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April 19, 2021
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Gabi is an online insurance marketplace that allows you to compare your current insurance coverage to other options. You provide Gabi with information about you and your current policy, and Gabi provides you with quotes from its 40+ insurance carrier partners. 

With Gabi, you can get quotes in as little as 10 minutes. According to Gabi, customers save an average of $961 per year by switching insurance policies through its platform. 

Gabi can help save money on auto, homeowners, renters, landlord and umbrella insurance. Gabi allows you to look for bundled policies, like auto and renters insurance. This helps you get the best pricing from Gabi’s insurance partners. 

Using Gabi is free. It’s an insurance broker, and it’s paid by the insurance carriers, not by consumers. 

You can reach Gabi by email and by chat via your Gabi account. Gabi also assigns you a personal advisor once if you move forward with one of Gabi’s partners. 

Overall, Gabi is an excellent fit for people with multiple policies and those concerned they may be paying too much for insurance. 

Best For
  • People with multiple insurance policies
  • People concerned they’re paying too much for insurance
  • Free to use
  • Much faster than comparing policies on your own
  • Saves an average of $961 per year
  • No customer service number, but you can email or chat or ask one of Gabi’s insurance agents to contact you by phone or text

Gabi Ratings at a Glance

What is Gabi?

Gabi is an insurance products portal for for anyone who has auto, homeowners, umbrella, renters or landlord insurance. Since Gabi compares your rate to 40+ carriers, it makes sense to take a few minutes to see if you can secure cheaper coverage. It’s free to use, and Gabi doesn’t sell or share customer information with third parties, so your data is safe. 

People with multiple vehicles and who own a home typically find the best savings with Gabi, but it’s worth trying for anyone with a current policy. 

Gabi Insurance Products

Car Insurance

Gabi can help you find the best car insurance rates. Car insurance can be one of the most complicated types of coverage to shop for. Most states have minimum coverage requirements. Minimum coverage typically includes liability insurance, which covers property damage and injuries to others if you’re found responsible for an accident. You may also be required to buy medical payment coverage, which helps with medical bills for your passengers. 

Comprehensive and collision insurance provides more coverage. Collision covers damage to your vehicle and comprehensive covers damage to your vehicle that isn’t from an accident. Regardless of the coverage you have, Gabi can help you find quotes from other auto insurance companies so you can save money. 

Gabi can also help you with motorcycle and RV insurance, but since these are more specialized, you’ll need to contact them for a quote at

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance helps protect your most important asset. It helps with the costs of repairing or rebuilding your home if it’s damaged or destroyed in a fire or another covered incident. It also covers your home’s contents. It also covers other structures on your property, like detached garages and sheds. 

Homeowners insurance can also cover expenses if you need to relocate. It can help pay for hotel rooms and restaurant meals. 

It also includes liability insurance, which helps if you or a household member is found responsible for property damage or bodily injuries to others. For example, if a guest falls on your property and sues you over their medical bills, your liability coverage may help with the costs. 

Gabi can help you find the best rates on this valuable coverage. If you’re looking for something more specialized, like the best mobile home insurance, you may want to contact Gabi directly at

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance helps you repair or replace your belongings if there’s a covered disaster. Your landlord likely has coverage to cover the rental property, but that coverage doesn’t include your belongings. That’s why it’s important to buy renters insurance coverage. 

Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance also provides liability coverage. Gabi makes it easy to find the best rate on renters insurance. 

Landlord Insurance

If you own and rent out a property, it’s critical to have the right coverage in place. Landlord insurance covers the rental property and other structures. Landlord insurance also includes liability coverage, but it’s typically at a higher limit than homeowners policies. That’s because as a landlord, you have more exposure to potential lawsuits. Tenants and their guests could sue, which could result in high legal bills. 

The goal of renting out property is to make money, and every penny counts. Gabi can help you find the best rate for your landlord insurance coverage. 

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage. It starts coverage if you have a claim that exceeds the liability limits of another policy, like auto or homeowners insurance. Gabi can assist you with finding a competitive rate for your umbrella insurance. 

Gabi Insurance Rates

Gabi is designed around helping you find the best rate. Gabi doesn’t offer discounts directly because it’s an insurance broker, not an insurance company. That means that Gabi is partnered with insurance companies to help find you the best rate, but your policy isn’t with Gabi. It’s with one of its partners like Travelers or Nationwide. 

To make the most of Gabi, have your policy declarations pages or your insurance account login information handy when you get a quote. Gabi needs that information to make sure it’s finding the right policies for you. That way, you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison. It’s showing you quotes for policies that are exactly like yours. 

You should also set aside at least 10 to 15 minutes to set up your Gabi account and get quotes. It takes time to input your information and for Gabi’s technology to find the best options for you. That’s still far less time than you would spend getting quotes on your own.

Gabi Customer Service

You can email Gabi at or chat directly with an insurance agent by logging into your Gabi account. You’re also assigned a Gabi advisor if you decide to purchase a policy through Gabi. Your advisor can answer questions about the policy you’ve chosen and ensure your start with the new insurance company goes smoothly. 

Gabi doesn’t have a contact number on its website, but you can ask for an agent to call or text you if you prefer to talk to someone in real time. 

Gabi Pricing and Value

Being able to compare your current insurance with over 40 other insurance companies has the potential to save you a significant amount of money. According to Gabi, it can find savings for about 2/3 of its customers, with an average savings of $961 per year. 

Gabi is also completely free to use, so there’s no risk in setting up an account to get quotes. 

Gabi vs Competitors

Gabi sets itself apart as an insurance broker licensed in all 50 states. Some other “comparison” sites are actually lead generation sites. That means they collect your information and sell it to insurance companies, who then call, text or email you with quotes. The purpose of those sites isn’t to help you find the best rates; it’s to help insurance companies find more customers. 

Gabi prioritizes its customers, and it doesn’t sell your information. As a broker, it’s partnered with insurance companies so it can provide you with quotes. You won’t receive dozens of emails or calls from insurance companies. 

Gabi also sets itself apart with its technology. It can use your current policy to get you quotes for the same level of coverage you have now. You don’t have to sort through different coverage options and figure out how they compare with what you have. Gabi helps you make direct comparisons so you can save money while still having the coverage that’s important to you. 

Gabi Overall Rating

Gabi makes it easy to compare your current insurance to other policy options. There’s a good chance that you can save money, and chances are you don’t have hours to contact dozens of insurance companies. Gabi does the legwork for you so you can find the best price for your coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Gabi licensed?


Gabi is licensed in all 50 states. 


Do I pay Gabi directly when I purchase a policy?


You don’t pay Gabi for your policy. Instead, you pay the insurance company using your bank account, credit card or escrow account.


Is Gabi legit?


Yes. If you’re looking to compare policies from more than 40 providers and get the best rate on your policy, you can’t go wrong with Gabi. They’re licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states.

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