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March 21, 2023
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The 5ers is a proprietary trading firm that offers an affordable and accessible option to access funding for trading forex, metal and indices. Traders may pay as little as $95 to open a demo account, and instant trading access is available. While you’ll already need to have a developed trading strategy in place to get the most out of The5ers, those confident in their skills will find an option to show what they know without paying an ongoing subscription fee. Be sure to note trade restrictions before paying the participation fee — doing so will allow you to work profitably within the bounds of The5ers restrictions. 

Best For
  • Experienced and beginner forex, indices and metal traders
  • Traders with knowledge of the forex market but limited capital to invest
  • Those experienced in MetaTrader 5 forex trading
  • Scalpers and swing traders
  • Traders willing to improve their trading performance
  • One-time fee avoids the need to pay ongoing subscription costs
  • Offers traders access to capital trading funds without a thousand-dollar deposit
  • Profit split up to 100%
  • Large range of exclusive resources
  • A program as a solution for every trader style and objectives
  • Salary offer on high-stakes program
  • Low-entry cost on Bootcamp program
  • Fastest scaling plan on all programs
  • No access to stock or ETF markets

The5ers Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
Customer Service
Investment and Fees
User Experience

The5ers Product Offerings

The5ers was established in 2016, and is the ONLY prop firm established by experienced and active traders, and one of the most reputated firms.

The5ers is a proprietary trading firm committed to helping knowledgeable, established traders access more capital to invest. The5ers is a prop trading firm, which means that the company provides experienced traders with access to the firm’s capital when trading. This feature allows traders to trade with more capital than they have in their bank account — The5ers provide the most experienced investors with access to up to 1:100 leverage.

The5ers allows qualified traders to access more capital when trading the forex, indices and metal market using the company’s private trading fund. This process allows the trader to avoid the most common issue that traders run into when trying to enter the market — need to choose between withdrawing profits or growing their accounts. At The5ers they can both withdraw and yet get more funds to manage.. The5ers solves this problem by funding your account with real money, allowing you to trade and see profits using the company’s margin. In exchange, The5ers takes a portion of any profits you earn. 

If the idea of using a company’s private funds to trade and attempt to make money sounds too good to be true, know that you’ll already need to have a profitable forex strategy to implement to qualify for a 5ers account. Before you can get started, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee to access an evaluation program, which will set you up with a series of trading goals. If you meet your trading goals, you’ll gain access to increased funds, allowing you to take home more profits as long as you continue to produce the same results.

The5ers offers a number of funding programs, and the best program for you might vary depending on your skill level as a trader and your unique trading strategy.  

Bootcamp Program

The5ers Bootcamp Program is the only low-cost entry program in the industry that traders can use as an entry point to get funded. If you’re experienced or beginner in trading and you think you’re ready to get funded, the Bootcamp Program can be an excellent way start your jurney. Here’s how it works.

Apply for your account and pay a small fee: To gain access to the Bootcamp Program, you’ll need to apply and pay a portion of the funding fee. To enroll, your upfront fee will range between 95 and 225 euros depending on whether you’ll be starting with $100,000 or $250,000, and only if you pass you'll need to pay the rest. Its also the lowest price in the industry for $100K funded account, and $250K funded account

Complete the funding challenges: Once your account is open, you’ll have full access to a demo trading account to show your skills. Before you get access to real funding and start seeing profits, you’ll need to prove that you’ve got a viable strategy by completing a 3 steps challenges. If you meet all of your targets without hitting the maximum losses per level in 12 months, you will qualify to open a funded account.  

To meet these targets,- you’ll need to use a stop-loss order on all orders placed. 

Earn a full account: After you hit your profit targets, you’ll begin seeing real profits and take a cut of your trades. The profit split and account balance increase every 5% target accordingly to the scaling plan up to $4M.

Investors can realize up to 100% of the profits from each trade with less risk, as they’re using The5ers’s capital to exchange currencies.

Instant Funding

Instant Funding accounts provide you with instant access to a funded capital trading account. Initial account balances range from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the account type you apply for as well as your trading qualifications. All accounts have the possibility to grow up to $4M

Like the Bootcamp Program, you’ll need to meet a series of profit goals to retain access to your trading capital. You cannot place just any type of order, and the profits that you earn will need to be within the bounds of the Instant Funding’s account restrictions. Be sure to review these restrictions before opening your account. As your profits build over time, you’ll access up to 100% of your earnings with fast withdrawals. 

