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June 8, 2023
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The forex market provides millions of traders worldwide with a profitable and sustainable livelihood. However, because of a lack of trading expertise and an inability to thoroughly analyze market data, many traders end up with ineffective strategies that impact decision-making and limit profit potential. Novice traders may struggle with information overload arising from the complexity of traditional trading platforms. That’s where TechBerry comes in.

TechBerry is a major automated social trading analytical platform that leverages forex statistics collected from over 100,000 high-skilled traders online. It is essentially an expert advisor (EA) that operates as a social trading platform using a high-profile built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system. By incorporating AI and data from over 100,000 experienced traders, TechBerry offers powerful and unparalleled automated trading capabilities or solutions. Its advanced neural algorithm scans and analyzes a vast user base of expert forex traders, generating trading strategies that may lead to consistent profitability. 

Since its inception in 2015, TechBerry has established itself as one of the best forex social trading analytical systems, providing a simplified and efficient solution for diverse traders to participate in the forex market. With an impressive average monthly profit of about 11.2%, TechBerry empowers traders to achieve consistent profitability and overcome forex trading challenges. Benzinga reviews TechBerry, highlighting its pros, cons, core products or service offerings, pricing and how it compares with similar platforms.

Best For
  • Passive forex investors looking for a platform offering a hands-off approach without active involvement
  • Novice forex investors seeking ready-made trading strategies that allow them to generate passive income without requiring any trading knowledge or experience.
  • Busy professionals seeking platforms with automated trading features, which execute trades based on predefined strategies
  • Investors who want to benefit from the platform's access to forex statistics collected from a large pool of experienced traders though have no time to trade by themselves
  • Expert forex traders looking to sell and profit off their trading statistics
  • Provides traders and investors with an opportunity to earn income without lifting a finger
  • Fully automated trading leveraging advanced AI technology
  • Impressive and guaranteed monthly profit or returns
  • Real-time trade monitoring
  • Dedicated customer support 14-day free subscription
  • Trial membership plan
  • Verified trading analysis and tracking by the independent services FX Audit, FX Blue, MyFxbook
  • Excellent reputation among various forex audit sites
  • Offers loss protection via insurance coverage
  • Data-driven insights
  • Multiple subscription options
  • Limited control over trading decisions
  • Compatible with only MT4 and MT5 for data entry

Techberry Ratings at a Glance

TechBerry Product Offering
TechBerry Customer Service
TechBerry Security
TechBerry Minimum Investment and Pricing
TechBerry User Experience
Overall Rating

TechBerry Product Offering

TechBerry offers an automated social trading analytical platform that leverages AI algorithms to analyze and identify trading opportunities that are considered the most favorable in the forex market. TechBerry's algorithm collects and analyzes trading data from over 100,000 expert forex traders online. Its AI samples and selects only the most promising trades, helping users to access the best trading opportunities. The platform presents the opportunities as user-friendly automated solutions that members can easily use. This revolutionary approach to social trading makes TechBerry outstanding and highly beneficial to diverse forex market participants, including traders, investors and financial institutions. Here is a look into how TechBerry benefits each of these participants.

TechBerry for Investors

TechBerry provides diverse investors an opportunity to earn a monthly return of 11.2% on their investment. The platform's fully automated trading feature uses AI-driven algorithms, ensuring a seamless trading experience without requiring active involvement. Investors can enjoy consistent growth in their capital without the need to monitor the markets or make trading decisions themselves. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive and offers a hassle-free signup process that involves just a few simple steps. In addition, the platform offers members loss protection or reimbursement coverages, thereby enhancing the security of investors' funds, reducing the associated risks and providing them with added peace of mind. Loss protection coverage is a rare feature in the forex market.

TechBerry for Traders

TechBerry is receptive to the needs of diverse traders, making it an ideal platform for those looking to enhance their expertise and earn profitably via automated trading. Seasoned experts in the forex market can earn from $500 monthly upwards by uploading or sharing their trading statistics from MT4 or MT5 to the platform. Pro traders do not need to deposit money or undergo any form of testing period. To get started, you download and install the TechBerry EA software onto your MT4 or MT5 platforms. The software automatically uploads your trading activity. TechBerry's built-in AI will use the downloaded trading data to create a customized trading strategy that suits your specific investors needs.

TechBerry for Financial Institutions

TechBerry offers financial institutions the opportunity to leverage accurate and reliable online trading data from an extensive network of over a hundred thousand traders, providing access to real-time trading data, historical trade records and analytical AI tools that can enhance business security and decision-making processes. Financial institutions can integrate the platform’s automated trading system into their existing infrastructure. This feature can enable them to offer their clients access to advanced trading strategies and AI-driven analyses, enhancing their trading capabilities. Additionally, financial institutions can leverage TechBerry's social trading features to connect their clients with a network of experienced traders, facilitating knowledge sharing and improving trading outcomes. 

By incorporating TechBerry's platform, financial institutions can provide their clients with a technologically advanced and user-friendly trading experience while benefiting from its AI-powered trading strategies and data analytics. Benzinga rates the platform 5/5 based on the uniqueness of its offering.

TechBerry Customer Service

TechBerry offers 24/7 customer support via live chat on the website. You'll receive an immediate response from the company's agent and have your questions and complaints professionally resolved when you reach out via that avenue. You can also fill out the online ticket or request a callback by filling out and submitting the callback form available on the website's contact page. The FAQ addresses questions regarding the company's offerings, and the news page can keep you updated regarding new offerings and the latest company information. Both might be helpful to your inquiry. You can also visit the company's office if you'd prefer. TechBerry currently has offices in the U.S., Germany, UAE and Australia. TechBerry enjoys positive reviews from reputable independent market analysis sites such as MyfxBook, FxAudit and FxBlue. Benzinga rates TechBerry 4.5/5 on customer service.

