Best Fintechs in Atlanta, Ranked

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June 17, 2021

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Across all industries, nations, cultures and classes, the world is changing as technology advances, with cities like Atlanta, Georgia, rapidly becoming hubs for industries like Fintech. If you want to know more about the best fintechs in Atlanta, you're in the right place. Use our guide to find out more.

What is Fintech?

Financial technology, otherwise known as fintech, can best be described as the combination of financial services with new technology. Encompassing a wide variety of financial fields, fintech has expanded the possibilities of how financial services can be conducted. 

The best fintechs in Atlanta use finance and technology to bring their consumers improved products and increase accessibility.

How We Chose the 10 Best Fintechs in Atlanta

Our rankings were based on factors like impact in their respective industries, uniqueness, success and more. Here are the 10 best fintechs in Atlanta.

1. Best Fintech in Atlanta for Cybersecurity: Bluefin Payment Systems, founded 2007

You cannot run a successful company without secure payment systems. This problem is solved by Bluefin Payment Systems, a fintech in Atlanta that helps protect your business from outside threats. It uses encryption and tokenization technology to secure payments and ensure data security. Data security encompasses all personal, health and payment information while the secure payments aspect ensures all payments are private transactions with no outside interference.  

In the 37 countries Bluefin is active in, it has more than 200 connected global partners servicing the more than 20,000 companies that use Bluefin. With an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and 1 customer complaint within the past 3 years, Bluefin Payment Systems is an amazing service that produces results. 

2. Best Fintech for Financing: Kabbage, founded 2008

If a startup lacks sufficient funds, more often than not it will fail. Seeing this problem, Kabbage, a small-business funding company, was formed. The process to get a paycheck protection program (PPP) loan from Kabbage is easy and straightforward with its online application system. Any financial information entered during the application process and forward is protected by a highly advanced, 128-bit encryption. 

Kabbage offers up to $250,000 in revolving credit to qualifying small businesses. Through Kabbage’s help, 782,000 small-business jobs have been created and maintained. Fueled by a drive to help the Atlanta community, Kabbage has cemented itself as one of the best fintechs in Atlanta.

3. Best Fintech for Parents: Greenlight, founded 2014

Debit cards are the easiest way to keep your cash somewhere accessible without it actually being on you and without spending in credit. That’s why Greenlight, another great fintech in Atlanta, created the first-ever debit card for kids. Parents are able to schedule payments and instantly deposit money in their child’s account. One of Greenlight’s best features is that parents can input a chores list into the Greenlight app and pay kids as each is completed. 

Parents are able to teach their children financial literacy through the company’s program, Greenlight+Invest, which offers a full investment platform that kids can use to increase their portfolios from a very young age. All investments must be approved by parents  to ensure their children do not invest in ill-advised companies. With more than 3 million users and a 4.8-star review on the app store, Greenlight is a fantastic Atlanta-based fintech that every parent should consider using. 

4. Best Fintech for Cryptocurrency: BitPay, founded 2011

Cryptocurrency is blowing up right now as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin all have seen record highs within the past month. BitPay allows users to spend and store all of these cryptos plus more. 27.18% of cryptocurrency payments in March 2021 occurred through BitPay, 12.23% ahead of its closest competitor. 

You can create a BitPay debit card that allows you to easily purchase goods and services from companies accepting crypto. You don’t have to spend your crypto, however, as BitPay offers a secure crypto wallet that stores your coins. On average, BitPay processes 68,774 unique transactions per month. With just a 1% commission fee, BitPay is an excellent service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.  

securely through OnPay's website

5. Best Fintech for Payroll: OnPay, founded 2011

One of the trickiest parts of being a small-business owner is the dreaded payroll — at least it used to be. OnPay makes the payroll process easy and quick and, best of all, affordable. OnPay can be used in all 50 states, process W-2 and 1099 forms, pay through direct deposit, check or debit card and automate tax filings and payments. 

With a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from more than 600 reviews, OnPay should be on every entrepreneur’s radar as a service that can help lift a tremendous burden.

6. Best Fintech for Logistics Companies: RoadSync, founded 2015

One of the backbone fundamentals of the logistics industry is that execution speed is everything. RoadSync is a company that embodies this concept as it strives to make payments easier in the logistics industry. Primarily focusing on warehouse fee collections and payments while on the road, RoadSync aims to reduce the hassle in these types of monetary transactions. 

7. Best Fintech for Loans: LendingPoint, founded 2014

Usually, getting a personal loan is difficult and time consuming, at least prior to the creation of LendingPoint. LendingPoint provides an easy online platform and decisions take a matter of seconds. With up to $36,500 per loan, you can finally fix that window, upgrade the car or do whatever else your heart desires. Interest rates vary per loan, but applying for a loan does not impact your credit score. If traditional ways to get loans don’t suit you, take a good look at LendingPoint and consider using it for your financing.   

8. Best Fintech for Mortgage Exchanges: MAXEX, founded 2009 

Prior to MAXEX, the buying and selling of mortgages was a difficult business as verification, time and risk all were major downsides to participation. MAXEX is the first digital mortgage exchange that allows transactions to be processed safely between buyers and sellers. MAXEX’s unique approach saves time, increases liquidity and is cheaper . MAXEX is the premier fintech for buying and selling mortgages.

9. Best Credit Bureau Fintech: Equifax, founded 1899

Today it may sound like an old-school company, but Equifax has embraced modern technology to become one of America’s top consumer credit-reporting agencies. Offering free credit reports, Equifax also can help you increase your financial literacy. Paid services include managing freezes, managing disputes and watching out for fraud. For either an individual or a business, Equifax is phenomenal at what it does, making it one of the best fintechs in Atlanta. 

10. Best Fintech in Atlanta for Medical Patients: Patientco, founded 2008

After a trip to the hospital, it can be very difficult to figure out healthcare bills, so Patientco was launched to help the average person better understand, manage and pay their healthcare bills. By using Patientco, you gain access to its helpful financial insight from before you go to the doctor to after the bill has already been paid. 

Its most popular feature is Digital-First Billing, a product that enables healthcare professionals to interact with patients through text and email, instead of having to interact with them via paper. Patientco is a great fintech in Atlanta to use for anyone who wants clarity on their healthcare bills.

Fintechs in Atlanta: the Future of Georgia

Every fintech in Atlanta on this list could easily rank as 1 of the best fintechs in the world, too. Atlanta has a promising future as these fintechs should continue to drive commerce to Atlanta for many years to come.

To see some of the best fintechs in the world, check out Benzinga's Fintech Awards, an annual show highlighting all the fintech world has to offer. Fintech is a complicated industry, but it can all be digested easily through fintech courses.  

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