Market Overview


  • Wheat Little Changed

    2015 Jan 26, 6:45am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Chicago Wheat is trading at 530 3/4, up 3/4 of a cent from Friday's close. March Kansas City Wheat is trading at 563 3/4, down 1/4 of a cent. Weekly export sales on Friday were 564,400 tons, which was better than expected. Some chatter about Russia and Ukraine is making the rounds.

  • Corn Lower

    2015 Jan 26, 6:43am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Corn is trading at 384 3/4, down 2 cents. July Corn is trading at 400 1/2, down 2 1/4 cents. On Friday USDA corn weekly export sales were at a high for the marketing year at 2.185 million tons. U.S. corn export sales as of the middle of January are better than expected.

  • Soybean Futures Lower

    2015 Jan 26, 6:41am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Soybeans are trading at 969 3/4, down 3 cents. March Soymeal is trading at 331.8, up 0.3. March Soybean Oil is trading at 31.28, down 0.32. Market chatter is about lackluster soybean export sales data released on Friday and a possible shift in demand, where buyers focus on soybeans in South...

  • Cotton Higher

    2015 Jan 26, 6:35am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Cotton set new contract lows last week on the back of a weaker global growth outlook and hefty cotton supplies. March Cotton is trading at 57.69, up 0.39 to begin the last trading week of the month.

  • Sugar Higher

    2015 Jan 26, 6:35am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    NY March Sugar is steady to higher Monday morning after Friday's decline. Long liquidation and general selling pressured sugar prices down more than 4 percent on Friday. March Sugar is trading at 15.28, up 0.11. May Sugar is trading at 15.58, up 0.10. Trading is subdued to start the week.

  • Cocoa Futures Little Changed

    2015 Jan 26, 6:33am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    NY March Cocoa is little changed during early trading after last week's decline. Cocoa has been one of the bright spots for improving global demand in foodstuff's. Friday's fourth quarter Asian grinding data was worse than expected at a 17.2 percent decline from last year. October-December port...

  • March Coffee Higher

    2015 Jan 26, 6:32am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March NY Coffee was trading at 164.10, up 1.55. May Coffee wwas trading at 166.90, up 1.75. Market talk is about wide trading ranges. Market participants continue to weigh in on the weather in Brazil and how it impacts the crop in different regions of the world's largest producer of coffee. Trading...

  • Prince Alwaleed bin Talal: Saudi Arabia Is Not Using Oil Price To Impact Fracking Industry In U.S.

    2015 Jan 23, 3:51pm CNBC, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Commodities, Markets, Media

    Though Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has most of his fortune invested in companies like Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) (of which he is the largest individual shareholder) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), he still has a sizeable businesses in the oil dependent Saudi Arabian economy. He was recently on CNBC...

  • Morgan Stanley Commodity Report: Copper, Soybeans And Oil

    2015 Jan 23, 3:26pm Analyst Color, China, International Energy Agency, South America, USDA, Commodities, Markets, Analyst Ratings

    Morgan Stanley's recent commodity report focused on copper, soybeans and oil. Here’s what analysts had to say. Falling Copper A Buying Opportunity Analysts were not expecting the 6 percent plunge in copper prices last week, and they see no fundamental reason for the decline. The...

  • Live Cattle, Lean Hogs Sharply Lower

    2015 Jan 23, 2:59pm Futures, Commodities, Markets

    February Cattle settled at 150.35, down 3.00. April Live Cattle settled at 148.80, down 3.00. March Feeder Cattle settled at 201.82, down 4.50. Friday's USDA cattle slaughter was 108,000 head versus 115,000 a year ago. Lean Hog Futures closed sharply lower on general selling. February Lean Hog...

  • Corn Higher, Soybeans Lower

    2015 Jan 23, 2:46pm Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Soybeans closed at 972 3/4, down 4 cents. Soybeans were near unchanged going into the close and dropped as the trading day was about to end. March Soymeal closed at 331.50, up 1.4. March Soybean Oil settled at 31.60, down 0.37. March Corn ended the firm trading day at 386 3/4, up 3 cents....

  • NY Soft Commodities: Sugar Down 4.5%

    2015 Jan 23, 2:44pm Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Sugar closed Friday sharply lower on general selling and pressured by lower energy and demand concerns. March Sugar settled at 15.17, down 0.74. March Cocoa ended trading at 2755, down 46. The Asian Cocoa Grind data was released overnight and showed a fourth quarter decline of 17 percent....

  • Corn, Wheat Higher

    2015 Jan 23, 11:00am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Corn is trading higher at 387 3/4, up 4 1/2 cents. July Corn is trading at 403 1/2, up 4 cents. Trading is steady and firm. Chicago March Wheat is trading up 1 1/4 at 535 and March Kansas City Wheat is trading up 1 1/4 cent at 566.

  • April Live Cattle Limit Down

    2015 Jan 23, 10:39am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Live Cattle Futures are trading sharply lower Friday. February Cattle is trading at 150.62, down 2.75. April Live Cattle is at 148.82, down 3.00. March Feeder Cattle is down 4.45 at 201.956. Trading is weak and choppy. April Lean Hogs are trading 1.70, lower at 71.17.

  • NY Soft Commodities Mixed

    2015 Jan 23, 10:37am Futures, Commodities, Markets

    March Cocoa is trading lower at 2770, down 31. Sugar is trading at 15.43, down 0.48. March Cotton is trading at 57.80, up 0.04. March NY Coffee is trading at 160.35, up 0.40. March Orange Juice is trading at 145.60, down 1.35.


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