Eusoh Pet Insurance Review

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September 7, 2022
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Eusoh is an alternative to traditional pet insurance that allows pet parents to share a community-based health plan to care for their pets. The coverage and reimbursement process is similar to what you may be used to if you’ve had pet insurance in the past, but you’ll want to be aware of important differences. Eusoh can help pet parents save money by spreading the costs of coverage among a group of like-minded people who love their pets and want the best for them. 

Best For
  • People who want an alternative to traditional pet insurance
  • Pet parents who want wellness coverage as well as accident and illness coverage
  • Pet parents who are concerned about pet insurance costs due to their pet’s age
  • Monthly cap on how much pet parents pay for coverage
  • Costs won’t increase based on your pet’s age
  • Offers more coverage than most traditional pet insurance policies
  • Variable month-to-month payment amounts
  • Reimbursement amounts are based on the national average price for care
  • Lower maximum reimbursement amount than most pet insurance policies

Eusoh Ratings at a Glance

Insurance Policy Options
Customer Service
Insurance Application Experience
Pet Insurance Overall

Eusoh Insurance Policy Options

Minimum CoverageN/A - Flat fee coverage
Maximum Coverage$8,500
Eligible AgesAny
Eligible AnimalsDogs and cats
# of Plan Options1

Instead of offering a traditional pet insurance policy, Eusoh offers a subscription-based alternative. With Eusoh, pet parents join groups and directly fund each other’s veterinary costs instead of paying a monthly premium to an insurance company. 

In many ways, Eusoh’s coverage is similar to what’s offered by most traditional pet insurance companies. You can use the veterinarian that you want for your pet’s care because there is no network of providers that you need to stay within. Eusoh also does not have age or breed restrictions, so you can get coverage for any dog or cat in your care. 

Eusoh’s community coverage can reimburse you for many of the same expenses that traditional pet insurance companies cover. Coverage includes injuries, illnesses, hereditary conditions, prescribed medications and alternative treatments. You can also get reimbursement for annual checkups and wellness care with Eusoh. 

Eusoh does have some exclusions to its coverage. Veterinary visits for pre-existing conditions are not eligible for reimbursement. Food, supplements, breeding-related expenses, grooming and spay/neuter surgeries are also not covered. The maximum annual reimbursement caps out at $8,500 per pet. 

Eusoh Customer Service

Eusoh offers a few ways for prospective and current customers to reach out to it. For general questions, you can benefit from a thorough FAQ section on Eusoh’s website. During business hours, you’ll also be able to live chat with a customer service agent on the website. When a live agent is not available, you can still send a message via the chat service or submit a contact form to request assistance. Eusoh’s customer support specialists are even available via phone from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

The claims and reimbursement process works relatively similarly to what most pet insurance companies do. If your pet needs veterinary care, you’ll go to your vet as usual and pay for the expenses incurred up front. After your pet’s visit, you can log into your Eusoh account and submit an expense form along with a copy of your invoice. The invoice must include proof of payment before Eusoh’s expense administrators can verify and process your claim. 

After submitting your expense, the Eusoh system will calculate how much your veterinary expense will be reimbursable. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you can withdraw the reimbursement amount that you received back into the bank account that is connected to your Eusoh account.

BBB RatingA+
AM Best RatingN/A
NAIC Complaint IndexN/A
Moody’s RatingN/A
J.D. Power RatingN/A

Eusoh Pricing

Eusoh’s pricing structure is different from what you’d find with a traditional pet insurance company. You pay an initial $48 deposit after you sign up and join a cost-sharing group. But like pet insurance, you’ll pay for your veterinary services upfront and submit the invoice from your pet’s visit for reimbursement. Reimbursement amounts are based on the national average pricing and take into account the differences in pricing based on where you live. 

It’s important to note that your reimbursement amount may not always be the same with Eusoh because the plan reimburses the average cost of procedures plus a variance. So if you see a veterinarian who charges you more than Eusoh’s reimbursable amount for that procedure, you’ll be left with the rest of the bill. Amounts that are over the reimbursable amount are not cost-shared by the group. 

Pet parents pay a monthly subscription fee of $17. On top of that, pet parents pay expense-share contributions that are based on the expenses that are submitted to your group and the Eusoh community each month. The money from your initial deposit is used to find the veterinary expenses incurred by your group members. Each month, you’ll need to refill your account balance back up to the same deposit amount of $48 to ensure that funds are available so you can continue to share expenses. When a new billing month starts, any unused funds in your account from the previous month will be rolled over as credit to your next month’s payment. 

Eusoh keeps track of the average monthly contribution each month and publishes it on its home page. In January 2022, the average monthly payment for both the Eusoh fee and the contribution to care was $57.78. The maximum monthly price per pet is $65 per month. Eusoh also will bring in more community members from other groups to help share your group’s expenses if needed. This ensures that the cost will not exceed the maximum monthly price that pet parents are expected to pay.

Eusoh Insurance Application Experience

Signing up for Eusoh is different from the experience that you’d get from most pet insurance companies. You won’t receive a quote based on your pet’s age, breed and coverage amounts. Instead, you’ll start by signing in and creating an account on Eusoh’s website. 

Insead of submitting medical records, all you need to do is add your pet and complete a brief questionnaire about your pet’s history. When that’s done, you can join a cost-sharing group. The last step is to link your payment account and submit the required initial deposit of $48. 

Eusoh vs. Competitors

Quite a few things make Eusoh stand out from its competition. One of the greatest benefits of using Eusoh is that there is a monthly cap on how much members will have to contribute. Part of that benefit is that the monthly rate that you pay for your pet’s coverage is not based on your pet’s age nor does it increase due to your pet getting older. This feature can be a huge benefit if you’re concerned about the rising costs that most pet insurance companies charge as a pet ages. 

Unlike pet insurance, Eusoh also offers coverage for annual checkups and other preventive and routine care. Eusoh also does not require your pet’s medical records for coverage. 

  • Best For:
    Alternative to Traditional Pet Insurance
  • Best For:
    Simple Pricing Structure
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Eusoh Pet Insurance Overall

Eusoh is a unique alternative to traditional pet insurance that can benefit any pet parent. The company offers more coverage than most pet insurance policies by including wellness and routine care within the same plan as accident and injury coverage. You don’t have to worry about age or breed limits when seeking coverage for your dog or cat.

The pricing structure of Eusoh takes some getting used to, but it can be worth it if you’re willing to be flexible. The good news is that your monthly payments are not based on your pet’s age and will not increase over time because of your pet’s age or claims. There is also a cap on the monthly payment that a member will have to pay. However, the monthly cost does vary for each pet parent based on the costs shared by the group that month. Changes might be frustrating if you like to know exactly how much you’ll need to pay for your pet’s coverage each month. Even so, it may be worth facing the unknown to save money on your pet’s coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do pet insurance premiums go up every year?


Your pet insurance cost may increase over time because your pet is getting older. As your pet gets older, the idea is that the pet may start to face more medical issues and require more veterinary care. Insurance companies will raise your insurance premium to make sure they are still benefiting financially from insuring your pet.


Eusoh’s premiums may vary month-to-month based on how much veterinary care your group’s pets need in a given month. However, the premiums do not increase based on a pet’s age and the company caps how much members are charged each month.


Benzinga’s guide to pet insurance can explain more about how pet insurance works.


Is there an alternative to pet insurance?


Yes! In fact, Eusoh is an alternative to pet insurance because it is a community health-sharing plan for pets. There are also veterinary discount plans and emergency funds for pets that you can look into. Additionally, some people prefer to save for their pet’s veterinary bills on their own or seek out credit financing if necessary.

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