TechBerry Security

TechBerry prioritizes protecting users' data, ensuring it is not misused, modified, disclosed or accessed without authorization. The platform implements industry-leading security measures like 2FA authentication and a KYC process. Personal information collected during signup is used to improve the product or service, create user profiles, conduct marketing activities, perform data analysis and other internal business purposes. TechBerry does not share user data with third parties. Users have rights regarding their information, including the ability to rectify, restrict, erase, transfer, object and revoke their data. Benzinga rates the platform 5/5 on privacy and security.

TechBerry Minimum Investment and Pricing

TechBerry offers multiple membership subscription options —Trial, White, Green, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Infinite plans — in increasing order of annual subscription costs. The specific subscription package determines the minimum deposit, the service charges (deducted from profit) and the features available to an individual. TechBerry offers a 14-day subscription free Trial membership plan, which is commendable as it allows users to try out the platform before making a long-term commitment. Besides that, the annual subscription starts at $9 for the White membership plan, which offers few to no features, a higher service fee of 45% and lower loss protection of 40%. The service charges decrease by 5% as the subscription plan and minimum deposit increase. For instance, the service fee for the Green membership package with an annual subscription cost of $19 is 40% (5% less than the White and 5% more than the Silver plan). 

The trend continues up to the Infinite plan, which is the highest membership package costing $499 in an annual subscription. Its service fee is 15% (5% lower than the preceding Diamond plan). As the service fees decrease, the percentage loss protection increases by 10%, starting from the White plan at 40% to the Infinite plan at 100%, meaning, with the Infinite membership plan, TechBerry covers 100% of your trade losses. The minimum deposit ranges from $1,000 (for the free trial period and White package) to $500,000 for the Infinite package. Again, the prices increase as the benefits multiply. Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Infinite members enjoy additional perks like real-time trade monitoring and access to assigned personal managers, which is understandable considering their subscription cost and high minimum deposit. The Silver plan also offers traders access to real-time trade monitoring. 

Detailed information about each plan is available on the company’s website. You can also leverage the profit calculator on the website to calculate your potential profit beforehand. Benzinga rates TechBerry 4.5/5 on pricing. 

TechBerry User Experience

TechBerry offers a user-friendly experience with a hassle-free signup process that involves only a few simple steps. The platform provides an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. Users can take advantage of the AI-driven automated social trading analytical platform, which analyzes market data and generates trading opportunities with impressive monthly returns. TechBerry's in-built AI adapts to individual trading needs, creating customized strategies based on collected trading data. The platform has established partnerships with over 50 regulated brokerages, including those from regulators like CTFC, FCA,  FSA and FINRA. It has a strong reputation among well-known online forex audit sites such as FxBlue, MyfxBook and FxAudit, with verified trading data that attests to its authenticity. Benzinga rates TechBerry 5/5 on user experience. 

TechBerry vs. Competitors

TechBerry has few competitors like ZuluTrade and eToro, which like TechBerry, are renowned social trading platforms. Unlike TechBerry and ZuluTrade, eToro combines social trading with traditional online brokerage services, offering a wide range of financial instruments for trading. ZuluTrade emphasizes community engagement while allowing users to follow and copy trades of experienced traders. TechBerry focuses on AI-driven algorithms and offers fully automated trading, enabling traders and investors to earn without raising a finger. TechBerry's core competitive advantage is the guaranteed monthly return of 11.2% and loss protection coverage. A guaranteed return and loss protection is rare in the forex market. These unique offerings make TechBerry appealing to passive investors, active traders and financial institutions.

  • Techberry
    Best For:
    Passive Forex Investors
    securely through Techberry's website
  • eToro Forex
    Best For:
    Copy Trading
    securely through eToro Forex's website

    CFD trading is not available to U.S. users. 51% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

  • ZuluTrade
    Best For:
    Social and Copy Traders
    securely through ZuluTrade's website
    Best For:
    Fast Execution and High-Volume Traders in the U.S
    securely through's website

    CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 69% to 77.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

    The products and services available to you at will depend on your location and on which of its regulated entities holds your account

Overall Rating

TechBerry stands out in the automated social  trading analytical platform market with its appealing qualities. It offers fully automated trading powered by AI-driven algorithms, ensuring a seamless and effortless trading experience. The platform delivers impressive monthly returns, averaging 11.2% on investments, providing consistent profitability. With loss protection coverage, TechBerry prioritizes the security of users' capital, reducing risk. The user-friendly interface makes it accessible to traders of all levels, while positive reviews from independent market analysis sites validate its reliability and performance. 

Multiple membership packages enhance accessibility for various traders. The platform also offers dedicated customer support, a 14-day free trial period and real-time statistics (depending on the package). It prioritizes user privacy and data protection, employing industry-leading security measures such as 2FA authentication and adhering to strict privacy policies. However, users have limited control over their investments. Benzinga rates 4.5/5 overall.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is meant by social trading?


Social trading refers to a trading approach that allows individuals to observe and replicate the trading activities of more experienced traders, leveraging the collective wisdom of a community for informed investment decisions.



Is social trading legal?


Yes, social trading is generally legal, but its legality may vary depending on the jurisdiction and applicable financial regulations.

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