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June 11, 2021
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TraderSync offers many different products to identify mistakes and improve your trading skills. The most notable include journal, tagging, data, a simulator and management. They evaluate the days, times and volume and allow you to set rules for trading. The company offers different pricing plans that determine access levels,  including Basic, Pro, Premium and Elite. The Basic plan is free, and pricing goes up to $79.95 per month for the Elite plan. 

Best For
  • Experienced traders
  • Professional traders
  • TraderSync offers many tools including journal, tagging, data, a simulator and management
  • There is a multi-tier pricing structure ranging from Basic to Elite plans
  • The company uses Amazon Cloud services, encryption and stores the data in multiple locations
  • Phone support for customer service is not available, and online support is limited to between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST
  • The level of service depends on the plans with the Basic plan receiving the fewest tools

TraderSync Ratings at a Glance

The number one challenge active day traders face is emotions. Emotions lead to irrational decisions when placing a trade. TraderSync is an online trading journal that allows you to work on your emotions by constantly mining your data to look for points of weakness where mistakes are causing you to lose money. Challenging you as an active trader to determine if your trades are truly following your plan.

TraderSync Tools

TraderSync offers many different tools including: trade journaling, tagging, reporting, filtering, portfolio adjustments, evaluator, pattern simulator and management tools among others. Tools seamlessly integrated between each other to get valuable aggregated insights from them that you can use to understand your own trading performance. 

Let’s break it down the most popular tools they have:

Online Trading Journal

TraderSync’s journal is the core of the application. This is where you can record your trades by adding them manually, uploading them or by a direct connection with your broker. Once you upload your trades, TraderSync encourages you to review each one of them and tag them with the setup(s) you used and also tag them with any mistake(s) if you made any during the trade. 

They made this process joyful and frictionless, for you as an active trader to easily input your notes, screenshots and tags into each trade. As you review the trade, they give you a chance to reflect on this trade and to view the entry and exit points on the chart so you know exactly when you took the trades. For any active technical trader having this interactive chart showing the orders you took on the chart is a game changer when reviewing the trades. 


Here is where any active traders will spend their post-market review time. Once you have logged your trades during trading hours you will want to come to these beautiful reports and identify opportunities of improvements. For example, these reports can get to answer questions like:

  • Which setups are the top-performing that I should be focusing on?
  • Under which condition these top-performing setups are best so I can focus on such?
    Is there a setup on which profit factor is doing well but perhaps I'm not trading as much as any other?
  • Which mistakes are costing me the most money that I need to avoid?
  • Am I more profitable when trading in the mornings when I trade small caps using a certain set up with a specific range of entry price?

We can obtain answers to pretty complex questions using their filters. Yet, for those who perhaps do not have the time, the A.I. reports back to you important information within your trading patterns that are difficult to find otherwise.

The A.I Reports

TraderSync's AI comes into play when reviewing reports. It is intended to save you time on identifying your edge. Technically speaking, the A.I looks into all your trading data and determines if there is a positive or negative correlation between you being profitable and what you are trading and how.

The A.I could give you insights such as:

Your best setup is the Gap and Go when you trade them in the mornings between 9:30 AM - 11AM when trading stock with price ranges between $1 - $7.

The alternative to identify such insight is to work around with your data for hours or days to potentially find any helpful information like this. TraderSync A.I saves you time by pre-mining the data for you. 


It is easy for active traders to deviate themself and start trading new setups on these market changing days. When an active trader starts incorporating or adapting their setups to the new market conditions it is difficult to keep track of the progress. Bottomline: the active trader wants to know how the setups or trading patterns are performing against each other to identify an edge.

Here is where the evaluator comes into play. The evaluator allows you to stack trading patterns against each other and see how they have been performing over time.

For example; how is my Gap and Go setup performing against the BullFlag setup in the last 30 days for stocks with price ranges from $3 - $10.

These are important questions we should be asking and having clear answers when day trading.


Once you identify which setups to work, focus on using the Reports and Evaluator tools you will benefit from using the simulator. TraderSync simulator allows you to build “What If” scenarios to identify if there is an edge on what you are trading.

For example; What if I trade only the BullFlag setup in the mornings, going long, on Wednesdays and Fridays?

TraderSync using your trading data will build you a scenario showing you how you would have performed under these conditions, allowing you to determine if there you would have had an edge.


After using the tools mentioned above, you will want to create a set of trading rules based on what you have learned that is your edge. This as we know that one thing is to identify the edge but it is more difficult to truly understand and execute trades within a set of trading rules that allows you to perform best.

With the management tools, you can set your trading rules and closely track if you are sticking to your plan or not. At the same time TraderSync will build an equity curve showing you what your performance will look like assuming you only would have taken those trades that are within your plan.

We found this a highly valuable feature as it helps any active trader to stick to their rules. 


