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May 10, 2021
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Going beyond the low-hanging fruit of merely providing an exchange for cryptocurrencies, WunderBit is instead a true innovation. Featuring its automated crypto trading bot, you can craft your own automated protocol based on the parameters and strategies you specify. This way, you can enjoy profitability, even when you’re fast asleep. Furthermore, with its account management system, you can connect to several popular exchanges, facilitating easy arbitrage trades.

Best For
  • Computer savvy investors
  • Crypto day traders
  • Automated trading capabilities
  • Easy platform for arbitrage tactics
  • Manage multiple accounts from one source
  • Automated trading needs refinement

WunderBit Ratings at a Glance

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Overall Rating

One of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency platforms available, the beauty of WunderBit is that you can scale its innovations to fit your trading and investing needs. Arguably, WunderBit’s most well-known feature is its crypto trading bot, which enables automated trading based on your predefined strategies and specifications.

Further, the platform attracts investors for its multiple account management feature, enabling users to trade simultaneously on other crypto exchanges. Particularly, this becomes beneficial for those seeking arbitrage trading opportunities, or the advantaging of price differences between exchanges.

WunderBit Services

Traditional markets operate on a linear cycle; that is, they have clear delineations regarding the start and end of trading sessions. But that’s not the case with cryptocurrency markets, which operate on the schedule of the internet: a 24 hours, 365 days a year, with no breaks or holidays in between.

Due to this paradigm-shattering nature, you need an equally innovative platform to accommodate this brave new world. That’s where WunderBit enters the frame, providing a library of advanced trading platforms only seen in the best automated trading software. If you’ve been seeking best cryptocurrency apps that can keep up with your high-frequency day trading, you should give WunderBit a long look.

Buy crypto with credit card

In the early days of virtual currencies, if you wanted to acquire digital tokens, you had to mine them. Eventually, the first consumer-level crypto exchanges arrived on the scene. However, they required cumbersome processes such as wire transfer to convert U.S. dollars into crypto coins.

Fortunately, the sector has moved away from such archaic methodologies. WunderBit provides excellent flexibility, allowing you to instantly purchase over 17 blockchain reward tokens with your credit card. In addition, WunderBit supports payment in other major fiat (national government backed) currencies.

Copy Trading

No matter how much experience and education you accrue, you can always learn something new. That’s especially the case with cryptocurrencies, which represent a complete rethink -- in large part due to the 24-hour market cycle -- in trading strategies and tactics.

Still, learning from the best usually requires a subscription to expensive seminars. Understanding this dilemma, WunderBit allows users to copy the entry and exit specifications of the platform’s best crypto traders and incorporate them into their automated trading bots. It’s a novel concept that consistently attracts new traders to WunderBit’s service.

Crypto Trading Bot

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of cryptocurrencies is that the underlying market trades all day, every day. This enables anyone to trade on their terms. But the drawback is also that they trade without pause. By the time you wake up from your slumber, you can find yourself missing all kinds of opportunities – or even worse.

Fortunately, WunderBit offers a powerful solution: crypto trading bots. Following your exact parameters and specifications, these bots trade on your behalf for a specified cryptocurrency. This way, you never end up ruing the loss of a profitable setup because your bots never rest. Even better, this automated system can protect you against crippling volatility.

Multiple Account Management

Unlike what you might find in the equities market, people heavily involved in the cryptocurrency sector tend to have multiple crypto accounts. Mainly, this is for safety reasons. If one exchange goes down or otherwise becomes compromised (i.e. cyberattacks, government action), traders can rely on other accounts.

What makes WunderBit so convenient is that it offers multiple account management. Basically, you can control and enter trades simultaneously across various exchanges from one central location. This feature facilitates arbitrage trading, where you can exploit price variances of the same asset in different exchanges.

Spread Trading Terminal

Applying crypto arbitrage trading strategy to crypto futures will automatically reduce the overall volatility and at the same time will limit your risks in the event of the unpredictable market crashes.This is a unique feature offered by Wunderbit that you can’t find with competitors. 

