Best Cannabis Grow Kit

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Contributor, Benzinga
July 25, 2022

On the face of it, growing cannabis can seem like a simple task. You push cannabis seeds into the ground like any other seed, water regularly, sit back, relax and watch it grow and blossom. However, the procedure for growing cannabis to yield a quality product is complicated and challenging. The reason is that cannabis thrives under specific environmental and climatic conditions. Most species perform exceptionally well in a tropical climate where it's sunny, dry and warm but poorly in a temperate climate characterized by cold and humidity. 

As a result, most growers seek ways to mimic or control the specific climatic and environmental conditions needed to produce high-quality and potent buds. That's where a cannabis grow kit comes in handy. A grow kit is a prepackaged containment equipped with essential components that'll allow you to control growth conditions like humidity, temperature and hydration. These conditions impact the bud's quality and potency.

Suppose you are a cannabis lover looking to start growing your own stuff within your home. In that case, a grow kit is a must-have if you hope to achieve quality in the shortest possible time. Let's face it; nothing makes you appreciate the plant more than growing it yourself. Aside from saving you a considerable sum that ordinarily would have been spent in the dispensary, you can also earn returns by selling some of your harvests. In fact, you could make a sufficient sum to cover the cost of your indoor cultivation equipment in a short time.

Benzinga compiled the best cannabis grow kits available to help you make the best choice when choosing a grow kit for indoor cultivation.

Best Cannabis Grow Kit

With cannabis grow kit, you're sure to deliver expert-level quality buds in the shortest possible time. Here are some of the best home grow kits you should try to get your hands on ASAP.

Pot for Pot Grow Kit

Unlike most grow kits, the Pot for Pot Grow Kit isn't designed in itself as a grow box or tent. It serves as a top-tier auxiliary all-included kit for people with dedicated farm space for their cannabis culture. It features five individual all-in-one grow kits — between ½ gallon to 35 gallons across all production sizes.

Pot for Pot grow kits all come at affordable prices. Whether you're going for the entry-level mini complete pot grow kit that can grow up to an ounce of flower, or the Large Complete Pot Grow Kit that can grow up to a pound of flower, it won't cost you more than $500. Some sell for as low as $34.95.

The kits are equipped with everything required for indoor cultivation, including a seed germination kit, soil, beneficial bacteria, pot drain saucer, spray bottle, complete growing guide and other relevant garden supplies for your high-quality marijuana farm

Furthermore, the kit features round-the-clock grow support in case things become a little challenging. The medium complete grow kit and larger kits all come with a magnifying smartphone camera lens helpful in tracking your bud growth. Suppose you are a beginner with no growth experience. In that case, the Pot for Pot Grow Kit is the perfect kit to get you started, especially when paired with an auto-flowering cannabis strain. With expert guidance and optimal cultivation conditions, you'll be harvesting your first potent bud in no time.

The Bud Grower

The Bud Grower Grow Kit is a grow tent perfect for indoor scalable growth. Its size specifications (depth by width by height) vary between (24" X 24" X 60") and (48" X 48" X 80"), depending on your preference. Bud Grower features five highly sophisticated kits that can potentially grow up to 9 plants at once.

The grow kit comes prepackaged with tents, lights, enriched soil, nutrients, heat and humidity monitor, electric timer, soil and other peripherals you'll need for growing. For newbies, the Starter Indoor Kit and Signature LED Indoor Kit are the natural best option containing everything you need to grow about 1 to 3 plants. They offer the best combination of unique features of the Bud Grower Grow Kit. And their small size means you won't need much space to cultivate your cannabis. The kit will fit anywhere between a closet and a pantry.

All Bud Grower grow kits have top-to-bottom zippers and a double flap closure to let light into the grow area and provide easy access to all parts of your cannabis and the farm. The Bud Grower kit costs anywhere between $500 and $1,500, depending on the kit type you want and your location. Bud Grower kits come with growing tips and instructional materials, plus access to customer support and a one-year warranty.

Mars Hydro Complete Weed Growing Kit

Equipped with a long list of growing essentials, the Mars Hydro Growth Kit is a highly functional mid-line indoor grow tent kit that delivers premium quality bud harvests. There are several models of the Mars Hydro kit, each tailored for growers according to need and expertise level. Sizes range from the small 2" X 2" sized tent for smaller production at the amateur level to the larger bedroom-sized 8" X 8" tent that caters to large indoor grows. 

