex Overall has a strong user focus and aims to give back to them in all the ways it can. The bonus and affiliate programs set it apart, and its service makes the often complex trading process simple. 

The only place where is lacking is in its customer support. It does not offer a phone service, and there is no mobile app. However, customer support is still strong and a mobile app is under development. Hopefully, this Godex review helps you decide if this is the right platform for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Godex exchange safe?

A is safe. As an anonymous platform, it is impossible for users’ identities to be revealed. It is also extremely unlikely that crypto is stolen as only a wallet address is required to use the platform.


How do I change crypto anonymously?


To change crypto anonymously on, simply have to enter in a wallet address and amount to trade. You can choose from over 300 different currencies to swap. 


Are there fees to trade crypto?


Yes, there are fees to trade crypto. The fees will vary depending on the platform you use.

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