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October 5, 2023
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Wirex is a borderless, digital payment platform seeking to make traditional currencies and crypto equal and accessible to everyone. Its innovative mobile app and next-gen card lets you purchase, store, exchange and spend a broad range of traditional and digital currencies quickly and securely — zero fuss and no hidden fees.

You can customize the app the way you want it to work by choosing from more than 12 traditional and crypto currency accounts. Quick and simple money transfer options are readily available, as well as the freedom to spend 150+ fiat and cryptocurrencies in over 54 million locations around the globe using the Wirex card.

Funding your account is also as easy as using your debit/credit card, bank transfer or crypto. For a seamless experience, Wirex lets you manage your account and track payments with its live in-app messages.

Best For
  • Secure accounts
  • Quick and simple money transfer options
  • Exchange multiple currencies instantly
  • You can spend over 150 fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Easy account funding
  • Earn up to 1.5% in Bitcoin for every in-store transaction you make
  • Heavily-discounted fees
  • High limits
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • There have been complaints about long running open tickets

Wirex Ratings at a Glance

Wirex Product Offering

Wirex is an all-in-one digital platform that streamlines the management of traditional and digital assets in a single account. Here's a breakdown of its core products, services and features. 


Wirex grants you instant access to many major global coins and tokens. These range from popular choices like Bitcoin and Ethereum to emerging tokens from decentralized finance (DeFi) such as MKR and AAVE. The crypto lineup also encompasses a rich selection of innovative and potentially profitable options like Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Nano (XNO) and Polkadot (DOT) in addition to various stablecoins such as USDT, TUSD and USDP. The complete list comprises over 100 coins and an impressive collection of ERC20 tokens. You can buy HODL and exchange these assets on the Wirex app at the best rate. You can also seamlessly swap DeFi tokens across various blockchains directly from your Wirex Wallet. 

Multi-Currency Exchange 

Besides its crypto lineup, Wirex offers many fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, NZD, CHF, CAD, HKD and JPY. Also supported:

  • EEA supported: USD, EUR, GBP
  • APAC: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, AUD, NZD, SGD, CHF, CAD, JPY are no longer supported

Like its digital currencies, you can buy, store, exchange and spend these traditional currencies in the Wirex app without hassle or fees. The platform facilitates the instant exchange of its crypto and fiat assets via the mobile app. Plus, you won't pay exchange fees for all fiat-to-fiat conversions. Wirex claims this can result in savings of up to 2% compared to traditional or digital banks, which is significant. 

Free and Instant Currency Transfer and Payment 

Wirex allows free crypto transfers and payment to and from your account, making it a fast and secure option for adding tokens from external sources or sending crypto to contacts, especially using the Send Money feature. You can simplify and expedite the crypto transfer or payment process by setting up your Wirex Address Book and syncing it with your device's contacts or sharing your account address and QR code for hassle-free transactions. Wirex's exclusive OTC rates for crypto exchanges make it an attractive choice for crypto transfers and payments. It lets you stay informed about your incoming and outgoing transactions with real-time in-app notifications. 

Transferring tokens from an external wallet to your Wirex account is easy. In the Wirex app, select the cryptocurrency account you want to transfer tokens to, click Add Funds, choose the token you wish to send and access your account details, including the address, QR code, limits and rates. In the external wallet or crypto exchange, select the token and enter the amount you want to send. Subsequently, copy and paste your Wirex account address or scan the QR code as the destination address and click send. Your tokens should arrive in your Wirex account within 15 minutes.

Wirex Card 

The Wirex card is a secure multi-currency that allows you to spend crypto and fiat balances on your account, converting these currencies at the point of sale. It is available in virtual and physical formats to suit different needs and preferences. Virtual cards are ideal for secure online shopping, while physical cards are suitable for in-store transactions and cash withdrawals. Besides enabling you to enjoy seamless transactions anywhere using cash, stablecoins and crypto, the Wirex card also offers you 8% Cryptoback™ on all purchases instantly deposited into your Wirex account. There are no annual or FX fees, and you won't incur ATM fees for up to $200 in spending. You can easily order the card for free via the mobile app, change your preferred account at any time and effortlessly manage it within the app. The card also lets you control your card security via 2FA and instant account freeze. 

Wirex Tokens

Wirex is run by its native token, referred to as the Wirex token or WXT. This unique multi-blockchain cryptocurrency grants users access to exclusive crypto rewards (including discount purchases and Cryptoback™) and emerging DeFi ecosystems. WXT exclusive presale was announced in June 2019, and all available tokens were sold out within just 15 minutes. This was followed by an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in July of the same year, introducing WXT to the world. In 2021, Wirex migrated 80% of the total WXT supply to the Ethereum blockchain, the number one network for DeFi applications. 

