Best Cannabis and Marijuana-Related Podcasts

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Contributor, Benzinga
July 15, 2020

Legal marijuana sales will earn as much as $23 billion in the U.S. alone by 2025. This burgeoning industry is still young, so now’s the time to insert yourself if you’re looking to cash in on ample opportunities. 

As more and more states legalize recreational pot and the call for federal legalization grows louder, podcasts like Benzinga’s Cannabis Hour are a perfect way to stay in the know. Here are the podcasts that cover investing, manufacturing, legal and regulatory considerations to gain an edge in an industry attracting eagle-eyed entrepreneurs at lightning speed.

Podcast 1: Benzinga Cannabis Hour

Benzinga Cannabis Hour is a bi-weekly podcast focused on marijuana and all things weed, CBD, hemp and psychedelics. Hosts include Elliot Lane, Javier Hasse and Patrick Lane. The podcast involves conversations with the most influential people doing business in cannabis and gives you the pulse of the marijuana industry. 

Topics range from: 

  • Cannabis investing
  • Legal and regulatory issues 
  • Emerging trends about marijuana brands that dictate the industry
  • Exclusive Interviews

Founders of cannabis-focused investment firms, heads of cannabinoid (CBD) companies and leaders of verifiable cannabis empires are among the stacked roster of weed industry giants.

Gain valuable insight from the conversations Hasse and Lane have with guests like Colin Hanks, Actor, Producer, Director & Entrepreneur. In this episode, enjoy a review of Hank’s cannabis brand, Hanks Kerchiefs.

You can listen to Benzinga Cannabis Hour on all streaming services, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or from the Benzinga Podcasts website

Follow Benzinga on Twitter @benzinga and Instagram at @benzinga to stay up to date on all things investing and cannabis.

Podcast 2: The Ganjapreneur Podcast

Ganjapreneur is a weekly podcast that host T.G. Branfalt conducts with noteworthy cannabis entrepreneurs, stakeholders in cannabis companies, activists and other experts in various areas of the weed business. 

For example, you can listen to Ganjapreneur’s most recent episode with Brent and Barry Walker, heads of Dub Bros, which focuses on vertical integration and how legal cannabis entities can conduct business across multiple state lines.

You can listen with Spotify, iTunes and other streaming services.

Podcast 3: Weed + Grub

The Weed + Grub podcast is funny with a sharp bite about all the good things in life: good weed, great food and big laughs. 

Hosted by Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer and weed world aficionado, writer, influencer and entertainer Mary Jane Gibson, Weed + Grub provides cultural commentary and fascinating conversation with like-minded stoners like Jim Belushi and cannabis industry giants like Ben Whalen. If you’re a foodie or a weed snob or both, this is a great podcast to learn something new without getting too serious.

You can find the podcast on Instagram at @weedandgrub.

Podcast 4: CannaInsider

CannaInsider is a top-rated cannabis business-focused podcast in interview format. Host Matthew Kind tackles a wide range of topics with principal players in the marijuana, CBD and legal cannabis sectors of the business world. 

Episodes monitor current trends in cannabis like market downturns and issues like accessing capital as a license holder in the legal cannabis market. You can listen on many platforms like Apple Podcasts or directly from the CannaInsider app

CannaInsider doesn’t limit itself to audio. You’ll find interesting and valuable editorials on its website, along with product reviews and industry analyses like its free report, “The Five Trends That Will Disrupt the Cannabis Industry.” Use CannaInsider for a business-centric perspective on all things cannabis and hemp. 

Follow CannaInsider on Twitter @cannainsider or on Facebook.

Podcast 5: Wine and Weed

Dealing with weed isn’t all serious business, of course. Sometimes it's “relaxing” to have heated, near-yelling debates with your friends over a joint and a glass of something to take the edge off. The hosts of Wine and Weed, Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chris "Christopher" Reinacher, guide you through this completely necessary ritual with exactly 1 joint and exactly 1 bottle of wine.

