Market Overview


  • Wheat Price Manipulation Charges Filed Vs. Kraft Foods, Mondelez

    2015 Apr 01, 5:28pm heinz, KRFT, MDLZ, News, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Wheat, Commodities, Legal

    Kraft Foods Group Inc (NASDAQ: KRFT) and Mondelez International Inc (NASDAQ: MDLZ) were charged Wednesday with obtaining $5.4 million in illegal profits by manipulating wheat prices. Shares of both companies were largely unchanged but volatile in after-hours trading. Pending charges were disclosed...

  • Adam Sarhan On Why Sarhan Capital Is No Longer Short Oil

    2015 Apr 01, 5:15pm Adam Sarhan, Sarhan Capital, Commodities, Exclusives, Markets

    Adam Sarhan was recently a guest on #PreMarket Prep, a daily trading idea radio show hosted by Joel Elconin and Dennis Dick. Sarhan Capital CEO Adam Sarhan discussed crude oil prices on the show. Sarhan said the firm covered its short positions approximately two weeks ago and was no longer...

  • Sugar, Cocoa Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 3:06pm cocoa, coffee, cotton, orange juice, sugar, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    N.Y. Sugar futures traded mostly higher Wednesday and settled the session firm. May Sugar settled at 12.32, up 0.39. May Cocoa traded range-bound early during the session before moving higher. May Cocoa settled 2748, up 49. Cotton futures traded mostly lower and closed weak. May cotton settled at...

  • Soybeans Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 2:46pm soybeans, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Soybean futures traded mostly higher Wednesday. Market talk about weather, acreage and Southern Hemisphere supply concerns helped bring buyers in during an active trading session. May Soybeans settled at 989 3/4, up 16 1/2 cents. July Soybeans settled at 994 1/2, up 16 3/4 cents. November Soybeans...

  • Corn, Wheat Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 2:44pm corn, Wheat, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Corn futures traded on both sides of unchanged after Tuesday's decline before closing firm on Wednesday. May Corn settled at 381 3/4, up 5 1/2 cents. July Corn settled at 390, up 5 3/4 cents. December Corn settled at 406 3/4, up 6 cents. Wheat futures also traded choppy and active before closing...

  • Live Cattle Lower

    2015 Apr 01, 2:19pm cattle, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Wednesday's USDA Cattle slaughter was 96,000 head versus a year ago at 117.000 head. Live Cattle futures had a wide trading range Wednesday. Trading was steady and higher early during the session. Market talk about some demand concerns surfaced and mid-session selling pressured prices a little....

  • Lean Hogs Little Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 2:18pm hogs, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Wednesday's USDA hog slaughter was 434,000 head versus a year ago at 407,000 head. Lean Hogs futures traded choppy early on and ended the day a little higher. June Hogs were trading at 76.20, up 0.40. August Lean Hogs were trading at 78.10, up 0.37. April Hogs were trading at 62.80, up 0.37.

  • N.Y. Coffee Moves Down

    2015 Apr 01, 1:52pm coffee, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Chatter early in the session about uncertain estimates about coffee production brought in some buyers early Wednesday. The gains eroded during late-day selling. Coffee has fallen back to near unchanged. May N.Y. Coffee was trading at 133.70, up 0.80. July Coffee was trading at 136.90, up 0.80.

  • Commodity Funds Continue To Struggle

    2015 Apr 01, 1:33pm ADM, CORN, Sector ETFs, SOYB, TSN, U.S. Department of Agriculture, WEAT, Specialty ETFs

    The price of a bushel of corn for May delivery tumbled during the last day of the quarter by almost 5 percent to $3.756. The move was caused by the corn supply in the Unites States coming in much higher than expected, even after the government pegged its inventory in June at its highest level in...

  • N.Y. Coffee Moves Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 12:13pm coffee, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Chatter about uncertain estimates about Coffee production has brought in some buyers Wednesday. May N.Y. Coffee is trading at 138.55, up 5.65. July Coffee is trading at 141.75, up 5.65. Trading is choppy and higher and wide ranges are likely. Market chatter about weather in the Southern Hemisphere...

  • Cocoa Moves Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 11:30am cocoa, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    N.Y. Cocoa futures have moved higher Wednesday. May Cocoa is trading at 2750, up 51. July Cocoa is trading at 2742, up 43. Chatter about weather outlooks and West African crops has brought buyers in. Trading is choppy and active. Market talk about sellers near 2775 is making the rounds.

  • Wheat Moves Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 11:08am Wheat, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Wheat futures have moved higher Wednesday. Trading has been choppy and active early losses have been erased. May Wheat is trading at 518, up 6 1/4 cents. July Chicago wheat is trading at 519, up 5 3/4 cents. May Kansas City Wheat is trading at 564, up 5 cents.

  • Wheat Moves Lower

    2015 Apr 01, 9:37am Wheat, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Wheat futures have moved lower Wednesday, extending Tuesday losses. May Wheat is trading at 508 3/4, down 3 1/2 cents. July Chicago wheat is trading at 510, down 4 cents. May Kansas City Wheat is trading at 553, down 5 3/4 cents. Trading is weak and chatter about overseas supplies and record world...

  • Sugar Higher

    2015 Apr 01, 9:36am sugar, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    Sugar Futures are trading higher Wednesday. May Sugar is trading at 12.13, up 0.20. July Sugar is trading at 12.22, up 0.16. Market talk about the low Brazilian currency continues. Chatter that production costs have been pushed down to 11.00 to 13.00 in Brazil is making the rounds. Chatter about...

  • Lean Hogs Lower

    2015 Apr 01, 9:11am hogs, Futures, Commodities, Markets

    June Hogs are trading at 75.87, up 0.07. April Hogs are at 61.92, down 0.50. Trading is expected to be choppy. Market talk about better news has eroded, some chatter that news is still lousy is making the rounds. All the gains from yesterday have been erased.