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June 29, 2023
DOGE Exchange
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Since being created in 2013 as a lighthearted meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has gained significant popularity and a dedicated community. Known for its Shiba Inu dog logo, it has become a symbol of fun and generosity in the crypto space. Investors seeking a dedicated Dogecoin trading and exchange platform often face a lack of options, but having such a platform can enhance the user experience and foster the growth of the Dogecoin community.

Enter DOGE Exchange, a non-custodial dedicated crypto exchange tailored specifically for Dogecoin. DOGE Exchange offers a streamlined and hassle-free platform for investors to buy, sell or trade Dogecoin. Its support for over 40 fiat assets means users can exchange Dogecoin with various fiat currencies. The platform boasts fast and efficient transactions, with trade or exchanges completed within minutes. There’s no limit to the amount of Dogecoin users can buy, ensuring accessibility for small- and large-scale investors. 

The platform offers a promising solution for Dogecoin investors seeking a seamless and efficient trading experience. Benzinga spotlights DOGE Exchange, exploring its pros, cons and core service offerings and how it compares with other more established crypto exchanges.

  • Dedicated Dogecoin exchange
  • Streamlined trading process
  • Versatile fiat options
  • Fast and efficient exchanges
  • Non-custodial approach
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited Dogecoin purchases
  • Limited cryptocurrency options
  • Lack of advanced trading features
  • Lack of educational or research resources
  • Inefficient customer support
  • Limited to the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and Germany

DOGE Exchange Ratings at a Glance

Product Offering
Customer Service
Minimum Investment and Pricing
User Experience
Overall Rating

DOGE Exchange Product Offering

At its core, the platform offers a range of services centered around Dogecoin, including buying and selling Dogecoin and exchanging Dogecoin for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.  

Buying Dogecoin

DOGE Exchange's built-in trading tool offers users a straightforward means of buying Dogecoin with supported fiat currencies, providing a convenient entry point for those looking to acquire this cryptocurrency. Its support for 40+ fiat assets offers users of various currencies a means to buy Dogecoin directly with their credit card. The platform ensures a fast and efficient buying process, completing transactions within minutes. Relative to traditional exchanges or trading platforms, the process is seamless and convenient. You simply your debit card and directly buy Dogecoin, which is then stored in a non-custodial wallet. You can also buy using Apple or Google Pay. Buying Dogecoin from DOGE Exchange requires no registration. Your transaction is completed within minutes of providing your dedicated DOGE wallet address. You can buy as much as you wish — there's no limit. By offering an instant and user-friendly experience, the DOGE Exchange simplifies the process of acquiring Dogecoin, making it accessible to beginners and experienced investors. 

Selling Dogecoin

Thanks to DOGE Exchange's built-in app, you can easily convert your Dogecoin into fiat currency. The platform offers a seamless selling process, allowing you to quickly and securely exchange your Dogecoin for the desired fiat asset at a competitive rate and withdraw it instantly. With DOGE Exchange, you have the flexibility and convenience to sell your Dogecoin effortlessly. 

Crypto Trading or Exchange

DOGE Exchange's built-in tool facilitates crypto exchange or trading activities, allowing you to trade diverse cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. The platform offers a simplified and user-friendly interface, empowering you to execute trades quickly and efficiently. With access to a wide range of trading pairs, DOGE Exchange provides ample opportunities to diversify your crypto holdings or take advantage of market movements. Initiating a trade requires no signup or other extensive procedures. Select your desired crypto pair, click the "Exchange" button and provide the wallet address of the destination pair. For example, in a BTC/ETH pair, you would provide the ETH wallet address. Whether you're a seasoned or a beginner trader, the platform offers a seamless trading experience.

DOGE Exchange NFTs

DOGE Exchange also offers NFTs comprising DOGE Sketches and DOGE Exchange coins. The sketches feature multiple replica paintings of Shiba Inu dogs in various poses. At the same time, the coins showcase several coin paintings with the portrait of a Shiba Inu dog head, capturing different facial expressions. You can access the full image and a link to the OpenSea listing by clicking on any of the paintings. Some of the listings have, however, expired. Benzinga rates this platform 3.5/5 based on the depth of its offering.

