Best Car Insurance in Washington State

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June 16, 2021

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There’s a lot to appreciate in Washington, from lush forests to snow-capped mountains. Before you begin your next great adventure, get the coverage you need with our quick and easy guide to car insurance in Washington State.

Best Cheap Car Insurance in Washington State:

Washington State Car Insurance: Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect in Washington:

  • Washington residents have an average of 2 vehicles per household. 
  • Minimum car insurance coverage is as follows: 
    • Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
    • Property damage liability coverage: $10,000 per accident.
  • Drivers with clean driving records can expect to pay between about $700 and $1,100 annually for their state minimum insurance, depending on their provider.

Washington State Car Insurance Law Explained

You must have car insurance to legally operate any kind of motor vehicle in Washington. You’ll need at least the following coverage to stay within the law if you’re a driver and a resident of Washington:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage covers the medical bills of anyone who you injure during an accident. You must have at least $25,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage per person and $50,000 per accident as a resident of Washington.
  • Property damage liability coverage compensates anyone whose property you damage during a collision. You must have at least $10,000 worth of property damage liability coverage as a driver in Washington.

You might have noticed that both of these coverage types offer you no compensation as the policyholder. You may want to consider adding 1 or more of these optional coverages:

  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage compensates you for vehicle repair bills after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage compensates you for vehicle repair bills if your car is damaged during an event that doesn’t involve a collision. Some common examples include damage from animals, burglaries or hailstorms.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Unfortunately, not every driver in Washington follows the laws and drives with the proper amount of insurance. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage helps you pay for medical bills and repair expenses if you’re hit by a driver who isn’t carrying insurance.

You can face a minimum fine of $550 if you’re caught driving without a license, according to the Washington State Department of Licensing. You may also have your license suspended if you’re involved in an accident, don’t have insurance and you cannot cover the other party’s medical bills. 

Washington State Traffic Laws You Should Know

It’s important to know the rules of the road before you drive through Washington. Make sure you follow these laws if you drive in the Evergreen State:

  • Child passengers: No child under the age of 13 may sit in the front seat of any vehicle in Washington State. Children under 8 and/or who have not reached 4’9” must sit in a child booster seat when the car is in motion.
  • Cell phone usage: Using a cell phone in any capacity is illegal in Washington State,  even if you’re on a hands-free listening device. This law extends to texting, making phone calls and watching videos.
  • Headlights: Your vehicle’s headlights must be on at least 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset.
  • HOV lanes: You may see a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on highways. HOV lanes are marked in white with a white diamond and will include a number — this is the minimum number of people who must be in your vehicle to use the HOV lane. For example, if you see a lane marked “HOV 3,” it means that there must be at least 3 people (including you) in the vehicle to drive in the lane.

It’s a good idea to brush up on each state’s laws before you enter them to avoid accidentally committing a traffic violation. 

Washington State Car Insurance Rates per Vehicle

Did you know that the type of car you drive can affect your insurance rates? Car insurance companies incorporate a lot of vehicle data when they decide on the premiums for each type of vehicle. Car insurance companies look at:

  • Safety features: You’re less likely to be injured in a crash if you drive a car that’s highly ranked. This means you’ll pay less for insurance.
  • Crash rates: Some vehicles are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident. You’ll pay more for car insurance if you drive a car that’s statistically in more crashes.
  • Theft data: You’ll also pay more for insurance if you drive a vehicle that’s more likely to be stolen or burglarized.

Car Insurance Rates in Washington by Insurance Credit Score

Insurance companies in Washington State are allowed to use insurance credit data when they calculate your premium. But why is your credit score relevant to your car insurance?

Drivers with low credit scores are statistically more likely to file an insurance claim within their lifetimes, and they’re also more likely to be caught filing inflated claims. A low credit score is also correlated with insurance fraud — the lower your score, the more likely you are to commit fraud. This means that if you have a low credit score, you’ll pay more for your insurance. You are also less likely to pay your premium on time or at all.

Let’s take a look at how your credit score can influence your insurance premium. 

Credit ScoreCheapest ProviderRate for State Minimum Coverage
Poor 300–579GEICO$2,197
Fair 580–669Dairyland$1,693
Good 670–739USAA$1,369
Excellent 740+USAA$1,270

Do you have bad credit? You may want to take some time to raise your credit score and in the process, lower your premium. Once your credit score goes up, consider applying for a few new quotes. 

