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January 6, 2022 Credit Card
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The Visa Card, formerly known as the MCO Visa Card, is the world’s first free, metal and crypto-linked Visa card.

Until the introduction of crypto payment cards, users faced lead times of several days when trying to access their funds for spending. The Visa Card helps solve this issue by allowing users to load their crypto funds to the card and convert them to their preferred fiat currency.

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast looking for an easy, safe way to access and use your crypto assets, the Visa Card could be right for you.

Best For
  • Transacting with crypto (anywhere Visa is accepted)
  • Earning rewards: Get full subscription rebates for Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more
  • Travel: Enjoy airport lounge access and zero foreign transaction fees
  • Easily manage your spending in the App
  • Instant top-ups with a credit/debit card, your Crypto Wallet and Fiat Wallet, and Paypal
  • No monthly, annual, or foreign transaction fees
  • Users have to stake large amounts of CRO to get cards with better benefits Credit Card Ratings at a Glance

As a Visa card,’s card is able to be used virtually anywhere. Visa is accepted in over 200 countries and at over 60 million merchants, so it’s likely you can use your Visa Card in most situations. 

The card is a prepaid card that can be funded in a variety of ways. Users can spend fiat currency from a bank account or credit card that is linked to the card. This way, it essentially works as a typical debit card. 

Another way you can fund the card is with crypto. Users can take the cryptocurrency in their wallets and use it as a funding source. This is useful for those looking to spend their crypto without having to sell it. Recently, also introduced top-ups via Paypal. 

The cards are super sleek, as they are metal (except for the entry-level Midnight Blue card), and have the logo and user’s name on the front. 

Customer Service Rating

If you have a question about the card or any other service provided by the company,’s support team has an answer. With over 300 articles available in the FAQ section, there is a high probability your question has already been answered and is easily available to view. This includes over 35 articles specifically about the Visa Card. 

On the off chance your question is not in the FAQ section, the team is easily reachable. There is a live chat feature in the App. The company also offers support through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, and Telegram. 

A unique feature of the customer support team is that open incidents are reported and can be viewed at any time. This means you can see if other users are experiencing the same issue. The team outlines steps it is taking to resolve the issues, which can be helpful in determining when they will be resolved. Visa Card Tiers has 5 distinct tiers for its cards. Each tier offers slightly different rewards and has different requirements.

The lowest tier is Midnight Blue. This tier does not have any staking requirements and offers 1% back on spending.

The next tier is Ruby Steel. This tier offers a 100% reimbursement on Spotify subscriptions and 2% back on spending. However, users must stake $400 of CRO for 180 days before they can request the card.

Next is Royal Indigo and Jade Green. These offer the same benefits as the Ruby Steel tier but include a 100% reimbursement for Netflix, LoungeKey™ airport lounge access,, and 3% back on spending. Users must stake $4,000 of CRO for 180 days to receive the card.

Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White are the next tiers, offering all the same benefits as the Royal Indigo and Jade Green in addition to other benefits. These include a 100%  reimbursement for Amazon Prime, 10% for Expedia, Private (which include VIP perks), 5% back on spending and an exclusive merchandise welcome pack. Users must stake $40,000 of CRO for 180 days before requesting this card.

The most exclusive card is the Obsidian, which offers everything as the Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White, plus a private jet partnership, 10% reimbursement for Airbnb, and 8% back on spending. Users must stake $400,000 of CRO for 180 days to attain the card. 

While the Visa Card can have instant benefits, such as subscription reimbursements, it has an extremely high barrier for entry. To get the highest tier of benefits, users will have to stake $400,000 of CRO, which is no small sum of money. 

Mobile App

Any information regarding the Visa Card can be found in the App, which is extremely easy to use. The app offers lots of information regarding the status of your card, your staked amount, and recent transactions. 

All of this information is right beside your crypto portfolio. You can also apply for a card within seconds in the app. App is available for both iOS and Android users, install their app now if you really want to enjoy the benefits of their card.


Strictly speaking of rewards, offers unparalleled benefits. There are more than a dozen monetary rewards that are offered through the card. 

Perhaps the most enticing and attainable of the rewards is the reimbursement on subscription services. Over 172 million people have a Spotify Premium membership, and is willing to cover this cost for those with Ruby Steel status and higher. Certain tiers of the card also offer higher-end benefits, such as a private jet partnership and airport lounge access. Visa Card vs. Competitors

While other crypto platforms offer cards, none of them come even close to the benefits is able to offer. This is largely due to the fact that has its own currency to pay for the rewards. It is worth it if you are willing to stake the required amounts, as you can get up to 8% back on your spending. 

Rewards such as the 10% rebate on Expedia and Airbnb are useful, and they also cover subscriptions that hundreds of millions of people have like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. 

Overall Rating

The Visa Card offers benefits catering to any user, from private jet partnerships to LoungeKey™ airport lounge access. And even the look of the heavy metal card feels premium and attractive. 

The only issue with the card system is that users have to stake large amounts of CRO in order to be eligible for the higher tiers. This means that you have to lock your money down for 180 days in the CRO token. Additionally, rewards are paid in the same CRO token.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use my Visa Card?


You can use the Visa Card anywhere Visa is accepted, which is in over 200 countries and 60 million in-person locations. It is a prepaid card, but it essentially acts as a debit card that can be funded by a bank account, credit card, or portfolio, or Paypal.


Can I trust


Yes. is a large company with over 10 million users and boasts several industry-first security features. It also continues to update its safety procedures to maintain a leading security system.

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