Hot-button topics like social justice issues, conspiracy theories and the latest awful thing you wish you hadn’t seen on social media are discussed at length between the hosts and a stacked roster of special guests. In one episode, rapper and producer Wale joins the 2 for a session to hash out all the latest cultural news.

Though the duo often tackle controversial topics, the show is downright hilarious. Take your mind off all that’s wrong with the world by kicking back with Chris and Steelo and their dark humor in over 70 episodes on Apple Podcasts and other platforms.

Keep up with Wine and Weed on Instagram @wineandweedpodcast.

Podcast 6: Getting Doug with High

Weed and comedy go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re in need of a good giggle session, Getting Doug with High awaits you. 

Professional funny person Doug Benson hosts this pod. The concept is pretty simple — Doug sparks up with his favorite other funny people such as Jack Black and Jenny Slate. They all share stories and you’ll get the wheezing, silent, knee-slapping, can’t-stop-once-you-start laughing fits. The episode where Doug interviews John DiMaggio, most famously known as voice to Bender from “Futurama,” is a fan favorite. His impressions are spot-on. 

Tune in with Spotify and other streaming services or watch on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Follow Doug Benson on Instagram @youdontknowdoug.

Podcast 7: How to Do the Pot, a Woman’s Guide to Cannabis

Presented in bite-sized segments, How to Do the Pot strives to answer any question anybody — especially women — may have about cannabis. It’s hosted by cannabis veteran April Pride, who successfully started and sold the female-tailored cannabis brand Van der Pop.

Here are some burning questions she answers: So, medical and recreational marijuana are legal in many places now, but how do you get it? Do you just walk into the weed store and ask for it? How do you know what to get? Do you need your medical card? How much should you expect to spend? Will you look silly if you have no idea what you’re doing?

In a recent episode, Pride welcomed Hope Wiseman, America’s youngest black female dispensary owner, to walk us through the ins-and-outs of getting weed from a licensed facility.

Other topics include using CBD to manage pain and the dos-and-don’ts of pot and pregnancy.

Listen now on Spotify and other streaming services. Follow April @aprilpride and the show @dothepot on Instagram to stay in the loop.

Podcast 8: The Adam Dunn Show

Long before it was a legal industry in the U.S., Adam Dunn made waves as a cannabis entrepreneur. Dunn, who started his career in the Netherlands, has over 25 years of experience doing business with weed. He’s got an arsenal of crazy stories and crazier guests to show for it. 

Describing itself as “the crossroads between cannabis and the mainstream,” The Adam Dunn Show is a great podcast to listen to for anybody who enjoys a good interactive radio talk show in the same vein as “The Breakfast Club” or “The Howard Stern Show.” It’s presented weekly and guests can call in to speak with Dunn and his guests. 

You have plenty of material to dive into, with over 240 3-hour-long episodes covering the marijuana industry, science, rumors and culture. Many episodes span multiple perspectives. For example, check out this episode with special guest Jim Friere, who first sounded the warning bell over the unknown dangers of vaping and dabbing and also offers insight into how new government restrictions and medical warnings affect companies selling vaping-related products.

You can experience The Adam Dunn show in many places, including YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

Follow the show on Instagram @adamdunnshow to stay updated. 

Apply Cannabis Podcast Information Wisely

When you enjoy a cannabis podcast, remember to take some of the things you hear with a grain of research (not salt). You can look into things you hear, speak to your doctor and make choices based on additional information. Think of who the host of guest is, what their qualifications are and how their advice relates to your lived experience.

Benzinga encourages the collection of a wealth of knowledge on any topic, and that includes cannabis. Don’t be afraid to verify what you hear and move cautiously when trying something new.

Stay Tuned in with the Cannabis Industry

There’s new information, new legal standards, exciting innovations and new opportunities almost every day in the cannabis industry. 

Podcasts are the perfect way to stay educated about the state of legal weed and the markets and economy sectors tied into it. Listen to a podcast episode like Benzinga’s Cannabis Hour on long drives or while you finish your home workout. It’s the best way to learn from the movers and shakers of the industry and stay tuned in to real-time reports from those on the frontlines.