By dividing WXT between the Stellar Network and Ethereum blockchain, Wirex enhanced WXT capabilities, efficiency and flexibility, connecting the world of payments DeF. The Avalanche Network currently supports WXT. In addition to WXT, Wirex offers another unique token, WXK, which combines traditional finance principles with cryptocurrency flexibility. Holding WXK grants you a 20% discount on purchases, a two-year window for potentially high returns and an extra 10% boost on Wirex Multiply profits.

Wirex X-tras

Wirex X-tra is a collection of cutting-edge reward programs powered by WXT that enable account holders to maximize their rewards on the platform. You can access up to 16% interest earning via X-Accounts, about 16% annual savings bonuses and 8% Cryptoback™ rewards, depending on your choice among the three pricing plans. The Standard plan requires no monthly fees and offers 0.5% Cryptoback™ rewards and up to 14% interest with X-Accounts. 

By locking your WXT for 180 days, you can boost the reward to unlock 1% Cryptoback™, 15% interest on X-Accounts and an annual 1% savings bonus on your WXT account. The Premium plan offers superior rewards at $9.99 per month. When you lock your WXT for 180 days using this plan, you get a 3% Cryptoback™, 16% interest on your X-Accounts and an annual 6% savings bonus. The Elite plan offers the highest rewards, including 8% Cryptoback™,  16% interest on X-Accounts and a 16% savings bonus. 


X-Account is a flexible and secure means of earning interest on selected currencies without worrying about market updates, news or portfolio rebalancing. It is an ideal way to earn passive income on multiple traditional and cryptocurrencies. Depending on your account options, you can earn between 2% to 16% interest when you lock up your funds for 180 days. And with X-Accounts Plus, you can make up to 6% extra when you deposit your funds for 30 days. 

The interest is compounded daily — up to 100X above the usual rate, and you can withdraw instantly anytime you want. Setting up an X-Account is easy. First, you must fund or top up your account via crypto transfer or by linking your credit or debit card. Then, select the X-Account tab on your dashboard and follow the instructions accordingly. To more effectively track your earnings, you can customize the name of individual accounts. Wirex calculates interest earnings daily and pays weekly. There are no applicable charges.

Wirex Credit

Suppose you need fast access to funds but don't want to liquidate your crypto assets. In that case, you can use Wirex's low-interest credit offering to instantly access needed funds with your crypto assets as collateral. You can access up to 70% of the value of your collateral and repay whenever you like. It is flexible and requires no credit check or setup fees, and you can use the fund however you see fit. Interest is only paid for the days you have the credit line active. Remember, to open a Wirex Credit line, you must have an active account with USDT, USDC, NXUSD or DAI and a positive balance in one of these crypto accounts for collateral.

Wirex DUO

DUO is a dual asset investment tool that leverages your crypto market knowledge for high short-term returns. It rewards you based on price changes in a chosen trading pair over a specified time. DUO pays out in one of the two cryptocurrencies, with higher APRs for longer, larger lock-ins. You can earn up to 400% APR with a short-term DUO, and the best part is that it guarantees a positive yield regardless of the market direction. DUO duration ranges between 12 hours to 7 days. To calculate your exact reward at expiration, the APR is scaled by DUO's duration and multiplied by the investment amount. 

Wirex Multiply

Multiply is another of Wirex's innovative and user-friendly investment products that enables retail investors to instantly take advantage of market volatility regardless of the direction (up or down). With Wirex Multiply, you can lend a portion of your assets to speculate on the future price movement of a currency, either upwards or downwards. The platform initiates a series of loans using your assets. It begins by borrowing funds for the first loan. It then uses the borrowed funds to purchase additional cryptocurrency, which serves as collateral for a subsequent loan in the chain. This cycle repeats from 2 to 50 times depending on your Multiplier Level. Finally, you can choose two Wirex Multiply ending options: take profit or manually close to claim your profit. You can customize parameters to amplify the loan's value, potentially increasing returns and risk based on your predictions of the buy and sell price difference.

Wirex Visa and Mastercard Offering

Wirex is the first global crypto-based fintech to attain principal membership of both Mastercard and Visa. It offers various purchase discounts in categories such as shopping, dining, fashion and entertainment in selected brands to suit diverse users of its multi-currency card. Available discounts vary for each brand and differ between the Wirex Visa card and Wirex Mastercard, so you can check what's available based on your card type.

The Wirex Wallet 

Wirex offers a non-custodial cross-chain wallet that efficiently enables retail investors to secure their crypto assets, including DeFi and NFTs. The wallet employs multi-party computation, eliminating the need for private keys or seed phrases and allowing users to interact with Web3 as simply and safely as possible. It supports up to eight blockchains, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, ETH, Fantom and Polygon. 