The most important thing to remember about The5ers is that the platform is designed to appeal regular forex traders who are already familiar with the market. While anyone can apply for funding, you’ll likely want to do so after brushing up on some of the most common forex strategies. The5ers is also not suitable for long-term investors looking for a platform to help them save towards a goal like retirement

High Stakes Program

The5ers High Stakes is an exciting 2-step program designed to test the trading skills of passionate traders willing to achieve a funded account with the industry’s most significant profit split and fastest growth scale.

Given the time limit provided, short-term, intraday, and scalpers will find their best opportunity in this program. Some features from the High-Stakes Program include:

  • Highest split in the industry – up to 100%
  • Monthly salary available
  • Largest DD
  • High Leverage
  • Better entry price in the industry
  • Reward from 1st stage

The5ers Customer Service

The5ers offers a number of options that you can use to get in contact with customer service, no matter where you’re located.

  • By phone: If you’re located in the United States, you can get in touch with The5ers customer service team by calling (929) 955-5595. While customer service is internationally accessible, which can create time zone problems for some customers. Customer service professionals are available over the phone between the hours of 2 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST,.
  • Via email: If you don’t live within a time zone when it’s convenient to call, you can also contact customer service by email by sending a message to
  • Live chat: The5ers also supports a live chat function on its website, which is monitored 24/7.

the company offers a wealth of options to get the help you need on your schedule. 

The5ers Security

The5ers is not a forex broker, and it does not accept any capital on behalf of investors. While the company uses proprietary information to keep its own funds secure, a major benefit of trading with the assistance of The5ers is that your money is not at risk. It also uses top-of-the-line encryption to protect the personal information you need to submit when opening an account, like your name and address. 

The5ers Investment and Fees

The5ers is not a broker, and it does not earn money on your trades by collecting a commission on currency movements. Instead, you’ll pay a one-time participation fee to access a demo account or instant access funding to get started proving your trading strategy. After meeting your profit goals, you’ll continue on to take home a higher percentage of your profits and access more trading capital by performing as a profitable trader.

The amount that you’ll pay to begin with The5ers will vary depending on the type of account you select. The most affordable access option, the $100,000 Bootcamp option, will cost about $95 to begin with a demo trading account. The most expensive choice, $40,000 Instant Funding, costs around $800 at the time of publication but does not require a demo account trial period.  

The5ers User Experience

The5ers offers its own licenced  MetaTrader 5 to its users on PC, Web and mobile versions. The5ers does offer a series of unique features that make it user-friendly, including the following.

  • Global access: The5ers is not restricted by location, and traders from nearly any country in the world may apply for funding. As the company is a prop trading firm and not a broker, United States citizens may also apply.
  • Clearly defined targets: No matter which funding program you select, The5ers is clear with its target profit requirements and the limitations on the types of orders you can place. This feature allows potential traders to align their trading strategy with the requirements before paying the participation fee.
  • Wealth of resources: In addition to funding access, The5ers offers you access to tools you can use to enhance your performance even further. In particular, the community feature can help you connect with other successful traders to share tips. 

The5ers vs. Competitors

The5ers can be a strong option for those exploring funded trading for the first time thanks to its lower initial costs, as well as a program that suits every trading style and very high reliability Competing prop trading firms like The Trading Pit, My Forex Funds and FundedNext can also provide you with advanced access to leveraged forex trading. 

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following prop trading firms. Consider continuing your search for the right prop trading partner with a few of the links below. 

The5ers Overall

Overall, The5ers is a strong choice for intermediate and advanced tradersto access more funds to trade, those traders will find an affordable way to prove what they know with The5ers’s Bootcamp Program. For those willing to pay a higher rate, the Instant Funding access option can be a quick route to funding without the hassle of a demo account. And for traders who like to take risk The5ers high stakes will be great for them.

If this is your first foray into the world of trading, you may want to begin by developing your strategy using a free demo account before paying to take The 5ers’s test. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How many The5ers accounts can you have?


The maximum capital per trader on instant funding account sizes is $40,000, which can be split among multiple accounts according to your preferences. For example, you can use four accounts funded with $10,000 each and be funded up to $16M, two accounts each funded with $20,000 or one single account with the full $40,000 trading value. Note that you cannot merge these accounts later on.  IN addition you can also buy up to 3 Bootcamp accounts, and one high stakes account.


Who started The5ers?


The5ers was established in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, an experience trader. Every trading account and its capital value are legally owned by The5ers’s Funded Trading Program. It allocates its own capital to traders on a contractor-based agreement. 

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