AWS Fundamentals Courses

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Want to increase your Amazon Web Services (AWS) knowledge? You can garner prospective employers’ attention, make yourself more marketable in a crowded pool of information technology prospects or work more effectively in your current role or land a promotion. These skills can also help you land freelance gigs to generate a side income. 

An online course is an ideal way to boost your smarts in record time without breaking the bank. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey — you can find viable options for all skill levels. 

Benzinga is here to help you find an AWS fundamentals course that suits your needs, budget and busy lifestyle. 

Quick Look: AWS Fundamentals Courses 

Take a sneak peek at the best AWS fundamentals courses: 

What Makes an AWS Fundamentals Course Great?

Before you enroll in an AWS fundamentals course, confirm it meets these criteria. 

Covers the Basics

AWS is an extensive cloud platform with many components. You want a course that covers the basics before moving on to more challenging concepts. This is especially critical if you’re just getting started.

Provides Hands-On Instruction 

Video lectures are an effective way to introduce students to the essentials. But the best AWS fundamentals courses take things a step further by implementing hands-on instruction to demonstrate these vital concepts in action. It’s also beneficial if the class includes assignments and projects you can complete to develop or polish your skills. 


You can find online AWS fundamentals courses for every budget. Only consider options that won’t stretch your wallet too thin. You can also select a free class to get your feet wet if you’re new to AWS and transition to paid courses once you’re comfortable with the introductory material. 

Our Top Picks

We’ve conducted extensive research to bring you the best online AWS fundamentals courses. Our top picks are from leading online learning providers, including Coursera, Skillshare and Udemy. 

Below, you will find the courses listed by skill level — beginners, intermediate students and advanced students. There’s also a description and price point included with each option to help you easily identify the best fit. 

AWS Fundamentals Courses for Beginners

New to Amazon Web Services? Get started with these courses that are designed just for beginners. 

AWS Essentials

Beginner • 61 videos • 3.4 hours

1. AWS Essentials by Udemy

Who it’s for: Beginners

Price: On sale

Offered by AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, this introductory course explores AWS products, services and common solutions to help you gain a holistic view of the technology infrastructure platform. It is designed for individuals who are new to AWS and technology professionals who want to use the services in the field. 

AWS Essentials includes 5 core modules:

  • Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing
  • AWS Foundational Services
  • Security and Identity and Access Management
  • AWS Database
  • Elasticity and Management Tools 

Register today for full lifetime access to 61 lectures jam-packed into 3.5 hours of on-demand video. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course. 

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2. Absolute Beginners Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by Skillshare 

Who it’s for: Beginners

Price: Free

Hashtag Learning brings you this interactive course on the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services. You’ll acquire foundational knowledge to prepare you for an AWS-related role or sharpen your skillset to position yourself for career advancement opportunities. 

Absolute Beginners Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) entails 29 lessons on a variety of core topics, including identity and access management, API usage tracking through Cloud Trail, AWS CLI and more. Plus, the course dives into security groups, buckets, objects and S3. 

It’s facilitated by Sai Kiran Rathan, an AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional and AWS Certified Sysops Administrator. 

Enrollment is free with a Skillshare trial.

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Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

Beginner • 31 videos • 2.3 hours

3. Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing by Udemy 

Who it’s for: Beginners

Price: Free

Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing spans a little over 2 hours and introduces students to Amazon Cloud Computing through a series of lectures. 

Here are the topics you can expect to learn about: 

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloudformation 
  • DynamoDB 
  • The AWS Cloud
  • The Elastic Beanstalk Service
  • The Elastic Compute Cloud Service
  • The Lambda Compute Service
  • The OpsWorks Service
  • The Simple Storage Service
  • The Virtual Private Cloud

Instruction is provided by Software Engineer Alan Rodrigues. He holds AWS Solution Architect Associate, AWS Developer Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator Associate, AWS Certified Security Specialist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certifications.

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Intermediate AWS Fundamentals Courses

Once you have a solid grasp on the basics of AWS, move on to these intermediate courses. 

4. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning 

Who it’s for: Intermediate students

Price: Free

Amazon Web Services provides step-by-step instruction to get started with AWS Machine Learning in this 8-hour course. You will discover how Machine Learning facilitates problem-solving, learn to build intelligent applications through Amazon AI services and deploy models using Amazon SageMaker. 

Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning is facilitated by Senior Technical Trainer Blain Sundrud and entails 5 segments:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Pipeline
  • Amazon AI Services: Computer Vision 
  • Amazon AI Services: NLP
  • Introduction to Amazon SageMaker

There’s no cost to enroll.

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5. AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native by Amazon Web Services 

Who it’s for: Intermediate students 

Price: Free

AWS Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native by Amazon Web Services is the first course in the free AWS Fundamentals Specialization from Amazon Web Services. It covers essential AWS fundamental concepts and teaches you how to use AWS compute, database, security and storage services. 

Here’s a breakdown of the course: 

  • Introduction, Infrastructure and Computer
  • Networking and Storage on AWS
  • Databases on AWS
  • Monitoring and Scaling 
  • Security, Cost Management and Course Conclusion 

Instruction is delivered through a series of video lectures and supplementary readings. You will also be tasked with taking quizzes to assess your comprehension of the material. 

Expect to spend 9 hours working through the course material. 

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6. AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk by Amazon Web Services

Who it’s for: Intermediate students 

Price: Free

AWS Fundamentals: Addressing Security Risk is the second installment of the 4-part series from Amazon Web Services. Over 4 weeks, you will learn more about security best practices when developing and managing AWS applications. 

The class is led by Rudy Chetty, senior solutions Architect and Hong Pham, solutions architect. It begins with a primer on AWS compliance programs and basic concepts, followed by lectures on securing your infrastructure, data protection, protecting compute resources and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

It takes 5 hours to complete. 

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Advanced AWS Fundamentals Courses

If you’re a student or career professional that well-versed in AWS, you will find these courses useful. 

7. AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud by Amazon Web Services 

Who it’s for: Advanced students 

Price: Free

AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud is the 3rd course in the AWS Fundamentals Specialization from Amazon Web Services. The lessons take an up-close and personal look at the process used for migrating workloads to AWS. 

You will learn how to analyze your current environment, plan your migration, leverage AWS services to ensure a smooth transition, execute a successful migration and so much more. 

The course is co-facilitated by Cloud Technologist Seph Robinson and Technical Architect Sean Rinn and spans 4 weeks. 

You can get through the videos, reading and quizzes in 8 hours. 

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8. AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications by Amazon Web Services 

Who it’s for: Advanced students

Price: Free

The final component in the AWS Fundamentals Specialization from Amazon Web Services delves into AWS serverless architecture through demonstrations. You will also get the opportunity to complete assignments to test out your newfound building and deploy serverless solutions skills in a practice setting.

AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications is also divided into 4 segments. You’ll walk away from the class with a solid understanding of AWS serverless framework and architecture and how to select and create serverless solutions through AWS.

This course can be completed in 10 hours. 

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Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2020 – NEW!

All Levels • 346 videos • 29.2 hours

9. Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2020 – New! by Udemy

Who it’s for: Advanced students

Price: On sale 

Searching for a course that will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01) exam? Look no further than this Udemy bestseller from AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Developer Associate Stephane Maarek.

It provides you with everything you need to know to pass on the first attempt. You’ll get instant access to 29 hours of on-demand video, 7 articles and 1 practice test when you enroll. Also, know that the 346 video lectures include over 700 slides that can be downloaded into printable PDFs so you can study while on the go, even when you don’t have internet access. 

Take advantage of promotional pricing on this course by enrolling today. 

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Get Started with an AWS Fundamentals Course 

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to make the process seamless. Start by exploring our recommended courses and identifying options that are suitable for your skillset and budget. It only takes a few minutes to register and access the course material. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your AWS knowledge and meeting your educational or career goals.