WunderBit Pricing

As you might expect from its comprehensive and robust services, if you want to access the best that WunderBit has to offer, you must be prepared to open your wallet. However, the platform allows you to scale up your subscription based on your needs, ranging from free to premium. Below is the pricing spectrum.

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $9.95 per month
  • Pro: $24.95 per month
  • Premium: $44.95 per month

Best of all, unlike other trading applications, the free version is not a dumbed down variant. For example, even if you don’t pay a dime to WunderBit, you can still use 2 active bots, allowing you to learn the platform’s arguably best feature. If you decide you want more automation for your portfolio, you can graduate to one of the many paying subscription services.

WunderBit Security

With every new technological innovation comes concerns about safety and security. In particular, many traders may voice concerns about WunderBit’s copy trading function. Obviously, you don’t want your funds moving anywhere without your express permission.

Here, WunderBit assures prospective users that no risk of fraud exists regarding the copy trader function. Through use of specific application programming interface (API) keys, the platform states that no one can steal your funds.

Nevertheless, user criticisms of WunderBit heavily revolve around security concerns. Naturally, this area is a tough one since you don’t want to rely too heavily on consumer feedback as they may have ulterior motives for their criticisms. At the same time, you shouldn’t ignore it.

WunderBit Customer Service

A major thorn on the side of crypto exchange users is that many platforms do not provide adequate customer service. In this case, WunderBit is a breath of fresh air as the company allows you to contact them either by phone, by email or through interactive chat.

Based on user reviews, customer service is a strong point for satisfied clients. On the other hand, quite a few users have complained about glitches in the WunderBit system. Therefore, the platform may not be perfect but the folks behind it will do their best to support you if things go awry.

WunderBit Mobile App

These days, people are glued to their smartphones and portable devices for good reason – aside from energy intensive processes, there’s not much a smart device can’t do that a laptop can. Further, many traders prefer staying up to their date on the markets no matter where they go.

To accommodate, WunderBit allows users to download an app version of its platform. Based on reviews, most people appear satisfied with the app. The one criticism, though, centers on security-related issues, which is a bit problematic when you’re talking about mobile apps.

WunderBit Overall Rating

Thanks to the groundbreaking innovation of cryptocurrencies and their always-on nature, the underlying exchanges must keep pace with this technology. WunderBit easily separates itself from the crowd with its powerful solutions, such as automated bots and copy trading feature.

Moreover, its pricing spectrum allows people to scale up their services on a try-before-you-buy basis, which is incredibly appealing. Still, you should also perform your due diligence before joining WunderBit as many users have complained about its alleged security flaws.

WunderBit vs Competitors

WunderBit frequently brings in new users by providing an effective balance between advanced offerings and everyday functionality. Below are key distinguishers between WunderBit and its rivals.

  • Easy to buy: Some platforms still insist on wire transfers or debit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. But WunderBit allows people to buy cryptos through convenient and secure credit cards.
  • Innovations galore: Many popular exchanges and wallets provide surprisingly basic services. With WunderBit, you enjoy multiple innovations, such as automated trading and the ability to copy the tactics of the platform’s most successful traders.
  • Connectivity: Because crypto traders tend to trade across multiple exchanges, it’s easy to get confused. WunderBit allows you to bring these exchanges under one umbrella. Not only is this easier to manage, you can also benefit from arbitrage trading.
  • Communication: Several crypto platforms don’t provide a channel to communicate with them. And if they do, they may take a long time to respond. However, WunderBit doesn’t try to hide, offering several ways to reach out. Based on user feedback, the customer service team responds quickly to questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started with WunderBit?


To set up an account, you simply provide your name and email, along with a password of your choice. WunderBit’s website includes a comprehensive FAQ section, which will answer how to access the platform’s most advanced features.


Is it possible to open a corporate account at bitcoin exchange WunderBit?


Yes. After setting up your personal account, you can write an email to WunderBit at and establish a business account.

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