Best Blogs for Investing in Stocks, Ranked

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May 31, 2023

Diving into stock investing can make you feel lost at sea. Advice and wisdom can help guide your decision-making, and there are endless blogs that outline individual stock investing experiences.  Review our list of the best blogs for investing in stocks to contemplate your next stock buy now. 

Quick Look at the Best Blogs for Investing in Stocks:

Why These Picks?

Blogs started as personal websites where people or a group of people would regularly discuss topics of interest. Later, corporations picked up the idea and converted the blogs into a platform. Blogs can impart valuable knowledge to a corporation’s consumer base and help sell products. 

Blogs now compete with news sites and other similar platforms to disseminate knowledge to the masses. This means blogs are now capable of sharing useful and professionally curated information.

But it’s important to vet the experience shared on any blog. We’ve done the work for you and below we recommend the best blogs for investing in stocks. 

Best Blog for Forex Traders: FXTM

FXTM is an Exinity Group entity and a provider of online trading services. Beyond offering access to various markets, the broker operates a blog whose information targets investors of different definitions. Plenty of the blog’s information targets Forex traders – from beginners to experts.

Forex trading is a popular investment vehicle. The market’s attractiveness arises from the fact that currency markets are the world’s most liquid. FXTM is among the biggest players in online forex trading. It makes sense that the company should run a blog to inform current and prospective traders about the market.

The FXTM blog also offers instructional material for beginners who wish to enhance their forex trading skills. The blog includes guides and tutorials, as well as regular webinars.

Best for Crypto Technical Analysis: TradingView 

TradingView is the go-to platform for all your technical analysis needs. The platform has the tools and data to enable users to formulate and test their ideas. Since the cryptocurrency wave took over global finance, TradingView incorporated the necessary tools to develop an accurate technical sense of crypto. 

The platform provides real-time cryptocurrency market data in partnership with ICE Data Services, a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange, also the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  

Cryptocurrencies are an alternative asset class for investors looking to expand their portfolios. However, the market is still in its formative stages, and sometimes the prices exhibit violent volatilities.  

Leveraging tools such as TradingView enables traders to manage the great risk inherent in the crypto market. 

Apart from cryptocurrency, TradingView is among the best blogs for investing in stocks. Users publish trading ideas regularly, many of them quite solid. The vast technical analysis tools allow users to convert random ideas into actionable insights. 

Best Blog for Financial Analysis: The Reformed Broker

Joshua M. Brown is the mind behind The Reformed Broker blog. Brown is a financial advisor who operates in New York, serves on the boards of many notable companies and is also a published author. The Reformed Broker is Brown’s space where he dispenses useful insights focused on economics, media, markets and finance. 

The blog is unique in that the author does not claim to offer financial advice. Instead, you can find interesting content that weaves statistics, facts, and satire. According to Brown, the blog is a platform for a “running commentary” of insights and thoughts related to the market. The beauty of the commentary is that it takes place in near real-time.

A Blog for Beginner Investors: Wealthsimple

Personal finance is one of the most Googled topics since the Covid-19-induced recession. Wealthsimple likely received many hits because personal finance is its forte. The Canada-based company brings together expert and experienced financial advisors who guide its clients on personal matters. 

Beyond dispensing investing advice via its blog, Wealthsimple offers smart and low-cost investment management services. The company prefers investing in index funds. It leverages cutting-edge technology to rebalance the portfolio automatically and to reinvest dividends.

The Wealthsimple blog contains a wide range of information in different categories such as savings, investing, tax, cryptocurrency, finance and retirement. Visitors can also learn how to create a simplified financial plan.

Best Blog for Staying Informed About the Stock Market: Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform that aggregates news reports in real-time from various sources. Reddit users rate web content and discuss a range of topics as they arise. 

The unique aspect of Reddit is the subreddits. A subreddit is a specialized community that shares information and discusses particular topics – often preceded by /r/. If you have an interest in highly-rated content about the stock market, then you can join the stock market subreddit, stylized as r/StockMarket

Reddit is different from other social media platforms in that users in each community adhere to strictly enforced rules. The platform is also a popular joint for professionals looking to share their wisdom. 

Best Blog for General Investment Advice: The Collaborative Fund

One of the hardest things to do as an investor is putting knowledge into practice. Although most of the blogs so far mentioned offer such guidance, none do it as a primary endeavor. This is where The Collaborative Fund stands out. The company itself operates as a vehicle through which members can make investments in a diverse portfolio.

The Collaborative Fund’s blog is rich in insights that are simple yet eye-opening. Morgan Housel is the mind behind the blog posts. Housel is a brilliant writer whose ability to spin complex issues into simple insights is amazing. He has a unique perspective on a wide range of topics, primarily macroeconomics. The information should help you to create a solid disposition and investment personality.

Best Blog for Learning How to Pay Taxes on Crypto Investments: CryptoTrader.Tax

CryptoTrader.Tax is a collection of people on a unique mission. The team aims to make it easy for crypto traders and enthusiasts when it comes to paying taxes. Considering that the cryptocurrency industry is just picking up and the legal environment is grey in many parts of the world, CryptoTrader.Tax services are a lifesaver.

CryptoTrader.Tax delivers its services in four simple steps. First, you upload your crypto transactions to the platform. Secondly, add your crypto-related income and generate a tax report with a single click of a button. Lastly, the platform facilitates the filing of taxes.

The platform’s blog is a goldmine of tax-related information targeting the crypto market. Though most of the information leans on the advice side, the blog also provides news reports touching tax and crypto issues. 

The cryptocurrency ecosystem does not have a clear definition in many parts of the world, even in the U.S. In this context, you begin to appreciate the noble work that the CryptoTrader.Tax team is doing via the blog.

Dig into Blogs for Investing Today

Each of these blogs serve a particular objective, whether it’s value investing or personal experience. The blog of a well-informed platform or investor can help mold you into a successful investor. 

But knowledge alone is not enough. It amounts to nothing if you fill your head with information you don’t use. Dig into a blog for investing in stocks and take your reflections to the market today. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I learn about trading stocks?


One place to learn about trading stocks is to read blogs about stock trading.


Can I learn from stock trading blogs?


If you choose the blog wisely, you can learn from reading blogs about trading stocks.


What are the best blogs about trading stocks?


Benziga offers a list of the best stock trading blogs above.