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Bring quality auto insurance at a reasonable price to farmers. Two guys did just that in 1928. Growing and adapting to market opportunities and needs, Farmers now services all types of people in all types of areas. Farmers brings a cornucopia of insurance services to rural, suburban and urban areas. They’re committed to industry-leading products and first-rate service.

Best For

  • Anyone renting an apartment, house or condo
  • Current Farmers customers
  • Parents with college students living in university housing and renting apartments or houses


  • Well-priced standard coverage
  • Adjustable coverage options
  • Available discounts to new customers
  • Well known with nationwide availability
  • A full complement of insurance and related services
  • Convenient online chat feature for policyholders


  • Potential for fees on top of premiums
  • Rates may increase year to year
  • Website fun to read but getting info is time and task intensive; retrieving saved information sometimes difficult

Who’s Farmers Renters Insurance for?

In life, anything can happen. Good and bad. That’s why you need insurance. Insurance offers you just-in-case protection. When it comes to renting your living space, the bad may include a water leak, theft or fire. You want someone to have your back so you’re not out of luck when you need help most.

Your landlord or property management company will take care of the building if something happens. But, if something happens to your stuff or guests, you’re on your own.

Renters insurance is for people who live in a rented space such as an apartment, condo or house. You don’t need to own a home. And, you don’t need to be fully independent. College students who live away from home during the school year in student housing, an apartment or a house, also benefit. You can get insurance in 3 easy steps: Document your possessions, get quotes and enroll. 

How much renters insurance do you need? Well, that depends. How much do you have and how valuable is it? How much would it cost to replace it? Personal items such as clothes, electronics and jewelry can add up quickly. Consider your jeans. The average price for a pair of Levi’s is $98. Let’s say you have 7 pairs, which is another average for Americans. That’s almost $700 in jeans alone. 

Now, think about your basic electronics. If you own an entry-level computer, TV and mobile phone, you could spend about $1,500 to replace those if something happens. Right now, you’re out about $2,200 just in jeans and a few electronics.

These items may be years old and worth only a fraction of what you paid. To replace these out-of-pocket you’d spend a lot more. That’s why you want to consider choosing replacement cost as part of your personal property liability. Replacement cost coverage gets you new jeans, a new or restored laptop, cell phone and TV. 

Is college or moving into an apartment or a house on your horizon? You already know that getting renters insurance is easy. Now, arm yourself with more knowledge and get to know the best renters insurance as well as cheap renters insurance choices.

Farmers Renters Insurance Products

Farmers offers personal property, personal liability, additional living expenses and medical payments coverages as standard. Standard coverage includes:

  • Personal property: Protects your belongings if they’re damaged or stolen 
  • Personal liability: Protects your finances if a guest suffers an injury while visiting
  • Additional living expenses: Covers your expenses if you need to seek alternate living arrangements 
  • Medical payments: Pays for the medical services for someone who is accidentally hurt at your place

You can also add on to your standard coverage: 

  • Identity Shield: This helps you resolve identity fraud as well as compensation for time and loss, credit monitoring, assistance notifying credit bureaus and help replacing important documents. 

Standard Farmers Renters Insurance Coverages

Most insurance companies offer personal property and personal liability coverage as standard. Farmers kicks it up a notch by adding additional living expenses and medical payment coverage. Personal property coverage takes care of your stuff. Personal liability coverage takes care of your finances. 

Personal property covers your belongings if they suffer damage from things like smoke, fire, or water on the premises. Personal liability protects you financially. Say your dog gets too ambitious trying to win tug-of-war while with your friend and ends up biting your friend, or if your guest trips over a dog’s or child’s toy while visiting and gets hurt, you’re protected. Personal liability insurance will take care of any ensuing financial obligations. 

Additional living expenses kicks in if your place gets hit by a fierce storm causing you to seek temporary living arrangements for a brief time. Remember that friend your dog thought was a toy? Medical payments coverage pays your friend’s medical bills. 

Available Discounts and Tips on Getting the Best Rates

Farmers offers 3 standard discounts to all: multiple policies, non-smoking household and security/fire alarms. You can score a discount if you already have a policy with Farmers, like Auto. If your home is smoke-free you can also get a discount. Finally, if your home has security and fire alarms you qualify for a discount. Location and professional discounts are also available. To learn more about these, consult with a Farmers agent.

You can also lower your rate by reducing your coverages and increasing your deductible. If you take inventory of all your stuff and determine that you don’t need $25,000 in personal property protection, lower it to $15,000. If you’re a saver and have a decent amount of money in your account, then maybe you can afford to up the amount of your deductible.

Saving $100 per year might be good now, but if something happens and you don’t have enough insurance to cover the expenses or a high deductible strains your finances, it’s just not worth it. For the best outcome, plan for the worst.