The implication is that you can interact with various cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (dApps) from different blockchain networks in a single platform, enhancing convenience and versatility. Unlike a browser-based wallet, you can save multi-chain NFTs with a high degree of safety. You can perform a wide range of actions, including asset swapping on leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending and borrowing on platforms like Compound, AAVE and Nereus, purchasing and storing NFTs across various blockchain networks, exchanging tokens at optimal rates and facilitating cross-chain swaps seamlessly, regardless of your location or the time.

Educational Resources 

Wirex features diverse educational resources, including the Blog, Help Center and Wirex Discord Community. Wirex's blog contains an impressive collection of detailed articles and video posts to inform readers about finance, cryptocurrencies and updates related to the Wirex ecosystem. Here, you can learn everything from money-saving tips to adding new currency to your Wirex account. You can also gain comprehensive knowledge of the crypto industry via detailed industry insights written by thought leaders. You can search posts by keywords and topics for a better user experience.

The Help Center serves as an educational resource and a customer support tool, offering a repository of curated questions and answers to address your queries, reducing the necessity to contact customer support. Potential questions or complaints are categorized into various topics, such as "Getting Started," which is like FAQ for beginners, "Trading and Funding," "Managing Wirex Accounts," "Wirex Fees and Limits" and more, with comprehensive articles providing explanations for each topic within its respective category.

The Wirex Discord community is where you can connect with like-minded enthusiasts, share feedback, propose new features, participate in discussions, ask questions and stay updated on the latest developments and news related to Wirex and the cryptocurrency industry. You can also read the Wirex White Paper to understand better its mission, vision, roadmap and value proposition.

Wirex Customer Service

The company says you can receive 24/7 customer service via support tickets or the in-app live chat function. Most users will consider Wirex's lack of multiple support channels disappointing when you consider Wirex's reputation. However, you can get a quick and effective solution to any question via the Help Center. It provides a faster way to access information than submitting ticketing or request forms. Additionally, you can visit the forums and ask the Wirex Discord community

Besides Discord, Wirex maintains an active presence on major social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln, YouTube and TikTok, where it posts market reactions and investment or product updates. These channels offer an alternative means of connecting and engaging with the team and the broader trading community to share trading knowledge and learn from others. Wirex has an average Trustpilot rating of 3.3/5 from over 12,000 reviewers. While positive comments dominated, significant negative comments were also posted by dissatisfied users. The negative comments reflect a lack of responsiveness from customer support and the inability to resolve issues promptly. This suggests that Wirex needs to improve its customer service.

Wirex Security

Wirex combines robust anti-fraud technology with practical measures such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and advanced device authorization to protect users' funds, ensuring they can confidently buy, store and exchange their digital and fiat assets. The platform deploys state-of-the-art fraud analytic tools to monitor all aspects of your investment journey, enhancing the security of your investment experience. It integrates with renowned partners that employ a combination of facial recognition, biometrics and real-time processes to enhance account and fund security; for instance, Wirex partners with industry-leading asset custody firm Fireblocks, offering up to $30 million insurance coverage on clients' funds.

Your crypto and fiat are secured in cold-storage multi-signature vaults where only you can access them. To enhance data privacy protection, Wirex leverages TLS and 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your documents and sensitive data, including personally identifiable information, keeping them for your eyes only. The platform further enhances security with SCA to deter fraudsters and allows you to authorize specific devices for account access. Overall, Wirex's robust security measures enable users to take control of their investments and data privacy protection and is trusted by over 6 million users.

The platform is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS, Singapore) and the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA, U.K.). FCA is one of the most reputable and recognized regulators worldwide. 

Wirex Minimum Investment and Pricing

Wirex charges zero fees for most services, including account opening, card issuance, replacement, monthly account maintenance and trading commissions. There are no fees for exchanging fiat currency; however, you pay 1.5% of the value of your exchange for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. To fund or top up your Wirex account using a local card, the fee may vary from 0% or more depending on the top-up currency and your country or region. There are no charges for fiat deposits and withdrawals or crypto transfers between Wirex users and off-chain transfers. 

However, transfer to external wallets attracts variable fees depending on the blockchain network. There are no ATM charges for monthly transactions up to $200. However, a 2% fee is applicable if the limit is exceeded. Card delivery fee varies among countries; it is free in the U.S. and 5 pounds in the U.K. Wirex offers a lot of perks, rewards and bonuses, which vary according to the three accounting packages (Standard, Premium and Elite) explained earlier. Cryptoback™ offers cashback rewards ranging from 1% to 8%, X-Account offers interest rates between 1% to 16%, and savings bonuses of 1% to 16% are available for staking or locking specific funds for 180 days, depending on your account options. Savings bonuses of 1% to 16% on your WXT balance are available to users on the Enhanced or Ultimate tiers. To upgrade your tier and enhance your perks, you'll need to lock a specific amount of WXT. *Applies to WXT only.

