Market Overview


  • Soybeans Little Lower

    2015 Apr 24, 6:51am canola, soy, soybeans, soymeal, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Soybean futures are a little lower Friday morning. July soybeans are trading at 975 3/4 down 4 3/4 cents. July soybean oil is trading at 32.11, down 0.10. July soymeal is trading at 313.7, down 1.3. The USDA reported weekly soybean export sales of 110,200 tonnes. Weekly soymeal exports were 130,...

  • Sugar Little Higher

    2015 Apr 24, 6:49am sugar, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Sugar futures are trading a little higher Friday morning. July sugar is trading at 13.10, up 0.07. Trading is expected to be choppy and with possible wide ranges. Market chatter about the weak dollar and higher energy prices has been supportive and brought in buyers. Chatter about commercial...

  • Cocoa Higher

    2015 Apr 24, 6:48am cocoa, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    N.Y. cocoa futures are trading higher Friday early morning. July cocoa is trading at 2842, up 42. Market talk about better demand down the road and a weaker dollar has led to some buying. Market chatter of improving global supplies down the road has kept sellers active on rallies.

  • Coffee Little Changed

    2015 Apr 24, 6:47am coffee, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Coffee futures are on trading a little higher early Friday morning. July coffee is trading at 141.70, up 0.20. Chatter about wide ranges and volatile activity continues. Market talk about currency values and weather has both buyers and sellers active in recent session. September coffee is...

  • N.Y. Cotton Little Changed

    2015 Apr 24, 6:46am cotton, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Cotton futures are little changed Friday after Thursday's move higher. Market chatter about possible slow plantings in some areas of the U.S. and exports brought buyers in late Thursday. The USDA reported weekly cotton export sales of 144,933 bales. Chatter about large global supplies continues...

  • Corn Futures Lower

    2015 Apr 23, 2:56pm corn, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Corn futures traded choppy on Thursday and ended the trading session near the lows of the day. May Corn settled at 370 3/4, down 1 3/4 cents. July Corn settled at 376 3/4, down 2 3/4 cents. December Corn settled at 394 1/2, down 3 cents.

  • Wheat Mostly Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 2:55pm Wheat, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Chicago Wheat futures settled Thursday mostly higher. July Chicago Wheat settled at 501 1/4, up 2 1/4 cents. May Chicago Wheat settled at 497 3/4, down 1 cent. Kansas City Wheat ended the session higher. July Kansas City Wheat settled at 522, up 4 3/4. May Kansas City Wheat settled at 516 1/2, up 4...

  • Soybean Futures Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 2:55pm soybeans, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Soybean futures settled higher Thursday. Trading was mostly firm and a little choppy. May Soybeans settled at 978 1/4, up 7 3/4 cents. July Soybeans settled at 980, up 8 3/4. November Soybeans settled at 961 1/2, up 7 3/4 cents. May Soymeal settled at 316.6, up 1.1. May Soybean Oil settled at 32.02...

  • Lean Hogs Sharply Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 2:54pm hogs, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Thursday's USDA hog slaughter was 428,000 head versus a year ago at 417,000 head. Lean Hog ended Thursday's session trading sharply higher and near the highs of the day. June Hogs were trading at 78.02, up 2.97. August Lean Hogs were trading at 79.57, up 1.70.

  • Live Cattle Sharply Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 2:54pm cattle, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Live Cattle futures ended the trading session up the daily available trading limit. June Live Cattle was trading at 149.02, up 3.00. August Cattle is trading at 147.85, up 3.00. Chatter about cash prices and demand ahead helped bring buyers in. Thursday's USDA Cattle slaughter was 105,000 head...

  • Coffee Lower, Cotton Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 2:34pm cocoa, coffee, cotton, orange juice, sugar, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Coffee Futures traded lower Thursday and ended the day near the lows. May Coffee settled at 140.45, down 1.95. July Coffee settled at 141.50, down 2.15. Cocoa futures traded a higher. May Cocoa settled at 2806, up 34. July Cocoa settled at 2802, up 20. Sugar futures opened a little lower and ended...

  • Citi Issues Warning About Latest EIA Oil Production Data

    2015 Apr 23, 11:24am Analyst Color, Citi, EIA, EIA oil numbers, News, USO, Specialty ETFs, Commodities

    In a new report, Citi Research analysts caution anxious oil investors about relying too heavily on the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) weekly oil production statistics. According to analysts, there is often a major disconnect between the EIA’s weekly estimate and the actual...

  • Soybeans Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 9:42am soybeans, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Soybean futures are trading higher Thursday morning. May Soybeans are trading at 977 1/4, up 6 3/4 cents. May Soybean Oil is trading at 31.78, up 0.22. May Soymeal is trading at 318.6, up 3.4. Chatter about weather and plantings is constant and has led to some buying.

  • Sugar Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 9:41am sugar, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Sugar Futures have moved higher Thursday. July Sugar is trading at 12.84, up 0.25. Trading is choppy. Chatter about Brazil's currency and market talk about Brazilian sugar millers is constantly changing as sugar prices fluctuate. Trading is firm and chatter about sellers at 13.04 to 13.10 is making...

  • Lean Hogs Little Higher

    2015 Apr 23, 9:19am hogs, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Lean Hogs are trading a little higher Thursday morning after Wednesday's decline, June Hogs are trading at 76.42, up 0.47. July Lean Hogs are trading at 78.35, up 0.47. October Lean hogs are trading at 70.20, up 0.37. Trading is expected to be choppy.