Insurance for Drivers with a Clean Record in Washington

You’ll have an easier time finding cheap car insurance if you have a clean driving record. Your driving record is one of the most influential factors in most car insurance company formulas. More car insurance companies will want to work with you if you have a proven track record of safe driving habits, which means that you’ll have access to the lowest rates. Staying vigilant on the road, following local laws and avoiding common driving distractions can all help you stay safe on the road — and save you money.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for 3 different types of coverage if you have a clean record: 

  • State minimum coverage includes only the bare minimum liability insurance you need to have to legally drive in Washington.
  • Standard coverage includes state minimum liability insurance plus collision coverage.
  • Full coverage includes state minimum liability coverage, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. 
Insurance CompanyState Minimum InsuranceStandard CoverageFull Coverage
Country Financial$702$1,202$1,808

Insurance Rates in Washington with Driving Infractions

You’ll pay more for your insurance if you do have infractions on your driving record. Drivers who have been involved in an accident or gotten a citation in the past are more likely to be involved in another incident. This makes you a riskier candidate for insurance and means your coverage rates will be higher.

Not every type of driving infraction is seen as equally serious by insurance companies. Let’s take a look at how 3 different common driving infractions will influence what you pay for car insurance:

  • At-fault accident: At-fault accidents are collisions that you partially or fully cause.
  • Speed violation: Speed violations involve driving above the posted speed limit. The faster you go, the more serious the speed violation. Occasionally, speed violations also apply if you drive too far below the speed limit.
  • DUI: DUI stands for “driving under the influence” of drugs or alcohol. A DUI is one of the most serious driving offenses and will significantly raise your rates. 
Insurance CompanyAt-Fault Accident Speed Violation DUI
PEMCO $3,149$1,590$6,376

Best Car Insurance Providers in Washington State

You may be putting yourself at financial and legal risk if you don’t have car insurance in Washington State. Consider these top insurance providers in your search for affordable and reliable coverage.  

securely through PEMCO's website

1. Best Overall: PEMCO Insurance

PEMCO Insurance is one of Washington State’s favorite auto insurance companies. J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Satisfaction Survey, which ranks auto insurance companies throughout the nation based on customer satisfaction, gave PEMCO Insurance first place for the Northwest.

PEMCO has gotten top marks for the last 7 consecutive years. PEMCO Insurance should be your top choice if you value a comprehensive customer experience. 

Grange Insurance
securely through Grange Insurance's website

2. Cheapest Car Insurance in Washington State: Grange Insurance

Chances are that you’ll get your lowest quote from Grange Insurance if you live in one of Washington’s largest cities.

Grange offers the lowest insurance rates in Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver and more. Grange offers a wide range of policy choices, ranging from bare minimum coverage to full coverage.

Grange also offers a number of unique policy add-ons like full glass repair, coverage for pets injured in your vehicle and even identity theft coverage. 

State Farm
Best For
  • Rideshare drivers

3. Best Coverage for Multiple Cars: State Farm

Thinking about how to lower your car insurance and balance multiple premiums at the same time?

The key might be to switch to State Farm. State Farm offers a wide range of discounts and its list of ways to save eclipses most other insurance companies.

You can save when you take a defensive driving course, stay accident-free or if your teen brings home good grades. There’s also a multi-car discount that slashes your premium when you insure multiple vehicles. 

4. Best for Military Personnel: USAA

USAA is a unique car and home insurance company that offers policies to members of the armed forces, veterans and their family members.

Best For
  • Active military members

These packages are limited but can offer you some huge savings if you qualify. USAA is consistently highly rated on J.D. Power’s Auto Satisfaction Survey and it offers a wide range of coverages as well. Make sure you meet service requirements before you request a quote from USAA. 

Best Car Insurance Seattle

Looking for the best rates in Seattle? Here's some of our favorite providers.

Drive Away with the Coverage You Need

Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to research your policy options. Get at least 5 quotes from competing companies so you know you’re making the best possible choice and not overpaying for coverage. Also, make sure that you have “gap” insurance if your old policy ends before your new one begins. You don’t want to be caught on the road without it the day before your insurance goes into effect!

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of discounts are usually available?


The most common discounts available are multi-policy and auto-pay, but every company is different. Other discounts that are widely available are loyalty, good student and anti-theft device discounts. See our top providers with the best discounts and get a unique quote.


How do I bundle my car insurance with another policy, and should I?


An agent can help you bundle your car insurance with another policy. You can get a discount on your premium by bundling your home and auto together, for example. Check out the top providers here.


Is there any way I can lower my insurance premiums?


You can often get a lower premium by maintaining coverage without any gaps in coverage. You can also lower your premium with discounts. Bundling your products is another way to lower your car insurance premiums. Get a customized quote to see if you can lower your premiums.

*Quotes were obtained using the following profile: base 2015 Toyota Camry, male, 40-years-old. Policies reflect state minimum coverage options. We make every effort to provide the most accurate quotes based on the profile above. Due to the many combined variables involved in insurance quotes, the only way to get an accurate quote is to enter your own information through our partners' secure websites.