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October 12, 2023
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securely through's website provides expert stock picks, handy screening tools, model portfolios and other essential tools to help investors at every skill level make smart choices with their investments. With both a free and premium option, you can get access to a bank of constantly updated research and recommendations, no matter what your price point. 

Investors of all trading styles can enjoy’s custom-tailored recommendations and screening tools to find the best stocks for their portfolio, whether they’re focused on growth, value or dividends. In this review, we’ll cover all the key features that come with both the free and premium plans as well as what kind of investors these features are best suited to.

Best For
  • Custom model portfolios for beginner investors to effortlessly build their ideal investment portfolios
  • Expert stock picks tailored to your investment style
  • Access to research and recommendations from some of Canada’s most successful investors
  • 9 model growth portfolios
  • Dividend, growth and value stock screeners
  • Custom research requests for premium customers
  • No mobile app Ratings at a Glance Fees and Account Minimums Ease of Use Education Customer Support Offerings Overall Fees and Account Minimums offers two plans: a limited access plan and full access premium plan. There are no additional fees or requirements beyond your subscription. Since you don’t actually trade directly through its platform, there are no account minimums or other fees. The subscription for the plans is as follows:

Income Seekers$199.99 per year
Stocktrades Premium$299.99 per year Ease of Use

The website has a quick onboarding process and a straightforward, easy-to-use dashboard for its subscribers. To sign up, you just input your basic information, and if you’re opting for the premium subscription, your subscription information. After that, you’re in!

When you arrive at your dashboard, you have a clean, uncrowded display with all your tools and research on the left-hand side. They’re also easily accessible on the main dashboard itself. 

The stock screener tools allow you to easily navigate stocks by the following criteria:

  • Industry
  • Market capitalization
  • Price
  • Forward P/E ratio
  • PEG ratio
  • P/B ratio
  • P/S ratio
  • Dividend yield
  • Many more

If you’re new to investing, these are ratios that analysts use to measure how suitable a stock is for your investing purposes. Even if you’ve never done any fundamental analysis like this before, makes it easy to start using these metrics like an expert by dividing them into separate screeners and providing table tutorials.

The metrics that matter most to a growth investor, for example, are all contained on the growth stock screener. A dividend investor can find all the key metrics on the dividend stock screener. If you’re ever unsure what a particular metric actually measures, click on the table tutorial inside the screener itself to find a list of definitions.

As an added bonus, the company has also partnered with Questrade, a leading online broker in Canada, to offer you discounts and deals when you start actually putting the trading decisions you make on into action. Education

There is just so much data and analysis packed into your dashboard that you’ll be able to effortlessly learn almost everything you need to know about a stock right here in one place. The model portfolios, for example, provide you with not just which stocks they recommend but a breakdown of why they made those recommendations and how to interpret the performance data included.

For a more foundational introduction into the world of investing with stock screeners and model portfolios, you can go through the company’s tutorials and guides to get a crash course in basic topics like:

  • How to Buy Stocks
  • What Are Dividends?
  • Buying Bonds
  • Index Funds
  • And more

For more specific questions or help, you can also take advantage of the extremely hands-on, personalized customer service by reaching out directly to Founder Daniel Kent or Mathieu Litalien, stock researcher.

In addition to direct access to the people who built, subscribers also have an “Ask a Question” feature on their dashboard. Here, you can post any questions you have and get insights from experts and other users. It’s a great place to start up a discussion about specific stocks, general market trends, or get help from more experienced users to make the most out of all the tools you have available.

You can also learn a lot just by browsing through the past topics from the community to learn more about TSX companies, or particular stocks that you're interested in, or how the latest investment news and announcements might impact the Canadian financial market. You can browse content on dividend stocks, REITs, Qtrade, penny stocks, oil stocks, blue chip stocks, and other stock trade topics to further enhance your knowledge and make informed investment decisions.

Overall, this is a great resource for investors of most levels of experience. What is missing is a more comprehensive educational offer. While makes it easy to navigate and use all the tools, absolute beginners might still find themselves searching for metrics and the meaning of the data being analyzed. Customer Support

One of the features that make stand out is its personalized customer support. Rather than a generic customer support line, you get to reach out directly to the founders and experts behind expert stocks pickers and model portfolio designers. That level of investing advice equates to expert-level customer support.

Daniel Kent’s 
Daniel Kent’s 
Daniel Kent’s Twitter:@StockTrades_CA 
Daniel Kent’s Facebook: 
Mathieu Litalien’s 
Mathieu Litalien’s Twitter:@Matlitalien Offerings

There are 2 offers on the free, limited access account and the premium, full-access account. The difference is in the number of tools and information you can use, such as the number of model portfolios.

Overall, the free version offers just enough to dip your toes in and see if the platform is a good fit for you, but you’ll want to upgrade to premium to access cool features like custom stock analysis reports, full screener functionality and full access to its in-depth research guides. Mobile App does not yet offer a mobile version of its research and screening tools. However, its web dashboard is compatible with mobile so you can access it from your phone, tablet or other devices as needed. Overall

With a screening and research tool like at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make well-informed, thoroughly researched investing decisions for your portfolio. No matter what your trading style is, makes it easy to drill down into precisely the metrics and analysis you need to match that style.

Although there could be more offerings in the way of education, it’s still a great resource for beginners to dive into the world of fundamental analysis. While a lot of stock screeners can be kind of mystifying to new investors, screeners are built to be as easy to understand as possible.

The great customer service and active investor community that you’ll have member access to make it even easier to hone your fundamental analysis skills for building a portfolio with just the right balance of risk and return. It’s a great option for beginners and more advanced investors alike. You can sign up for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is a good choice for beginners?

A can be a good choice for beginners as it offers a wealth of resources and educational materials to help individuals understand the stock market. The platform also provides a user-friendly interface and various investment options, making it accessible for beginners. However, it is important for beginners to do their own research and carefully consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before making any decisions.


Can I buy Canadian stocks in the US?


Yes, it is possible to buy Canadian stocks in the US. Many US brokerage firms offer access to international stocks, including those listed on the Canadian stock exchange. However, it is important to check with your specific brokerage firm to ensure they offer this service and to understand any additional fees or requirements that may be involved.


Is Canadian stock market different from US?


Yes, the Canadian stock market is different from the US stock market. While both markets involve buying and selling stocks, there are several key differences. Firstly, the Canadian stock market is smaller in terms of market capitalization compared to the US stock market. Additionally, the regulatory framework and listing requirements in Canada may differ from those in the US. Moreover, the Canadian stock market is influenced by different economic factors and industries compared to the US market. Overall, while there may be similarities, the Canadian and US stock markets have distinct characteristics and operate independently.

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