Common Farmers Renters Insurance Coverage Selections

If you’re a 25-year-old single female renting an apartment in Midtown Detroit, common coverage includes:

  • $25,000 personal property
  • $5,000 additional living expenses
  • $1,000 medical payments
  • $100,000 personal liability
  • $1,000 deductible

This also assumes that your apartment is smoke-free and has a sprinkler system.  

Likewise, if you’re that same female renting in Philadelphia, common coverage looks like this:

  • $25,000 personal property
  • $5,000 additional living expenses
  • $1,000 medical payments
  • $100,000 personal liability
  • $500 deductible

Farmers offers an abundance of insurance and related services. They include:

  • Auto: Insurance for your vehicle(s)
  • Home: Insurance for your home
  • Landlord and rental property: If you own rental properties
  • Life: Planning for a future without you
  • Business: Insurance to fit the kind of business you run
  • Recreational: Insurance for your toys such as a boat or ORV
  • Motorcycle: Insurance for motorcycle riders
  • Umbrella: Additional liability coverage
  • Pet: Veterinary bill coverage for your pet(s)
  • Financial services: Helps you set a financial strategy 

Customer Service

You can chat online or talk in person with Farmers customer service. To chat online, simply click their Chat online button on their Contact Us web page. If you prefer to talk to a live agent, call 888-327-6335. Customer service agents are available Mon–Fri: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CST and Sat–Sun: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST. 

Claims Support

To get support with a claim you can talk online or in person. For online claims support simply go to the Contact Us page on their website. You can call your agent directly if you have their number. Or you can call 800-435-7764, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you prefer to speak with a Spanish-speaking agent, call 877-732-5266. Finally, if you’re hearing impaired, call 888-891-1660 TTY.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to renters insurance, you want great coverage, low price, awesome customer service and quick claims support. Plus, you want to know that the company you’ve enlisted to have your back is going to be there when you need them. Anything beyond is the icing on the cake. 

Reviews on rate Farmers just above 4 stars. As its tagline suggests, “We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two,” being around for nearly a century pays dividends, which transfers to its customers. Its website offers valuable “Learn from Experience” anecdotes to help you prepare and plan for anything from re-doing your closets to what happens when your living room turns into an indoor pool. 

J.D. Power, on the other hand, gives Farmers 2 out of 5 circles, meaning “the rest.” To be fair, only 5 out of 14 companies in the J.D. Power survey rate “about average” to “the best.”

Farmers also conducts a yearly review with its customers to see if their insurance needs change. This is nice because it allows you to talk with an expert to be sure you have the right amount of coverage.  

Knowledge is Power 

In life, there are pessimists, realists and optimists. The pessimist knows about nearly everything that could go wrong in their world and worry about it and get it covered. They’re going to want earthquake insurance in Florida. The realists take a pragmatic look at what has a chance of happening. They want coverage that makes sense. They’re not looking for earthquake insurance in Florida because it has among the fewest earthquakes in the U.S. Then, the optimists: Nothing bad will happen to me!

When it comes to renters insurance it’s best to take cues from all 3 personality types. Be prepared. If anything happens, why not consider the company that’s #SeenItCoveredIt. Farmers makes a name for itself with its memorable advertisements touting what it covers. Renters insurance offers you peace of mind. 

Make sure you cover your assets because anything can happen. Take inventory of your things, think about what you need from an insurance provider and go get quotes. Knowledge is power. With your newfound power, you can choose the renters insurance you need in good times, bad times and all the times in between. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Does the type of home matter?

1) Q: Does the type of home matter?

Normally, since renters insurance only covers your belongings, the type of home will not matter. What will matter is that in a larger home, you will have more personal possessions, thus more to insure. You will want to look at the limits the policy has and consider having an add-on/rider that will cover your higher priced items like jewelry, collections, and precious metals. You can learn more by reading our homeowners insurance guide. Get a custom renters insurance quote.


2) Q: Will renters insurance cover roommates?

2) Q: Will renters insurance cover roommates?

Renters insurance covers the individuals listed on the policy. If your roommate is not listed on your policy, he or she will not be covered. If they have coverage and you are not listed on their policy, you will not be covered. Want to see your custom quote? Click here.


3) Q: Will renters insurance cover me if my neighbor causes damage?

3) Q: Will renters insurance cover me if my neighbor causes damage?

When you have renters insurance, you are covered if your neighbor is negligent and causes damage to your property. If they have renters insurance, it also will cover the damages you sustain, but your policy would be better to file under because you could have better coverage. For instance, if you have an older computer that is damaged due to a water leak, then their policy could only cover the actual cost of your now non-functioning computer. If your policy has a replacement cost rider, then you would get more coverage under your policy. This is another reason you want your own policy and not rely on another person’s coverage. Get an instant renters insurance quote here