All variations of the Mars Hydro grow kit come equipped with an inner coat of 99% diamond-reflective Mylar interior that ensures optimal reflective lighting within the farm. Other essential components of this grow kit include a built-in pouch for growing tools or accessories, dual intake and exhaust vents and a top filter vent for filtering and airing your plant's signature smell. There are also four individual five-gallon grow bags, a humidity and temperature regulator, a mesh window for easy observation and much more.

The tent's high-quality 1680d canvas skeleton is one of its core selling points compared to the 601d canvas used by other kits within the same feature spec. The Mars Hydro Grow Kit can cost between $400 and $1,500. Mars Hydro Grow Kit is possibly the best for growers looking to get the best of both worlds — reliable premium quality and affordability.

Dealzer Cash Crop 6.0

The Cash Crop 6.0 is Dealzer's brainchild. It is a grow box kit type that comes in variations of small, compact single and multiple box types. The kit's design makes it perfect for growing multiple plants per growth cycle. It is easy to use with a simple, non-complicated design structure. One of its key attributes is the LED hydroponics system, allowing alternative cultivation of cannabis strains in a nutrient-rich solution (nutriculture) without soil.

Furthermore, the box is prepackaged with full spectrum LED top and side lighting, fans, carbon filter, odor control, exhaust, air pump, ventilation, water pump and other accessories. The kit's nutriculture broth can be upgraded with an advanced nutrient pack. Dealzer's Cash Crop kit is unique because it is a fully automated environment requiring little or no human input. Environmental and climate conditions on the farm are regulated automatically. All you'll need to do as a grower is set up the kit and switch the plant's water and nutrients weekly. 

According to Dealzer, the three-foot-tall Cash Crop 3.0 can produce about 1 to 2 pounds of dry flower in a single growth cycle, which can be as short as 8 to 12 weeks. If you want to grow your quality weed hands-off, Dealzer is the real deal. Generally, a Dealzer Cash Crop 6.0 can cost between $500 and $2,000. 

Green Goddess Armoire Grow Kit

Green Goddess Armoire is highly advanced stealth grow box kit type that eliminates all the guesswork involved in cultivating your cannabis. The kit box fronts a sleek discrete look that camouflages it as another antique high ornate wardrobe (armoire) in the house. This kit doesn't just deliver top-tier production quality buds in a short time but also makes for attractive aesthetics. A fully operational bio chamber kit guarantees at least a quarter pound of flower in as little as 60 days.

The Green Goddess prides itself on its energy-efficient set-up, effectively reducing production costs. The kit's chamber is at least four feet tall, pre-equipped with a 12-spectrum LED light, WiFi-connected waterproof camera for remote observation, air circulation fans and an ultra-quiet filtration system. There are also child-proof locks, temperature and humidity regulators and a smell-proof carbon scrubber that ensures that you can stand the chamber anywhere in the house without worrying about the smell.

While this kit's system isn't wholly hands-free, it requires minimal effort. As a grower, all you'll need to figure out is plugging in the unit, planting your cannabis seeds and adding water. With as little as two minutes of check-up time daily, you can ensure a top-quality marijuana harvest. Green Goddess Armoire costs somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000.

How to Maximize Cannabis Yield With a Growth Kit

Say there's grow kit A and grow kit B cultivating a single strain of the same cannabis. It is possible to grow kit A's harvest to eclipse that of kit B even though they are the same and were bred under the same conditions. The trick is knowing the right approach to handling your weed cultivation. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your cannabis yield.

Ensure Optimal Light Distribution

Cannabis, like any other plant, needs adequate light to grow optimally. Regardless of your growth space's size, try to get as much LED illumination as possible. When your cannabis plants are exposed to enough lighting, they grow healthier and uniformly—leading to better harvest, quality yield and potentially shorter harvest time.

Adapt the SCORG Technique

SCORG is an acronym for Screen of Green. It is an invaluable technique for smaller indoor grows. The approach involves inserting a screen (typically chicken wire or similar material) between your cannabis nursery and the light source. So, as the plant grows upwards to the light source, its branches will grow through the screen. Afterward, you can tie them to the screen with strings or twine. Light penetration is maximized with the cannabis branches and leaves evenly spread out. Also, since the branches won't grow past the screen, they won't be crowded. 