DOGE Exchange Customer Service

​​DOGE Exchange has multiple customer support channels. Besides email, users can connect with the team and seek answers to inquiries by filling out the online contact form on the website or via live chat. Benzinga tried out the live chat at the time of writing but received no response. The FAQ page seems to have more Dogecoin-related content than company-tailored content. Understandably, DOGE Exchange is a Dogecoin-specific exchange, but still, it should contain more information on the platform itself.

In fact, instead of heading to the FAQ for company-specific information, you should visit the Article page in the Community section. Unlike the News and FAQ pages, it has content regarding the company. The platform seems very active on Twitter, where it posts much of Elon Musk's related content, which is unsurprising because Musk appears to be a cult figure in the memeverse and a prominent backer of Dogecoin. DOGE Exchange has no reviews across independent platforms like Trustpilot, which makes it hard to assess users' sentiments about the company. Benzinga rates this platform 3/5 on customer service.

DOGE Exchange Security

DOGE Exchange implements robust cybersecurity safeguards and encryption measures to protect users' personally identifiable information collected during signup from misuse,  modification or unauthorized access. Such information is only used for service improvement, complaint resolution and other internal business activities but is not shared with third parties except for legal compliance purposes or upon consent. Credit card data is securely hosted off-site by the company’s trusted payment processor partners following Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). DOGE Exchange provides a highly secure virtual wallet for storing Dogecoin, allowing users to store their DOGE in a dedicated Doge wallet address securely. The company doesn't control, store or hold your funds in any way. Benzinga rates the company 5/5 on security.

DOGE Exchange Minimum Investment and Pricing

DOGE Exchange is not very transparent with its fees. The applicable fees when buying or selling Dogecoin depend on the quantity of Dogecoin you're buying, which depends on the price. For instance, the minimum buy amount is $30 (about 487.32 DOGE), with a fee of $2.50. Remember that this minimum and the associated fees will differ for each currency. During trading, requisite charges and network fees are included in the rate provided at the time of exchange. DOGE Exchange leverages third-party fiat-to-crypto gateways like Transak, MoonPay, Onramper and ChangeNOW to facilitate buying and selling on Benzinga rates DOGE Exchange 4/5 on pricing. 

DOGE Exchange User Experience

DOGE Exchange is highly intuitive and user-friendly. The platform offers a straightforward interface allowing users to navigate and access the various features easily. Getting started is hassle-free, involving three simple steps: purchasing a crypto wallet hardware, buying crypto from DOGE Exchange and sending it to your Dogecoin wallet. The platform simplifies and streamlines the process of buying Dogecoin using fiat to make it accessible even for beginners. Besides credit or debit cards, users can also use Google and Apple Pay. You can also quickly sell or convert your Dogecoin to fiat and receive cash within minutes. Regarding trading, the platform's simple but efficient interface appeals to diverse traders or crypto investors, making it highly recommendable. 

DOGE Exchange vs. Competitors

DOGE Exchange has many competitors like Binance and Kraken, both reputable crypto exchanges. While Binance and Kraken offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading options, DOGE Exchange tailors its platform to cater specifically to Dogecoin enthusiasts. This specialization allows DOGE Exchange to provide a more streamlined and dedicated experience for users looking to buy, sell and trade Dogecoin. Additionally, DOGE Exchange emphasizes simplicity and user-friendliness, making it an attractive choice for investors in the DOGE ecosystem who prefer a straightforward and intuitive platform designed explicitly for Dogecoin transactions.

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Overall Rating

As a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange platform explicitly tailored for Dogecoin, DOGE Exchange simplifies the process of buying, selling and trading Dogecoin, offering a seamless experience for Dogecoin enthusiasts and facilitating their participation in the cryptocurrency market.

Its support for diverse fiat assets makes it convenient for users to exchange Dogecoin with various fiat currencies. The platform ensures fast and efficient exchanges, completing transactions within minutes. Users can buy Dogecoin without limits and enjoy an instant, user-friendly process for exchanging fiat with DOGE. DOGE Exchange's non-custodial approach means users ultimately control and own their Dogecoin funds. However, the platform has limited cryptocurrency options and lacks advanced trading features, efficient customer support and educational resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Will DOGE reach $20?


The price of DOGE, like all cryptocurrencies, is highly volatile and speculative since many factors influence them, so it’s challenging to make a precise price prediction.



What exchange is Dogecoin traded on?


Dogecoin is traded on multiple exchanges, including DOGE Exchange, Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

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