Here where you see everything coming together. The dashboard is beautifully designed and customizable for you to keep track of what is truly relevant to you. TraderSync offers 40+ metrics widgets that you can add and position where it better fits your needs.

TraderSync Pricing

TraderSync has four levels of pricing: Basic, Pro, Premium and Elite.

The Basic plan provides you free access to journaling your trades by manually adding your executions into the application. You will still be able to access certain reporting and it is a great alternative to a spreadsheet trading journal. 

The Pro is $29.95 per month and includes additional benefit to help you on saving time and gaining more 

The Premium is $49.95 per month. Allows you to look deeper into your reports by the utilization of the evaluator and simulator to understand better your edge.

The Elite is $79.95 per month. Allows you to save even more time by utilizing the A.I reporting to help you identify your edge and also uses the management tool to help you ensure you are trading within your trading rules.

You can always opt for a 7-day free trial which will provide you access to the highest tier for you to pick and choose the best plan that suits your needs.

TraderSync Supported Assets

TraderSync Supports Stocks, Futures, Futures Options, Options, Forex and Crypto. Relevant to mention that if you trade options they are the only tool out there that can detect, group and automatically tag your trades with the Option Spread for the most common spreads. 

TraderSync Customer Service

There are 3 ways you can contact TraderSync customer service, including email, chat or a support application on the website. Customer service is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. A tutorial video library also is available on the site. It shows you step by step how to resolve issues without contacting customer service. Phone support is not available, and customer service hours are limited to 5 days a week. Sometimes, there are delays with customer service getting back to you. 

TraderSync Mobile App

TraderSync offers a mobile app that allows you to download from the Google Play app store or Apple app store.  Some users have found the app can be a bit challenging at first, but after going through the tutorial videos, they were able to successfully use it with the desktop features.

There is nothing on Google Play nor the Apple store that comes close to what TraderSync offers in terms of tools for journaling through the mobile app. This one is free to use even.

TraderSync User Experience

There’s a learning curve when it comes to using TraderSync. It takes time to get used to how the features work and understanding the platforms. Members who went through the different tutorial videos improved their knowledge and were able to use it effectively. You must be patient, as it takes time to understand how TraderSync works and realize its potential to improve your trading skills. 

TraderSync User Benefits

Benefits of using TraderSync are as follow:

  • Insights you gain from journaling your trades on TraderSync are eye opening.
  • You can easily track your trades by uploading them.
  • Easy to track which strategies are working and not for you.
  • Understand which mistakes are costing you the most to avoid them. 
  • Modern, pleasing to use and intuitive trading journal.
  • The use of artificial intelligence to determine hidden gems is a time saver when browning through reports.
  • You can easily access your journal from any computer or through their mobile app.
  • Different levels of pricing are available.

The service identifies weaknesses in your trading and creates guidelines to help you improve it. You make fewer mistakes and know the best times, days and what to look for to set up successful trades in the future. 

TraderSync Security

All information is stored on Amazon Cloud services using encryption technology. The data is in multiple locations to ensure that it is available to you at any time. The multiple levels of security, the use of Amazon Cloud services and storage in many locations ensures you always have access to your information on TraderSync. 

TraderSync Overall Rating

TraderSync is an excellent platform for identifying opportunities of improvements within your own trading patterns through journaling your trades. They present a superb user experience that brings joy when tracking trades and analyzing once performance. With immense flexibility and reporting capabilities it is a tool every active trader should be using to ensure their edge remains favorable on these changing markets.

A 7-days free trial is available with full access to every tool they have to offer. 

TraderSync vs Competitors

The difference between TraderSync and their competitors is: 

  • TraderSync uses artificial intelligence.
  • TraderSync has a free trial.
  • TraderSync has a multi-tier pricing structure.
  • TraderSync allows you to see and learn from your mistakes.
  • TraderSync allows you to find your optimal trading setup and market environment that is the most profitable for your trading plan.

 There are several ways TraderSync is the same as its competitors, including:

  • TraderSync offers similar tools.
  • TraderSync is competitive when it comes to pricing.
  • TraderSync has similar levels of customer service.
  • TraderSync’s security is comparable with competitors. 

TraderSync Tutorial

TraderSync has a constantly growing video tutorial library to ensure you can make the most out of the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is TraderSync free?


TraderSync offers a free Basic plan. The plan is the perfect alternative to a spreadsheet trading journal, making it a no-brainer to signup and start tracking your trades for free. The basic plan counts with the essential feature you need to be on top of your journal and some essential reporting. There is a free 7-day trial for services that require a monthly fee, including TraderSync Pro, Premium and Elite plans.


What is a trading journal?


A trading journal is software that allows you as an active trader to keep close track of your trading performance at a granular level. It allows you to understand your edge, and have a close look into each of your trades as a story to remember why you took them.

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