Consider Hydroponics

Hydroponics involves cultivating plants (flowers, herbs, and vegetables) in an inert growing media without soil. In such environments, the plants are directly supplied with water, oxygen and nutrient-rich solutions — hydroponic aims to remove any possible barrier between the root and growth nutrients.

If done right, cultivating your cannabis with hydroponics saves you significant space compared to a traditional soil container. Furthermore, it offers you the flexibility to directly tinker with the nutrient constituents of the nutrient broth to best match the nutrient requirements of your growing strain. 

When cannabis plants have access to nutrient water, they won't have to branch their roots longer than necessary. The increased space availability and tailored nutrient feed mean that you can grow more plants, and your cannabis plants will be healthier.

Advantages of Using a Home Grow Kit

You might wonder why you need a grow kit when you can adopt the traditional approach to cultivation without hassles. Well, here are a few benefits that you stand to enjoy should you cultivate your cannabis with a home grow kit.

Very Convenient

Hands-free cultivation is at the core of every cannabis grow kit. The cannabis grow kit, by default, comes with everything you'll need to plant and grow your own marijuana. When you buy a grow kit, you won't have to worry about what type or grade of equipment and supplies you'll need for growing. Not only does this save you time, but it also removes the effort required to research what to do and how to do it as a beginner grower. An all-in-one inclusive growth environment makes for convenience.

Optimized Ventilation and Lighting

When setting up a traditional farm, most of your time and effort goes into determining the optimal specimen spacing and size that guarantees ample lighting and ventilation. Regardless of how meticulous you're, you can still get this wrong.

The cannabis grow kit comes equipped with factory-tested and prefabricated components. These include fans, lighting and grow tents that can mimic natural climatic and environmental conditions with a lower margin of error.

Easy to Use

Virtually all cannabis grower's kits come with a simple and otherwise straightforward design interface that is very easy to use. Their components are already pretested to ensure that plants receive the right amount of light, ventilation, moisture and nutrients.

Disadvantages of a Home Grow Kit

There are two sides to every coin. While leveraging a growth kit to cultivate your cannabis is advantageous, it also has a few disadvantages. Let's review some of the disadvantages of using home grow kits.

Potentially Expensive to Set Up

The cannabis grow kit can be quite expensive to set up for the first time. Some high-end kits can cost as much as $1,500. Moreover, electricity bills can balloon to a considerable sum in a short time. 

If you do not want to dig deep into your pocket, a smart way to circumvent the set-up cost is to start small. Kits with comparatively fewer auxiliary functions have affordable price tags and still deliver optimally. To avoid excessive electricity bills, you should also consider kits with comparatively fewer electrical components when shopping.

Requires More Care and Maintenance

Generally, grow kits require more attention, especially during the initial growth stages of the culture plants. This feature doubles as an advantage and disadvantage since more care and control mean potentially higher yield. You can consider opting for more hands-off kits if this is a bother. However, you should remember that they might be more expensive than other types of grow kits/

Scaling Difficulties

Most grow kits have specs tailored for particular plant numbers or output yields. Therefore, trying to scale up will necessitate your tinkering with the lighting, ventilation and other prefabricated components. This activity can be counterproductive — especially if you have limited knowledge about how such features operate.

If you want to scale your farm, a good approach is to consider getting a bigger-sized grow kit. Also, you can contact the grow kit's customer support to ask for relevant instructions.

While you may believe that you can turn a grow kit into a business, that’s not always the case. Take a lesson from the commercial fish industry. If you have an aquarium, that’s quite different from farming salmon in a tank that holds thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of fish. In the same way, you may experience difficulty when scaling your business. As a result, you should work slowly and never assume that one grow kit can change your life.

The grow kit is just the start.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal to ship cannabis grow kits in the mail?


Although it is legal to ship grow kits in all 50 states, some states do not allow marijuana seeds to be packaged along with the grow kit shipment. It would also be illegal to use a grow kit to grow marijuana in a state where it is not legal. 


Is growing cannabis legal?


In several states in the U.S. and to varying degrees, cannabis cultivation is allowed. Check laws in your state. 


How long does it take to set up a cannabis grow kit?


Set-up time usually varies from kit to kit. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to set up your grow kit.