Unlimited staking with a 30 day redemption period with X-Account Plus will earn you 6% extra. Remember, the WXT tokens play a significant role here. The Cryptoback reward is determined by the X-tras Tier, which can be upgraded by holding WXT. If you deposit a minimum of $100 on opening your first DUO, you'll automatically earn a bonus of 200 WXT. Wirex offers impressive discount bonuses for select brands for its Wirex Visa and Wirex Mastercard users. Additionally, you can earn up to $15 through referrals when you invite a friend and they open an account using your referral link. You make $5 if they deposit $100 and $15 if they deposit $500. 

You can fund your Wirex account using a debit card, credit card or cryptocurrencies. Wirex supports top fiat transfer providers, including single euro payments area (SEPA/EUR), Faster Payments (GBP), automated clearing house (ACH/USA) and PIX (Brazil), facilitating fast deposit into your Wirex account. 

Wirex Mobile App

The Wirex mobile app offers a user-friendly experience, allowing investors to access their crypto investments conveniently. Its intuitive interface simplifies navigation, making it easy to set up various earning accounts, create or apply for virtual or physical cards, manage assets and conduct transactions smoothly. The app provides access to all the features available on the web version, ensuring that investors can fully use the investment opportunities available on Wirex while on the go.

The Wirex mobile app offers a secure and efficient platform that caters to beginners and experienced crypto investors, allowing them to navigate its core services confidently and providing an excellent user experience. It is available for iOS users on Apple Inc.'s App Store and Android users on Google's PlayStore. It has a 3.7/5 rating from over 1.7K reviewers on the App Store. The mixed review primarily reflects issues with customer support rather than the app's functionality.

Wirex User Experience

Wirex offers a seamless user experience for its community of over 6 million users globally. Account registration or setup is hassle-free and takes only a few minutes. Once complete, users can swiftly deposit funds through multiple options and benefit from competitive interest rates across various investment products, including X-Account, DUO and Wirex Multiply. They can seamlessly access low-interest credit via the Wirex credit offering and enjoy free ATM withdrawals and unlimited spending with no monthly fee using the Wirex card. Both Virtual and Physical cards are available for convenience.

In addition, Wirex offers a non-custodial cross-chain wallet that requires no seed phrases for better security. The wallet facilitates a free and instant cross-chain bridge for stablecoins and crypto, among others. The mobile app provides on-the-go access to manage assets and access all core product offerings conveniently. Wirex also prioritizes user security, offering robust infrastructure to safeguard accounts and assets. The web and mobile interfaces are designed for seamless navigation and easy access to essential features and investments. 

Overall, Wirex provides a convenient and efficient platform for crypto enthusiasts, offering a positive user experience. This success has earned the company over 6 million trusted users. Additionally, the company has received numerous industry awards for its achievements. These include: 

  • Fireblocks Spark Award - Network Upstart of the Year
  • Fintech Breakthrough Awards - Best use of blockchain
  • Greater London Enterprise Awards - Crypto Payment Innovators of the Year
  • FS Tech Crypto Asset Awards - Innovation of the year
  • CX Asia 2020 Excellence Awards - Best Use of CX Technology

Wirex vs. Competitors

Wirex has a few competitors, including Coinbase and Blockcard. However, compared to these platforms, Wirex offers cardholders several benefits, including 8% cashback, free ATM withdrawals and generous interest on their fiat and crypto holdings. There are no foreign transaction, maintenance or annual fees. These perks make Wirex an attractive option for individuals looking to make the most of their cryptocurrency holdings and fiat assets.

Wirex Overall

Wirex empowers investors to manage their cryptocurrencies through online and mobile platforms. It also offers a multi-currency card that allows users to spend digital currencies and fiat in over 54 million locations globally. Crypto enthusiasts and investors living off crypto will appreciate the Wirex debit card due to its convenience for everyday transactions. The company aims to advance financial services and promote the mainstream use of cryptocurrencies in retail markets. The company offers some of the lowest fees in the industry in addition to numerous rewards, bonuses and discounts. Its user-friendly interface and fast account setup make the platform very appealing. Besides investing or buying cryptocurrencies, Wirex stands out as an excellent solution for everyday mobile banking needs, offering users the ability to exchange, receive or send fiat and cryptocurrency. Its low fees, cashback potential and bonuses are the icing on the cake.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Wirex app legit?


Yes, Wirex is a legitimate cryptocurrency platform with a strong reputation and regulatory compliance.


Can U.S. citizens use Wirex?


Yes, Wirex is available for U.S. citizens and people in over 31 other countries



What bank is partnered with Wirex?


Wirex is partnered with various financial institutions, including Visa and Mastercard, Railsbank and Fireblock, for asset custody.

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Really bad experience! I deposited crypto and service was instant and I liked that. But while withdrawing I initiated XLM which should take few seconds to transfer and should be verified within 5 mins, its been more than 3 days and it is till pending

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