Best Financial Advisors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Becoming an increasingly popular location for tech companies and startups, Milwaukee has a large number of financial advisors that are as diverse as they are experienced. With Benzinga’s help, you don’t have to be experienced in finding the right person to manage your money. Bookmark this article to help you navigate and maintain your income, savings and more.

Best Financial Advisors in Milwaukee Near You:

FREE automated investing
Account Minimum
$100 for regular accounts $500 for retirement accounts

Best Robo-Advisor: M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a robo-advisory money management platform. You can get recommendations based on your risk tolerance and goals. The platform allows you to customize your investments and buy fractional shares. 

M1 Finance offers a flexible line of credit that you can borrow when your balance reaches $10,000 or more. You can choose from 80 expertly-designed portfolio models and get low-cost ETFs and individual stocks. 

The M1 Core account offers no trading commissions, no management fees, a free checking account and a 3.5% base rate for its portfolio line of credit. You can also get the upgraded account, M1 Plus, for $125 per year and receive additional benefits like 1% cash back on qualifying debit card purchases and 1% annual percentage yield (APY) checking.

Best for Customized Portfolio Approach: KLCM Advisors, Inc

KLCM is an advisory firm with more than 90 years of combined experience with individuals, families and institutions. The firm builds customized and flexible portfolios that incorporate individual equities and fixed-income securities. KLCM also offers planning and other advisory services.

  • Equity investment approach: The firm is focussed on preserving capital while earning attractive returns during a full-market and economic cycle.
  • Fixed-income approach: Offering a complete focus on your long-term needs, the firm primarily invests in high-quality, investment-grade securities that have limited volatility and stable income-generating characteristics.
  • Financial planning services
  • A percentage of assets under your management
  • Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)

Best Mobile App: Betterment

Betterment is perfect for the new investor who is apprehensive about not having enough money to invest. The app charges low fees and has a seamless interface so that investing can be made easy. With the latest redesign, the home page helps you think long term and lets you quickly open any account to achieve your investment goal.

You have a choice between Betterment Digital ($0 to get started) and Betterment Premium, which charges 0.40% of assets under management (AUM) annually. With this upgrade, you can also get unlimited phone access to certified financial planners. Betterment’s customer support is available 24/5 and you can get advice packages starting at $199.

Best for Unique Investment Process: Sadoff Investment Management

Sadoff Investment Management is an independent fee-only investment advisor and is one of Wisconsin’s oldest advisory firms. 

Sadoff has an investment process that has been in place for over 40 years and survived up and down markets. The firm monitors the policies and actions of the Federal Reserve Board closely as it controls the money supply and interest rates.

Sadoff also owes its success to its stock selection methodology. The strategy involves buying individual stocks that are part of industries that break out after years of underperformance.

  • Financial planning services
  • Publication of periodicals or newsletters
  • A percentage of assets under your management

Best Portfolio Analysis: Personal Capital

Personal Capital gives you the chance to view all your accounts at once to help manage your finances and keep track of spending. You can track a multi-asset portfolio with its free investment management tools.

If you think you need an advisor to manage your portfolio, Personal Capital offers managed services. You can avail this service if you have an account minimum balance of $100,000. Personal Capital’s advisors can also help you with tax optimization strategies and analyze your personal long- and short-term goals.

Best for High-Net-Worth Individuals: Campbell Newman Asset Management, Inc

Campbell Newman is a 100% employee-owned, boutique investment management firm for high-net worth individuals and institutions. The firm offers 2 investment strategies — small-cap growth and large-cap dividend growth.

Small-cap growth strategy is capital appreciation-focused and invests exclusively in stocks of companies displaying profitability. Large-cap dividend growth strategy is total-return focused and invests exclusively in stocks of companies that have shown annual dividend increases in the past.

  • A percentage of assets under your management
  • Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)
  • Other

Best for Finding Custom Financial Advisors: SmartAsset

Find the right financial advisor to prepare for your future. SmartAsset’s platform connects investors, soon-to-be-retirees and retirees with financial advisors from across the country. 

As the first comprehensive solution for easily and securely pairing investors with financial advisors, SmartAsset provides you with free and secure access to the financial advisor marketplace and sources advisors that are right specifically for you based on your location, assets and personal preferences. 

Answer a brief survey regarding your preparedness for retirement, investment style and contact information, so SmartAsset’s algorithm can match you with the best financial advisor for you.

Best for Family and Business Solutions: Wipfli Financial Advisors, LLC

Wipfli Financial Advisors has been around for more than 2 decades, helping more than 1,000 clients plan and invest in their financial aspirations. The firm provides financial solutions for individuals, families and businesses. 

  • Personal and family solutions: Whether you’re planning for retirement or for your child’s education, Wipfli helps you tackle those problems with services such as financial planning, investment advisory, insurance and family office.
  • Business solutions: Wipfli offers help for your employees to secure their financial future by designing a cost-effective company retirement plan. The firm also provides help with management advisory, insurance and risk management.
  • Financial planning services
  • Selection of other advisers (including private fund managers)
  • A percentage of assets under your management
  • Hourly charges
  • Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can financial advisors help mitigate debt?

A: Yes. Having debt is common and financial advisors are more than equipped to tackle such difficult situations. A financial advisor will take a careful look at your debts and will recommend how you can pay it off in the quickest way possible and also suggest lifestyle changes.

Q: Do financial advisors check your credit?

A: No, they only check if it’s absolutely necessary. 

Q: How can I research the background of my financial advisor?

A: You can look up an advisor on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. Once you find the advisor, you can check if there are any disclosures to see if they have a clean disciplinary record.

Find a Financial Advisor in Milwaukee

The best time to work with a financial advisor is now. They provide the guidance you need to achieve your financial goals and manage your investments. Be sure to communicate your concerns and doubts with your advisor; it’s in their best interest — and yours — that you have financial peace.


To determine the top financial advisors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we pored through all SEC-registered advisory firms who have an office in Milwaukee. To winnow down the list we only included advisors who are registered fiduciaries, have no past disclosures and have minimal personal conflicts of interest. To further break down the list to the true top advisors in the area, we gave weight to advisors that offer both investment management and planning, have no conflicts of interest, have offices in multiple states, have a wrap fee program and over $50 million in assets under management.

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