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April 26, 2023
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In collaboration with the century-old First Pryority Bank and Mastercard, the newly launched Zurp brings a fun new product to the financial services market – the Zurp cash account and rewards card. Targeting Generation Z and millennials, this fintech offers users a cash account and credit card that requires no credit check. Zurp card is what you wish your debit card was.

Every credit card transaction earns the holder points for rewards that they can invest in unique experiences like festivals and adventures — from everyday delights like a Starbucks latte or a Netflix binge-watch to more exotic treats like a helicopter ride or courtside NBA tix. Zurp clients can use their Zurp cash accounts for mundane-but-necessary expenditures, including rental and mortgage repayments.

Zurp users incur no account or transaction costs and no required minimum balance. A secured credit card ensures that users can’t overdraw their accounts. Zurp clients can safely build credit scores as they spend. The Zurp rewards card stands out for its great perks, high points (like 1x point on rent; 8x on food, entertainment, gas and travel), high APY and fun rewards.

Best For
  • People tired of the same old rewards
  • Millennials and Gen Z’ers wanting to build credit scores while earning rewards
  • Consumers looking for a high-yield deposit account or cash account
  • Earn unique and exciting experiences
  • A secured credit card that earns rewards and builders credit with no credit check
  • 5.00% APY
  • No fixed balance requirement
  • Points on rent payments
  • No credit checks FDIC insured cash account
  • Get paid two days early
  • New company
  • Only one account type

Zurp Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Pricing and Fees
Mobile App
User Experience

Zurp Product Offering

According to a Business Wire report, the Zurp vision is to create a mutually beneficial product that encourages responsible spending while helping the creative industry. Zurp, a Miami-based fintech, was founded in 2022 with the backing of several respected investors. The product was launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Zurp offers users a cash account and a secured World Mastercard credit card without doing a credit check. New users can open an account in seconds. The account is free to use, and there are no transaction costs. 

Your cash account deposit determines how much you can spend on your secured credit card, and you can use the card as soon as you have funds in the cash account. Leave funds in your account, and Zurp will reward you with up to a generous 5.00% annual percentage yield (APY).

Rewards Cards

Your Zurp cash account entitles you to a secured credit card and VIP membership. You’ll qualify to receive fun rewards and experiences while you build credit score credibility. These include adventures like helicopter rides and festival tickets and day-to-day experiences like ride share.

You earn points whenever you use your rewards card, which all Mastercard vendors accept. The fun Zurp platform runs daily rewards promotions, allowing users to earn thousands of additional points. Every day you use your Zurp card and spend $5, you get a free spin of a wheel to win up to 1,500 extra points.

Zurp rewards new cardholders with 10,000 points as a sign-up bonus. Receive another 10,000 points for a deposit of $100 or a three-month expenditure of $1,000 — that comes up to a promo offer of 30,000 points in total. Users can earn rewards for nearly all money charged to the card, including rent and mortgage payments.

Build a Sound Financial Foundation

A Zurp account is like an everyday checking account, but it comes with the bonus of a secured credit card. A secured credit card avoids any chance of overdraft. Unlike other secured cards where cash is just security, Zurp lets you earn up to 5.00% APY. It’s a great way to build up your financial standing without the risk of getting into debt.

Users can build a sound financial foundation and raise their credit scores while spending on day-to-day goods and services and earning rewards for themselves and their favorite creative entities. Zurp provides cardholders with services and rewards usually reserved for people with a good credit rating.

Zurp Customer Service

Newly launched, Zurp hasn’t had the time to develop a customer service reputation. Zurp’s primary support hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, though it plans to expand those hours. You can submit a request for help online, and support staff will respond to you via email as soon as possible. Alternatively, call the toll-free telephone number on the back of your card or reach customer service at 1-888-505-ZURP. It has an Instagram and Twitter account and provides SMS support.

Zurp Security

Zurp partners with First Pryority Bank and Mastercard to provide a cash account and credit card access to people who may otherwise not qualify. Pryority Bank has been in business for more than a century and is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) member. Your money is safe with Zurp.

The Zurp card carries Mastercard theft protection and best-in-class fraud detection. It also has Zero Liability Protection, and emergency help is provided by Global Services.

Zurp Pricing and Fees

Zurp imposes no account charges and waives ATM charges, although ATM owners may charge their own fees. Though you must make a deposit to open an account, there is no minimum account balance and no annual fee. The balance does determine the funds available to spend on the credit card.

By signing up today, you can access up to a total of 30,000 bonus points and earn additional points for categories ranging from 8x entertainment, 8x travel, 8x gas, 8x food and 3x most other categories. Rewards help you earn experiences like event tickets, festival passes or helicopter rides — and statement credits, too, although they’re not as exciting as hovering motionless in the middle of the Grand Canyon.

Your Zurp cash account earns 5.00% APY on up to $2,000, which helps you accumulate interest quickly, and 4.27% APY after that. For context, the national average for interest paid from banks is 0.06%.

Zurp Mobile App

Zurp’s app is fun, colorful and easy to operate — kind of like TikTok to manage your money with prizes thrown in. It's one of the best mobile experiences in banking, and with it you can build credit and get rewards on the go. Rewards can be used towards concert tickets, VIP events and more. After downloading the app, you gain access to a mobile wallet and your transaction history anywhere, anytime. If you’d like to win additional points, you can spin a wheel in the app daily to try your luck. 

The app also includes a virtual card you can use along with your actual credit card. Virtual cards offer additional security because they can’t be lost or stolen like a physical card. They also can be conveniently used for online purchases.

Zurp User Experience

It takes less than a minute to set up your Zurp account. All you need is your Social Security number. You don’t have to worry about credit checks because there isn’t one. You deposit funds into your account, and you can start buying and earning rewards. Zurp will use the account balance to calculate your credit limit. You can use your virtual credit card immediately after the application approval.

You’ll earn a 5% annual percentage yield (APY) on your credit balance. You receive these generous returns with no lockup.

If there are Zurp downsides, it may be in the lack of choice as Zurp has only one type of account. This factor may change as the product matures.

Zurp vs. Competitors

The Zurp concept of combining a cash account with a secured credit card is unique in the financial services industry. Like other fintech companies, Zurp offers rewards for everyday spending. Unlike others, Zurp does no credit checks. It also pays a generous 5% APY on cash account balances, which is significantly more than the interest paid by competing companies.

Zurp Overall

Zurp is new to the market and brings a refreshing new look to the cash account and credit card industry. As one of the best new rewards cards of the year, Zurp merges practical smarts and unparalleled rewards to facilitate the kind of spending that is meaningful to you. The company plans to increase its product offerings as it grows. Zurp meets fintech to let you access the kind of exclusive experiences that money alone can’t buy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are rewards cards really worth it?


Rewards cards are worth it if you don’t have to pay annual subscriptions. It is also lucrative when you find a rewards card that offers the types of merchandise and experiences you find interesting.



What are the 3 basic types of rewards cards?


The three basic types of rewards cards will earn you cashback, travel miles and rewards points.

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