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CMC Markets Review

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1 Minute Review

CMC Markets, an established U.K. corporation, is known globally as a competitive CFD trading and U.K. spread betting solution. CMC Markets is regulated in the U.K. and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. CMC Markets’ platform offers a rich database of tradable assets and resources, making it a preferred option for U.K. traders.

Best For

  • Those looking for a wide range of currency pairs
  • Education: has YouTube videos, webinars, and other education tools
  • Unique proprietary platform


  • Regulated in the U.K.
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Instant order execution
  • Advanced risk management
  • Many tradable assets
  • Extensive trading platform


  • Does not accept U.S. clients
  • Only offers MetaTrader 4 for desktop
  • Cannot have the same account on both platforms

Who’s CMC Markets For?

CMC Markets is a competitive solution for CFD trading and spread betting for tax facilitation.

Low spreads, a comprehensive trading platform and an array of tradable assets and tools could hit the mark if you’re looking for a new option. The platform has a version for mobile trading as well as an app. If you prefer the tried-and-true MetaTrader 4, CMC Markets has you covered.

CMC Markets: Platform and Tools

CMC Markets offers its own platform with a mobile solution. The comprehensive platform is easy to use and offers access to 100+ trading indicators for in-depth technical analysis.

Some of the best features in this platform make forex trading strategies and chart analysis easier to execute, and those features include:

  • Chart pattern recognition
  • Alerts for chart patterns

If you like to trade on the go, you can download the CMC app for the mobile version of the platform. It is available in the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone.

A desktop version of this program is not an option; you can only use this platform via your browser or your mobile device.

The other platform by CMC Markets is MetaTrader 4, which also unlocks a large number of indicators. If an indicator is missing, you can download it and add it to MT4. If you like building custom indicators and robots, this is a great option for you.

Unfortunately, you cannot have the same account for both platforms; each platform requires a separate trading account.

CMC Markets: Research

CMC Markets dominates with its research section. Most of these resources are on the website, but some of them are on its platform as well. CMC’s website has a tab labeled “Earn.” If you point your cursor at it, you’ll find a wide range of educational sections related to:

  • How to trade forex
  • Trading guides
  • Learn forex trading
  • Platform pricing
  • Learn CFD trading
  • Learn MetaTrader 4

Each of these sections leads you to a comprehensive guide related to the topic. You will find well-structured articles, YouTube videos, images and more.

CMC Markets organizes live webinars on a regular basis and has a webinar calendar which displays all upcoming events. Hot webinar topics include:

  • Trading strategy
  • Non-farm payrolls
  • Risk management
  • Global market reports
  • Leveraged trading

These are only educational resources. The “News and Analysis” tab gives actual information about the current market. Some of the tools included here are:

  • Economic calendar
  • Non-farm payrolls data
  • Featured chart
  • Morning update
  • Weekly outlook

A big part of CMC’s high-quality data comes from the team of market analysts at CMC Markets. Some of CMC’s analysts are also featured in Bloomberg, CITY A.M., CNBC, and CNN.

CMC Markets: Commissions and Fees

CMC Markets offer six types of accounts to clients based on location:

  • U.K./Ireland
  • U.K./Europe
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

The first thing that you spot at CMC is that spreads are relatively low, at 0.3 pips for indices and commodities and to 0.7 pips on forex.

Although CMC Markets use spread for most asset classes, commissions could also apply. This happens on company shares trading. In such cases, the commission starts at around £9 per trade or the equivalent of that amount in another currency. There is a comprehensive percentage scheme for the commission on shares, and whatever is higher will apply.

Here is a list of the tradable assets at CMC Markets and their respective charge:

  • Forex: Charged based on spread; starts from 0.7 pips for each region
  • Indices: Charged based on spread; starts from 0.3 pips for each region
  • Cryptocurrency: Charged based on spread; starts from 60 pips for bitcoin and 6 pips for Ethereum; not available in Singapore and Canada
  • Commodities: Charged based on spread; starts from 0.3 pips for each region
  • Shares: Charged based on commission; only spread betting for U.K./Ireland accounts
  • Treasuries: Charged based on spread; starts from 1.0 pip for each region

CMC Markets: Security

License and Regulation

CMC Markets is a highly regulated trading provider. The regulation comes from the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. Also, the company is publicly traded and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Fund Security

CMC Markets holds its clients’ money in different banks for higher capital protection. The purpose of this is to distinguish clients’ money from company assets.

Also, CMC Markets follows a procedure called financial services compensation scheme (FSCS). It guarantees a return up to £50,000 in case CMC Markets fails to meet its financial obligations.


You can withdraw funds from your account online. Alternatively, you can use chat or call CMC’s Client Management team for assistance.

CMC does not transfer funds to a third-party account. Card accounts take up to three working days and withdrawals to a bank account take between three and five days.

Guaranteed Stop Loss Order (GSLO)

The Guaranteed Stop Loss Order (GSLO) is an advanced risk management feature. It works the same way as the standard stop loss order. CMC Markets guarantees that you cannot lose more than what you cover with it. In other words, you are 100% protected from gapping moves that pass by the standard stop loss.

You will need to pay a little premium to enjoy this feature, and you’ll pay it only if the price reaches the guaranteed stop loss order. The premium is not fixed and it differs for the different forex pairs and trade sizes.


The leverage available at CMC Markets differs based on your location. If you are an Australian resident you can get a max leverage of 500:1 for forex. If you are a U.K./Ireland resident, the max leverage for forex is 30:1. Here is a list of the max leverage for every account type based on the respective asset:

The leverage can vary from 2:1 for cryptocurrency trading on a U.K./Europe account to 500:1 for forex trading on Australian account.

CMC Markets: Customer Support

CMC Markets offers a dedicated customer support on email, live chat, and phone and is available during the global market hours.

Officially, the support works 24/5 but is close to 24/6 since CMC Markets has offices all over the world.

We personally contacted the live chat and the phone support of CMC Markets and it was a positive, prompt experience. The representative was very friendly and answered all our questions.   

CMC Markets: Tradable Asset Classes

CMC Markets offers a wide range of tradable assets, around 10,000. Most of these are company shares. However, CMC Markets also offers a rich variety of currency pairs. Here is a list of all tradable assets classes available:

  • Forex: More than 300
  • Commodities: Only the major commodities
  • Cryptocurrency: Only major cryptocurrencies
  • Global indices: Only the major global indices
  • Company shares: More than 9,000
  • Treasuries: Major bonds and Treasury notes

These assets are more than enough to ensure a diversified portfolio, which will bring more security to your trading approach.

CMC Markets: Ease of Use

CMC Markets might look a bit confusing at first since some buttons are a bit small, but after a few trades, you get used to it. You can open and close trades with a single click.

The platform tools are easy to reach from the platform panels. These are indicators, chart pattern recognition tools, and other advanced features.

At the right side of the platform, you have easy access to different market insights. These are very helpful during trading sessions as they can help you with decision making.

The website resources are accessible and the matter inside is well explained, no matter your level of expertise.

Final Thoughts

If you’re exploring new ways to trade CFD, CMC Markets should be one of your alternatives. Its cutting-edge software and advanced trading features make it a desired trading provider. CMC offers high-level protection compared to other brokers, which is a strong competitive advantage.

CMC Markets’ trading platform isn’t complicated, but it does have an overall professional look. А little practice on the demo account, and you’ll be used to it in no time.

You can create your demo account with just a few clicks and an email verification. Once you feel confident with CMC’s software, you can try its low spreads on a real account.